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Have you seen these new @USPS stamp designs? To celebrate our #Apollo50th Moon landing, a landmark in lunar exploration that transformed our understanding of our Moon and solar system, these new designs pay homage to our historic milestone. Take a look: https://t.co/e3mznCKyub https://t.co/9MlCAXpmn5

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Ready. Set. Spacewalk. 👨‍🚀👩‍🚀 Two @NASA_Astronauts are checking their spacesuits today and reviewing procedures one final time before tomorrow’s spacewalk. Find out more details about their planned 6.5 hours in the vacuum of space: https://t.co/QDIrflIF9Z https://t.co/G91Tc0EXx4

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Passionate about the world of astronomy? Apply to go behind the scenes of @SOFIAtelescope, the world’s largest flying telescope, during an April #NASASocial event in California where you'll meet researchers exploring the cosmos from 40,000 feet! Details: https://t.co/BFguiErF3p https://t.co/QTX03bnxaI

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Nobody: @NASAMoon: "I'm coming out I want the world to know Got to let it show! 🌕" Stepping out on the world stage tonight is the final & brightest #supermoon for 2019. Reply to this Tweet with your photos of our closest celestial neighbor! https://t.co/FhIrwmSSmD

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Usher in the springtime with a rare celestial coincidence: The full Moon will rise on the #FirstDayofSpring tonight, lighting the skies on the equinox. Celebrate the last supermoon of 2019 and learn about how the Moon will be our gateway to Mars & beyond: https://t.co/mZn40Tm1SQ https://t.co/newuETOIkP

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Near-Earth asteroid Bennu has big surprises! Going against all our predictions, photos from our @OSIRISREx spacecraft show its surface to be more rugged than expected. Learn how this mission is set out to answer question about our solar system's origins: https://t.co/LoAS9Eli0O https://t.co/E0O7XNUaIq

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#DidYouKnow: Our @NASAInSight lander is doing more than just taking beautiful photos of Mars. 📷 While you are reading this, our lander is currently delving beneath the surface of Mars on a mission to understand how planets form! Go deep: https://t.co/SuiFeDmmU9 https://t.co/py1lZIBAyy

Good thing there are no traffic cameras in space! Astronomers found a pulsar hurtling through space at nearly 2.5 million miles an hour — so fast it could travel the distance between Earth and the Moon in just 6 minutes. Learn more about this discovery: https://t.co/Mx0HC8syW4. https://t.co/U2uzwpt7gs

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New science from Bennu! ☄️🔬Our first asteroid sampling spacecraft, @OSIRISREx, is on a mission to return to Earth with unaltered material originating from the birth of our solar system. Find out how you can tune in at 1:30pm ET to get the latest info: https://t.co/Vtr94BgoPY https://t.co/dUliPVa0VV

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LIVE NOW: What is the surface of the asteroid Bennu like? How far along is @OSIRISREx in its mission to sample our first near-Earth asteroid? How will our data help us learn about the origins of the solar system? 🤔Watch to find out all this and more: https://t.co/qaASuWwMbU https://t.co/JRDyK5COdA

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Curious about what's happening 250 miles above our planet on humanity's orbiting laboratory? Tune in starting at 2pm ET to learn about upcoming spacewalks: https://t.co/81D360GfFC Ask questions using #AskNASA https://t.co/ToeuVZWAMM

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“It’s like being a detective.” Dr. Sarah Wallace is the microbiologist behind the DNA sequencer used on the @Space_Station, which can be used to monitor crewmembers’ health or even potentially detect extraterrestrial life. Get all the clues this #WomensHistoryMonth: https://t.co/cDCa4UajCN

Bennu is ready for its close-up! New images obtained by our @OSIRISREx spacecraft reveals “ponds” of regolith — bedrock layered with loose dust or broken rocks. These images were taken 1.1 miles (1.8 km) from the asteroid’s surface. Take a flyby: https://t.co/B5WgY06oAs https://t.co/x8u7lrKBWd

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Storms that stir sediment like watercolors. Chunks of ice that arrange like mosaic tiles. And swaths of desert sand that layer like oil paint. We have compiled a book of awe-inspiring @NASAEarth satellite images. Discover the beauty of our home planet: https://t.co/Qsra6sDaLy https://t.co/rYZTkdkOCT

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Join us as we explore going to the Moon and on to Mars. Get the latest updates on the work underway to send astronauts on this path, along with other news from us. Subscribe to get a bit of space right in your inbox: https://t.co/hgwZbdpnCR https://t.co/hMkrbFFxrF

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How are stars and planets born? What happens to its planets when a star dies? Come along on an epic interstellar journey, billions of years long, through the life and death of a planetary system: https://t.co/fu9mK0uKtk https://t.co/lrvowxN4dd

Is there a pot of gold at the end of a green aurora? We're not sure, but these green lights are perfect for the #StPatricksDay holiday: https://t.co/vdxQ9QmhOR https://t.co/vUKHMBSOjj

Do you see the ☕ in this @chandraxray image? Nicknamed the "Teacup," this object is about 1.1 billion light years away. The "handle" is a ring of optical and X-ray light, while the "cup" is a black hole known as a quasar. Details: https://t.co/8UiqGjrt2Y https://t.co/6FpH4o0E4j

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We’re opening our doors for social media users to come behind the scenes for the next @SpaceX cargo launch to the International @Space_Station, currently targeted for late April. Apply to attend this #NASASocial event at @NASAKennedy in Florida: https://t.co/coliTzYhfG https://t.co/nxa0CvHBtQ

🌟Shine bright like a cluster 🌟@NASAHubble has done it again. This image reveals a globular cluster of stars in the constellation of Sagittarius, 18,000 light-years away from Earth. Learn more and shine bright: https://t.co/JldZ0l6fsp https://t.co/dhQY2re3C2

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Strong budget support for our Moon to Mars effort, a new crew launches to the @Space_Station and training for @NASA_Orion recovery … a few of the stories to tell you about – This Week at NASA! Watch: https://t.co/pLXIhTSA7d. https://t.co/UvtK9Sq2tI

For us, #Pi is the real MVP! 🤓 Did you know that we use it to explore space, search for quakes on Mars and even calculate the rotation of asteroids? Discover how by taking a look at #PiDay in this @Twitter moment: https://t.co/cYFQtbfZZI

This week, 3 human space travelers successfully launched & docked to the @Space_Station, now doubling the capacity to do work and science on the orbital lab. 🛰️⚗️Curious about their mission? Watch to learn more: https://t.co/tGyeRdVkXM Ask questions using #SpaceToGround https://t.co/WPKft4frpb

In a space agency filled with trailblazers, women play a vital role shaping how we explore our home planet & the universe. In honor of #WomensHistoryMonth, join #WomenatNASA on @Reddit at 2pm ET to ask anything about careers & our mission of exploration: https://t.co/ipNy10dX2e https://t.co/PVd8tkr1VC

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Get your questions ready! Join us NOW for a @Reddit ‘Ask Me Anything’ with some of our #WomenatNASA who are scientists, pilots, engineers and project managers contributing to our mission of exploration → https://t.co/ipNy10dX2e https://t.co/moFNjZH8lu

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