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saw this on Facebook, best unfinished joke ever. http://t.co/t7GYKlIFTv

i am sure, by the time i finish this gudang garam couple of my friends on Facebook will get married

there should be something which would disable facebook from giving birthday reminder notification of deceased friends.

relationship status: yet to receive a drunk text

im dead lol

congress is like polio, plagued the country for years and now is slowly getting eradicated.

"hello boss I wont be coming to work, spending day with my wife" "damn i was planning to do that" *awkward silence* "with my wife of course"

*power cut* *quickly bathes in Tide detergent* *applies Fair n Lovely* *chews Happydent* *stands naked smiling* *LED companies go bankrupt*

friday afternoon comparatively is most peaceful time of week in the country, no explosion, no shootouts, most of em are usually busy praying

de kock couldn't stand up to expectation. should have had viagra

just read rega jha incident. everyone is entitled to their opinion, so is she, abusing a woman for not having same opinion as yours is sick.

no, I don't miss you, I miss what I used to be, when I was with you.

*travels in train* *accidentally touches a lady* *gets nonstop look of disgust* *jumps off from train* *loses all limbs* "this feels better"

you miss someone most when you realize the only thing you have about them is their memories.

"dad what's a penis?" "that's most important organ of ur body" "oh like brain?" "yes, after puberty it will make most of ur life decisions"

[sees an article] 'all you need to know about net neutrality' [clicks] [page opens] 'pay only rs 68/mnth to subscribe to our education pack'

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