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The best present ever! ❤️ https://t.co/yI3xveGMsc

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#Family https://t.co/O7nI3FcN4V

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Hoy I started playing salsa - #NuestraHerencia by @pandoramusic Watch complete video https://t.co/P1VHXGpe66

Mi Puerto Rico 🇵🇷 querido nos vemos pronto, serán dos noches inolvidables. #LegacyTour https://t.co/peG7XLi4a2

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Mr. President: How the FUCK is a reported death toll of 2,975 Americans in Puerto Rico (that's right, AMERICANS!) an "incredible, unsung success"? You promised to clean the swamp but instead made it a cesspool. Disgusting. These lives are in your hands.

Gracias Bogotá por tantas demostraciones de cariño. #LegacyTour #EstoSigue Video by @lensrevolution https://t.co/b44DRjQ3E1

En Cali lo disfrutamos toda la noche. Simplemente espectacular. https://t.co/N3QphidPCs

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Cali aquí los dejo con este mensaje y bonitas memorias de mi visita. ¡Los quiero! https://t.co/4GklGNem0n

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