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[email protected] has compiled data from 70+ peer-reviewed climate studies to show how #climatechange is projected to affect the world by regions. Check out the interactive summary here: https://t.co/FeyIAUbQ5X

Proud to be working with, and being an investor in, @FIAFormulaE. Pictured is the new car debuting this December at the SAUDIA Ad Diriyah E-Prix. Hoping to be there to see the future of electric racing. #sponsored https://t.co/ACtrOiwyVe https://t.co/kRVI81OEr9

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I encourage everyone to take the steps necessary to register to vote, especially if it’s your first time. Visit https://t.co/RXVmxy4nS7 to learn more. https://t.co/v6oFR2xcjY

A new piece from @greg_asner at @CarnegieCAO explores the troubled reefs of Rongelap Atoll. https://t.co/nkgHb9fWxi

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