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L.A. — you're so hot…at least in spots. Our #ECOSTRESS mission captured new imagery of variations in surface temperature patterns in Los Angeles, providing a more detailed look at surface temperatures that are acquired at different times of the day. Info: https://t.co/X4ozUMylxh https://t.co/a1R9AoHwo5

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Our @NASAGlenn facility develops technologies to advance our space exploration program, including: ✔Hybrid-electric aircraft ✔Supersonic wind tunnel ✔Solar electric propulsion Take a look through the eyes of Administrator @JimBridenstine: https://t.co/PEzKFmnq89

Behold! The Earth's ultraviolet atomic oxygen emissions, seen here in the first observations of Earth’s upper atmosphere captured by @NASASun's GOLD instrument, which is set to explore the dynamic boundary between Earth’s atmosphere and space: https://t.co/E5qBfTpDLy https://t.co/dSJELnZMuF

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The effects of living & working in microgravity create changes in the human body. After 6 months spent in space, the effects on eyesight are often permanent. To measure those changes, @AstroSerena examines her eye with a Funduscope on @Space_Station. More: https://t.co/0njwzeM81f https://t.co/TOii8LhgKf

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As the Carolinas flood from torrential rainfall associated with #HurricaneFlorence, our @NASAEarth satellites continue to provide valuable precipitation data for rescue and recovery efforts. Details: https://t.co/CnIFGgEsCT https://t.co/me5XHMQRXX

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At 1 p.m. EDT: Join us as our @NASANewHorizons experts discuss humanity’s farthest planetary flyby that is coming up on Jan. 1, 2019 of the mysterious object nicknamed “Ultima Thule”. The encounter will occur approximately 4 billion miles from Earth. Info: https://t.co/iO10jNFZug https://t.co/TPuTE6Af48

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LIVE NOW: Our experts preview and discuss what will be humanity’s farthest planetary flyby, at 4 billion miles from Earth, as @NASANewHorizons flies by the mysterious object nicknamed “Ultima Thule” on Jan. 1, 2019. Watch: https://t.co/osTITc1zjP https://t.co/eJv1tuoJ2A

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A month into its mission, #ParkerSolarProbe sent back early observations showing its instruments are working well. It will go on to measure the Sun's electric + magnetic fields, particles from the Sun + solar wind, & capture its space environment. Info: https://t.co/1c3js5Adls https://t.co/KKrk9PmD7e

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#DidYouKnow that International @Space_Station is the third brightest object in the night sky? 🌃Find out when and where to look up: https://t.co/5wm5ynwRE4 https://t.co/6I4M5bbN0K

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#DidYouKnow: The @Space_Station is a perfect environment for creating protein crystal structures 💎 for research. Find out how these crystals and @ISS_Research can help treat diseases: https://t.co/ma7gQj5gWT https://t.co/cpXeh7MxyX

Understanding how sediments behave in various levels of simulated gravity aboard the @Space_Station has applications on Earth: 🏔️ Predicting erosion 💧 Improving water treatment 🌎 Modeling the carbon cycle Discover more: https://t.co/LLeQKBBWTZ https://t.co/0gAwSxGXcr

Listen to our Gravity Assist podcast & get a tour of: Our single ⭐️+ its closest planet ⚪️ The 🔥 planet Our home 🌎 + our neighbor 🌕 The Red Planet 🔴 The ☁️ giant The orb w/ the ⭕️'s The ice giants 🔵 The world w/ the 💟 glacier Visit: https://t.co/zZbxipW7W3 https://t.co/6A6qXovuvQ

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Got GIFs? We do! See the latest animated look at space on our @GIPHY page! Check it out & explore: https://t.co/hsSahYIAzA https://t.co/V5lhtaN6WK

One year ago this month, @CassiniSaturn ended its epic exploration of Saturn with a planned dive into the planet’s atmosphere–sending back new science to the last second. The spacecraft may be gone, but the science continues. Here's 10 things to know: https://t.co/Zna1jeb8FW https://t.co/ey2UDDEnzT

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We're on the cusp of the #Apollo50 anniversary of America’s great achievement that landed a dozen astronauts on the Moon between July 1969 & Dec. 1972, plus our first crewed mission – Apollo 8 – that circumnavigated the Moon in Dec. 1968. Take a look: https://t.co/syx2PCWBgk https://t.co/XHoxgva5hA

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Our newest planet hunter, @NASA_TESS, is now providing valuable data to help scientists discover and study exciting new exoplanets, or planets beyond our solar system. Take a look at the first science image that captures a wealth of stars + other objects: https://t.co/RYmyEdMTgJ https://t.co/WlQLowsrHW

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What’s out there? Our newest planet-hunting satellite, @NASA_TESS, released its first science image capturing a huge swath of the sky. Using all four of its cameras, the satellite's full field of view included parts of a dozen constellations. More: https://t.co/TCJ5BFpG6c https://t.co/zJ1Bz5TspN

