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Tune in tomorrow for #GRAMMYsAskKelly!! ✨✨ - Team KC

I'm not performing this year but I will be there with P!nk to watch other people win since we only got a collective 4% together in a grammy poll 😂 #GRAMMYsAskKelly

I just got @Camila_Cabello new album and am really digging her vibe. #GRAMMYsAskKelly

I'm in the process of making a new video 😜 #GRAMMYsAskKelly

Happy Birthday Sara!!!! 🎂 #GRAMMYsAskKelly

ooh I love that one but right now I'm really into Didn't I! #GRAMMYsAskKelly

I'm presenting and gracing the world with my presence 🤣🤣🤣

I certainly hope so!! #GRAMMYsAskKelly

We may or may not have already filmed something for our season where we may or may not be singing together 😜 She's rad! #GRAMMYsAskKelly

Son, I have four children, and a job. I'm lucky if I get sleep in my schedule ha! Although, hanging with her Carey sounds like a great date night for me and my man. They seem very low-key like us. We're not big LA party people 😬

I have meet and greets every tour, huh?

Currently learning Spanish always, after every New Year begins hahaha! I just gotta stick with it damn it!! "El gato está sentado sobre la mesa" 🤣🤣🤣 #Igotthis #GRAMMYsAskKelly

to sing at the Grammy's actually :) so since that dream was accomplished, I now want to find a place that does the zero gravity thing because that sounds fun! #GRAMMYsAskKelly

Currently writing something that involves him but it is more of a young readers book, not a picture book. #GRAMMYsAskKelly

the only place I'd live other than Tennessee is probably Colorado. I like space and nature. #GRAMMYsAskKelly

so my assistant just pointed that in a previous tweet I forgot an "and" so a little correction, I would love to hang with her AND Carey, not just her Carey because that would be a strange thing to say to P!nk hahahaha! #GRAMMYsAskKelly

We are putting one together. We are having to work around The Voice schedule obviously so that's why it's taking a bit to announce. It's gonna be so fun! #GRAMMYsAskKelly

SO many things! My favorite is when they run to you every time you enter a room. I know this will change as they get older but I'm holding on to this stage of their lives as long as I can! #GRAMMYsAskKelly

ooh I like a lot of rappers so either, Wiz Khalifa, Logic, Chance the rapper, Kendrick Lamar, Jay Z, and I LOVE Missy Elliot. I like a lot of rappers. #GRAMMYsAskKelly

Thanks for hangin' out with me guys!! I am gonna go hang with my kiddos now and finish my coffee 😀 #grammysaskkelly

⚡️ “Kelly Clarkson talks about the Grammys, Pink, collaborations and more” - Team KC

New year, new jamz! Check out the new playlist on @Spotify - Team KC Listen here:

It's here! Bender's 17th #OneBigKISS for @SeattleChildrens! Will you YOU help us hit our goal for the kids? Donate NOW at #letsgetamillion - Team KC

A woman of my word 😊 #OneBigKiss #spreadtheword #Mollyforthewin #donate

61 countries. 31 Million fans. 14 million hours. 😱❤️ Thank you to everyone for streaming on @Spotify ! - Team KC

I can’t think of a better way to close out 2017 than performing for my fans on NYRE from the Hollywood Party! Don’t miss it, 12/31 at 8/7c on ABC! #RockinEve - Team KC

River Rose goes on a magical adventure in my new holiday story, THE MAGICAL CHRISTMAS! - Team KC

Celebrate the season and watch A Home for the Holidays, Tuesday at 8pm on CBS, and post or tweet your favorite moments with #Home4HolidaysCBS. -Team KC

Seriously, I want to live in my room. LOVED Soho House Berlin! This place and The Rosewood in London are my faves 🙌👏🙂

Be sure to check out the performance of “Medicine” tonight on the @NBCTheVoice finale!! Download and stream “Medicine” here: - Team KC

YAAASSSSS!!! Love it!!! I’m ready for tour too girl!!

Did you see the television debut of "Medicine" on @NBCTheVoice last night!? ✨✨ #VoiceFinale #Medicine - Team KC Watch it here:

Congrats to the winner of the @ItGetsBetter fan art contest, Danielle of Omaha, NE! This design is available as a postcard set to the first 250 ppl who donate $50. Every set will include a personal signed note from Kelly - Team KC Donate:

Okay y’all I worked on mine this morning and it’s way better 😊 thanks @Whiteorchidfds for such a fun night! #TheLeague @AllieKearns @lifeofT @BBlackstock @StarletonEnt & Lesley M Wallace 🙌🤷‍♀️🍷

#momgoals I. LOVE. HER. Her daughter can sing! 🎤 👏

We most certainly did NOT win last night 🤣🤣🤣

Wait, what is happening here?! Is there a performance I can watch? I’m so intrigued and I must see more!

Am I jamming to my Christmas album Wrapped in Red and my new song Christmas Eve while finishing up a Christmas present I’m making? Yes. Yes I am 😜 also Mariah’s and Bing’s ❤️🎅🏼🎄🎁❄️🙌 #ILoveChristmasTime

ONE WEEK until @NYRE!! Ring in the new year with Dick Clark’s New Year’s #RockinEve, 12/31 at 8/7c on ABC - Team KC

......was there a time I wasn’t tired. #momtweets #AMinuteAndAGlassOfWine 🍷💁🏼‍♀️

Finally my work for From Justin To Kelly is being recognized 🙄 #LateToThePartyGlobes #FromAmyToKelly #SequelsAreTheBest

Exactly .....Pure. Raw. Talent. 😜

Thanks @RyanSeacrest Happy New Year!! 😊🎉🍷

Happy New Year!! @NYRE - Team KC

Go ahead with that family photo y’all! 👏

This is maybe one of my favorite videos I’ve seen in a very long time! #flygirls #nineties #yaaaasssss 🎉👏❤️

This will most definitely be our new tour pass 😜😊 #2018 #canthidelester #medicineman

I think he might have just won Superman’s weakness #kryptonite #disguisedinshinysilver might be the coolest award to win.

.....current listening party #alabamashakes

Keep your eyes peeled to my Facebook! Going live today to kick off my new web series! “Minute + A Glass Of Wine”!!!!!

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