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45 minutes till the final SUMMER COLLECTION restock! https://t.co/bDaioh0mLn

SUMMER PALETTE RESTOCK —-> 45 minutes! https://t.co/bDaioh0mLn https://t.co/isfPvKrNl0

summer restock is here!! the last restock of these limited edition goooooodies on https://t.co/bDaiohhXCV! https://t.co/7NSosxGSOs

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summer collection will be restocked today at 3pm pst! This is my only restock, so your last chance to get summer! https://t.co/bDaiohhXCV https://t.co/LTWwYedEM5

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my favorite monthly bundle yet just dropped and it includes bronze extended and one wish lip kit! Save $19 plus free shipping 😘 https://t.co/WdA2DTaikG https://t.co/Ov1t9hD7rM

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Love this!!! https://t.co/Rr8BWhi5aI

my summer collection restocks on FRIDAY 3pm pst on https://t.co/bDaiohhXCV https://t.co/XHZmadKWXD

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ONE HOUR until my #Summer18 collection launch!! https://t.co/bDaiohhXCV

are you guys ready for the summer collection launch??

...and we're LIVE!! https://t.co/bDaiohhXCV #Summer18 https://t.co/Usp84lMuRT

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the best way to end the most surreal week!! thank you guys so much for coming on this journey with me... i love you! https://t.co/M4WaWHlsHT https://t.co/58uo30BgM8

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