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By GOD Ki Kasam #Dhamaal is just a mind blowing film. It’s really really hilarious. If film #TotalDhamaal will also be like this one, then 200Cr lifetime business confirm!

Government has withdrawn security of 5 top separatist leaders in Kashmir and it’s the best decision during last 5Yrs.

Pls try to understand. This is very dangerous for the country. This is, what terrorists want? If you are doing it then you have become toy of the hands of terrorists. Pls don’t divide the country.👏 https://t.co/7wuzO6nKDL

The most gentleman PM Manmohan Singh Ji brought compelete normalcy in the Kashmir and Bollywood people started shooting films there. Even tourists started to come there from all over the world. But during last 4 years all the peace and harmony got destroyed.

Please check how many foreign countries have condemned #PulawamaTerrorAttack? Means we are failed to convince international community that we are right. Then for what, so many foreign tours? Just for holidays?

Sir I have never gone to Pakistan or Kashmir in my life, forget 2007 or 2013! I am happy staying in Dubai only. https://t.co/pRgPmy98kX

This was my business prediction of #GullyBoy! And it’s 100% correct! #Ormax is wrong again by big margin! https://t.co/5TxJoQaBPw

Now it’s 100% confirm that @IndiGo6E is the best domestic airline in India.

Survey result- 72% people say that Alia Bhatt is the puppet of movie mafia Karan Johar. Janta Ki Awaz, Nakkare Khuda. https://t.co/sKF2cP78xP

Survey result-Only 42% people want to watch #GullyBoy means film can open 30%, So day1 all India business can be 10-12Cr! https://t.co/wocsBzBd05

This TikTok app is soooooo fun! Follow me @kamaalrkhankrk on TikTok and check out my videos! https://t.co/FfjrgfzE50

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