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Since the Government of India has already banned everything and left us jobless, we have decided to start tweeting again.

Before judging Sharad Yadav pls see how provocatively Smriti Irani invited people inside her house in the Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi song.

Say goodbye to your train journeys "@ANI_news: Jat reservation scrapped by Supreme Court."

Kohli is a good cricketer but he'll never be as good as Sachin unless he becomes more mature and dumps Anushka Sharma for a same caste girl.

She looked into his eyes seductively. "Suck me till I'm dry" she said. He demanded a Bolero and 20L in cash as dowry. #50ShadesOfKhet

Hot illiterate ladies pls add us on Snapchat - mahcastemah8itude

New Zealand was the first country to give women the right to vote so mate you know who we are supporting matey howdieeee mate thistime4austr

Gurrrl are you a Bajaj ka toaster because you'll come with the dowry and remain inside my kitchen all life. #KhapPickupLines

Married women should always wear sari with pallu. Sari with pallu isn't provocative. Hence, marital rape doesn't exist. @narendramodi high 5

Dunno why people are celebrating the birth of this royal baby. It's a daughter ffs.

We don't tweet much nowadays because we're afraid @narendramodi would call us a tweetchor. #despitebeingawoman

We are strongly against the torture of dogs in this Chinese festival. They should only torture poultry, cows, goats and women like we do.


A daughter is equal to ten sons so we kill her because no one can afford college education for ten kids these days.

We condemn Mumbai police's infringement of common public's right to moral police and lynch couples trying to get privacy. What are we for??

At the stroke of the midnight hour, when the whole world sleeps, we catch a couple making out, set them on fire in a field. #haiku

We were supporting Chelsea after reading Mourinho acted like an asshole to a woman. But now realising he acts like an asshole all the time:(

We firmly believe that sex education should be provided as per our cultural values i.e. child marriage

Really surprised and angry that police has arrested students including females at midnight. Who the fuck allowed women to join that college?

Submitting petition to Haryana Government to convert Rohtak into a smart, well planned city like Mangalore.

If women don't want to be abused or molested they should leave their short clothes and political opinions at home.

This Rakshabandhan, vow to protect your sister*. *doesn't apply to foetuses

We have decided to rejoin Twitter after much deliberation. We haven't fulfilled our full bigotry potential until @narendramodi ji follows us

This new FTII selection process reminds us of our own. You can have any body of work but you're not getting in unless you endorse fascism.

In lieu of increasing pollution, we have decided to stop stubble burning and shave the faces before setting the bodies on fire.

To really love a woman To understand her you gotta know her gotra and caste Control every thought, kill every dream, clip her wings when sh

We have made our women boycott twitter and all other social media since eternity but no credit. Why liberals doing hypocrisy like this?

How does one donate money to @republic tv for stellar investigative reportage of their female employees

Our boys don't realise they're making you uncomfortable unless you shout no, provide a sworn affidavit, and do a triple backflip.

Say no to crackers, burn couples instead.

[email protected] hi sir contacting you regarding campus placement opportunities for our boys please share contact details

Happy Diwali everyone. May your home be filled with wealth and prosperity by your daughter in law's parents.

Saddened at the state of air quality in NCR. What kind of environment are we leaving for our future male children to live in?

Hearing great things about new movie Padmavati and its star caste

In this day and age, parents should understand kids. We make sure both generations can relate to "only 90s kids will understand this" jokes.

Policy update: Liverpool fans are free to marry whoever they want. No honour killing is possible once there's no honour left.

Would playing national anthem by male singer result in male child during childbirth asking for a friend

Proud to present our list of honorary doctorate recipients. Please read and share widely.

A big thank you to @narendramodi ji for increasing our #easeofdoingbusiness. More dowry can be accepted with fewer notes now.

We would have uploaded our childhood pic but can't find our wedding album :(

Delighted at the performance of our ex employees at their new organisation

[email protected] need aadhaar details of married females with different surname than their husbands what's your paytm number we will give ₹500+GST

So we can't protect our societal diseases like casteism but SC can protect other diseases like Amit Shah?

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