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While the dragons happily give joyrides to Jon Snow will they listen to him if he says DRACARYS?

Camel milk helps in health lovers. Never forget. https://t.co/EewpxRG3kg

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One fiery thing is that drogon saala kept spewing fire for thirty fortymins continuously and everyone trying to save themselves thinking ye aag ka dariya hai aur kood ke jaana hai

God bless the kid. He is Azharuddin's doppelganger. https://t.co/wIvhRXhwdS

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Don't put your aadhar card picture on your matrimony profile else you'll never get married

Billo, Wren and Martin will all bite you for abusing grammar. https://t.co/bq6kOIOMI0

I remain a SamSanghi https://t.co/tCjzA7hxzK

One thing that can make a cook out of a monkey is Maggi masala

Kya teesra dragon mar jaaega? #GoT

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