Using our @NASAEarth satellites, we've been tracking and monitoring #HurricaneFlorence as it inched across the Carolinas and farther inland. We're using all resources to keep disaster responders informed with the latest information to assist in decisions: https://t.co/fF8dlvvioU https://t.co/8KtFpae5h4

Our @NASAHubble Space Telescope detected an unusual infrared light radiating from a nearby neutron star, which forms when a massive star runs out of fuel and collapses. But could these be new features never before seen? Find out the possibilities: https://t.co/dBFmxF07tG https://t.co/B3mulQ0uL0

From the South Pole to Greenland, from Alaska’s glaciers to Svalbard, Operation IceBridge monitors changes in polar ice as seen from the air. Discover the story behind this photo from a @NASA_ICE mission to survey glaciers in southeast Alaska: https://t.co/QJCk4JdweX https://t.co/DVmkOduEjt

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As our @NASAJuno spacecraft performed its 15th close flyby of Jupiter, it spotted a long, brown oval known as a “brown barge.” Take a closer look at this color-enhanced image: https://t.co/e16o0vgaTh https://t.co/9F5yayzqKU

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From the moment our @NASAWebb Space Telescope launches, we’ll need to communicate with it. Flight controllers located in Maryland recently tested how they can command the spacecraft while its located on the ground in California. Here’s how it went: https://t.co/I8ubcG5msA https://t.co/2VYo0czG8s

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Scattered in a sea of sand, a unique ecology influenced by fog is hosted in isolated raised hills at the heart of Namib-Naukluft National Park along the coast of Namibia. Go between the ripples of the sand and learn more: https://t.co/dq79xfnYQH https://t.co/8trFM6EcSM

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Our work in the last 60 years has made great advances in aviation, helped to develop a commercial space industry, enriched our economy, created jobs & strengthened international diplomacy. As we prepare for the #NASA60th anniversary on Oct. 1, learn more: https://t.co/bCqqCBuegK https://t.co/pvjOwVasNp

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From coast-to-coast, we're commemorating the #NASA60th anniversary, which arrives on October 1. Find an event near you and join in the celebration: https://t.co/VMYB2z8S47 Or join us online on October 1 for a virtual celebration of six decades of discovery and opportunity. https://t.co/m9TanigO7K

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In six decades, we've had numerous achievements and breakthroughs. As we prepare for the #NASA60th anniversary on October 1, explore 60 of the most important moments that laid the groundwork for our current programs and future endeavors: https://t.co/SzgxtblePU https://t.co/abEctdhYZ1

For 60 years, we've led the peaceful exploration of space, making discoveries about our planet, our solar system & our universe. As we prep for the #NASA60th anniversary on October 1, subscribe & watch: On @YouTube: https://t.co/AmJ4HtzGok On @Facebook: https://t.co/cv42y0iQEq https://t.co/s1ftqN4BlJ

Lifting off at 9:02am ET Saturday atop a @ULALaunch #DeltaII rocket, @NASA_ICE's #ICESat2 is safely on orbit and ready to embark on its mission to measure the ice of Earth’s frozen reaches with unprecedented accuracy. Learn more: https://t.co/wbdhliMBZK https://t.co/U8nEfXow2a

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Having churned through the Atlantic for two weeks, #HurricaneFlorence is among the longest-lived cyclones of the 2018 season. That means the storm’s winds have had plenty of time to rage & ease as they ran into different conditions over the ocean. Look: https://t.co/6uqdmdVMns https://t.co/a1nkk96zIr

This week: 📷 @NASA_Astronauts photographed #HurricaneFlorence from space 🚀 We launched our #ICESat2 satellite to measure Earth’s ice 🔥 We tested a deployable spacecraft heat shield For all of these stories and more, visit: https://t.co/5qgg3Ixh3D. https://t.co/FP2aaUJxbR

Launch teams have conducted the poll and we are ready for the 9:02am ET launch of @NASA_ICE’s #ICESat2! Watch live as we embark on a mission to use lasers to measure the changing height of Earth's ice: https://t.co/MIVnfneKo2 https://t.co/2rsGy79mXI

LAUNCH ALERT! We’re about to send @NASA_ICE’s #ICESat2 to orbit, where it will measure the changing height of Earth's ice. Watch the 9:02am ET liftoff live: https://t.co/MIVnfneKo2 https://t.co/RIExfDYwfl

3-2-1… and we have liftoff of @NASA_ICE’s #ICESat2 atop @ULAlaunch’s #DeltaII rocket 🚀. Tune in as we broadcast live from Vandenberg Air Force Base in California: https://t.co/MIVnfneKo2 https://t.co/xLRiCVcfrK

The main rocket engine has cutoff and the second stage of the rocket is now firing. Watch as @ULALaunch’s #DeltaII rocket continues to propel @NASA_ICE’s #ICESat2 on its journey to orbit around the Earth. Watch: https://t.co/MIVnfneKo2 https://t.co/CO3d84Pl1j

