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I am so excited for next weeks episode because my baby shower was literally the most magical moment #KUWTK

I’m so excited!! Planning another cupcake party 4 Norths return w all the cousins. Maybe this time @kourtneykardash won’t “forget” lol I mean...I bought all of the girls tutus this morning! You know we have a color scheme to abide by 😝 I need to buy the boys something too 🤔

Maybe capes for the boys!!!

My girl @justinemarjan breaks it down! ✨ https://t.co/da4b7vfRWM

Velvet denim!! Shop that new @goodamerican now on https://t.co/i6YX560oRn! https://t.co/u7ebQovTLF

Get a plump pout! 💋 https://t.co/AwSQwSZtRe

There are answers in silence

RT to vote for me for finalist for #TheRealityTVStar of 2018! ✨💖 #KhloeKardashian #PCAs or vote on the website here: https://t.co/Jou5PI6mlZ https://t.co/oLCXjgNJCN

See my 5 essentials! https://t.co/WlCV5PERwg

Seriously @KelleyBakerBrow is a QUEEN!! https://t.co/TGQYFixVKg

I love these color combos!!! https://t.co/298cdom8Vo

We all have a voice!!!! https://t.co/mt3IhiP9Bw

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#RegisterToVote Every US citizen has a voice thanks to our constitution. Register and use it. https://t.co/ybfxjlrzQF

Last chance to vote for us to win the People's Choice Award! RT now to vote #KeepingUpwiththeKardashians #TheRealityShow #PCAs or visit https://t.co/ulMOnWsMnM Love you guys!! https://t.co/yCPEu4DfXc

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This is wild you guys!! 🤢🤢🤢 https://t.co/iVyBwPT3Dq

I adore this romantic and natural glam that @HrushAchemyan did! https://t.co/TMATNaIngD

It’s beauty week on my app! I'll be sharing my glam secrets, new trends for fall—plus tutorials on makeup, hair and brows. ✨💋 https://t.co/H8QsPljuUc

Every family has its battles. But this dark family feud turned fatal. #TwistedSisters season finale starts tonight 10/9c @DiscoveryID https://t.co/HLEQDQLXfr

Acrylic nails, self-tanner, colored my hair and much more! https://t.co/b3LMwVd43Q

Coach Joe put me and my @goodamerican cofounder Emma to work!! Follow our epic high intensity workout: https://t.co/fyxobAcNwK https://t.co/RNTn7tlXsH

Thank God people can’t read minds… I would definitely go to jail off of my thoughts. The way I legit plot things out in my head are a tad crazy. Namaste 🙏🏽

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