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Might need some more for the kids? Just not clear on what everything really means. I need clarity. Thanks for being such a good friend. Maybe John can call and inquire? But maybe he means friends too? This is confusing.

For anyone who has absolutely no humor in their soul please know my tweets are a joke and I will die laughing if I see blogs and media really think I am being serious. So don’t even try it.

  • Happy Birthday to my friend I’ve had the longest in my life! Wouldn’t know what to do without you! Have the best birthday ever!!!! @kourtneykardash

    Kim Kardashian West top tweets

    Tonight you have to tune into Glam Masters for the season finale to see who wins! The winner has done w special collab with @kkwbeauty! The Glam Master and I have developed cream eyeshow sticks that will be launching April 23rd on

    Kim Kardashian West top tweets

    Which of my sisters should be your BFF?

    Calabasas girl in Turks

    Kim Kardashian West top tweets

    Morning 🌞

    Kim Kardashian West top tweets

    You guys!! Almost all of the Concealer Kits are sold out! So excited to see how you #ConcealBakeBrighten 💗 We still have Individual Liquid Concealers available at @kkwbeauty! Shop them here:

    Kim Kardashian West top tweets

    Love how you #ConcealBakeBrighten, @dianachantel 💗 Brightening is so key!!

    I’m going to my 20 year high school reunion tonight!

    Concealer Kits are selling out fast!! You can still shop Individual Liquid Concealers in your shade:

    Kim Kardashian West top tweets

    Shout out to my trainer @fitgurlmel who really changed my body. When I wasn’t happy w what I saw back in the mirror I spent a whole year training so hard 5 or 6 days a week & changed the way I eat! SO THANK U for waking up at 5am to do crazy body building workouts

    Kim Kardashian West top tweets

    Concealer Kits and Individuals are restocking tomorrow at 12PM PST only at!!! Can’t wait for you all to #ConcealBakeBrighten 💗💗

    Kim Kardashian West top tweets
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