Today’s #ICESat2 launch comes with a bonus — a pair of tiny satellites that will study how energetic electrons make their way into our atmosphere from space. Meet the twin ELFIN CubeSats hitching a ride to orbit: https://t.co/QT9F69LREN https://t.co/CWLN0GnR6D

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Our @NASAEarth satellites storms worldwide to provide scientists with valuable data. An infrared look at powerful Super Typhoon Mangkhut revealed a large eye surrounded by a large area of powerful storms. More about this storm approaching the Philippines: https://t.co/3AbgXRi7Ow https://t.co/O6REPp33Uc

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How are we studying Earth's frozen regions? With 2 new missions & technologies! @NASA_ICE scientists will use data from #GRACEFO, which launched in May, and #ICESat2, which is launching Sept. 15 to better understand how frozen water affects our planet: https://t.co/ga8vuS8UxP https://t.co/sloW9cQM2i

In the blink of an eye - about half a second - our #ICESat2 satellite sends 5,000 laser pulses toward Earth. Get a behind-the-scenes look at our @NASA_ICE mission before it launches Saturday, Sept. 15 by following our @NASASocial Twitter list: https://t.co/PNoJWn5V1b #NASAsocial https://t.co/qfzNzsRaxf

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Tomorrow, we’re launching #ICESat2, our most advanced laser instrument of its kind, into orbit around Earth. Here’s a by the numbers look at this @NASA_ICE mission to measure the changing height of Earth's ice: https://t.co/USOrIhtdUY https://t.co/0ONgXFZA0x

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A Japanese cargo ship loaded with 5+ tons of supplies, water, spare parts and @ISS_Research experiments is scheduled to launch to the @Space_Station at 4:59pm ET on Friday, Sept. 14. Live coverage of the launch begins at 4:30pm ET. Details: https://t.co/5yXifauK31 https://t.co/8CfR5juyud

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Have a @RokuPlayer? There is now a way to see NASA footage in high dynamic range, including NASA TV, time-lapse videos, spacecraft launches, rocket tests and much more. App info: https://t.co/EwQk3IHk7C https://t.co/ykmyV85xea

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#ICESat2 will measure the height of our changing home planet, one laser pulse at a time, 10,000 laser pulses per second. Starting at 4pm ET, hear @NASA_ICE experts discuss this mission to measure height changes in Earth's ice. Info: https://t.co/OEIhzji8eq. Ask ?s using #askNASA https://t.co/XBiVg7Jv9x

LIVE NOW: Hear from our @NASA_ICE experts as they discuss our #ICESat2 mission to measure the changing height of Earth's ice. Watch and ask your questions using #askNASA: https://t.co/z1RgZwQkWS https://t.co/uUhc6kPclc

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Need some space? 🚀 We’ve got you covered! By subscribing to our @YouTube channel, you can explore Earth views from space, timelapse videos of rocket launches, discoveries across the cosmos and much more! SUBSCRIBE: https://t.co/rmSCzON1Lw https://t.co/fkYNxHIHod

Have 15 minutes to spare? Help us organize what our website looks like in the future by completing our navigation tests - one of which allows you to create the navigation structure you think works best! There’s no right or wrong answers. Details: https://t.co/uk7Ea9Ylhq https://t.co/hLx2avZewO

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This is no ordinary umbrella. It's a foldable device that opens to make a round, rigid heat shield, called an aeroshell. Learn more about this tech that could squeeze a heat shield into a rocket with a diameter larger than the rocket itself: https://t.co/1k30Tvec4j https://t.co/DjuTRqbQh0

Have a @RokuPlayer? There is now a way to see NASA footage in high dynamic range, including NASA TV, time-lapse videos, spacecraft launches, rocket tests and much more. App info: https://t.co/Od82aFdFHQ https://t.co/9pfqmjjIcV

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What do hurricanes look like from space? It depends on how you look! We have satellites, cameras aboard the @Space_Station and other instruments all working together to give us a big picture view of storms like #HurricaneFlorence. Take a look: https://t.co/cBMUJVwqbU https://t.co/2h98Y06rnf

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Today, we checked off an important milestone on the path to send humans on missions to the Moon & beyond: completing the final test of our @NASA_Orion spacecraft’s parachute system. Watch & read more about today’s test! 🎥: https://t.co/YucH1JZHGT 📰: https://t.co/V3uqkSJhps https://t.co/qMZ3FGlgzM

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We’re about to launch a space laser! Firing 5,000 laser pulses in the blink of an eye, #ICESat2 will give us a precise & detailed look at how Earth’s ice is changing. Join @NASA_ICE experts live tomorrow at 4pm ET for more: https://t.co/gfQEJ0LMHg Have questions? Use #askNASA https://t.co/0abhC6XZpz

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