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Administrator @JimBridenstine & Russian Space Agency @ROSCOSMOS General Director Dmitry @Rogozin had a teleconference today where they discussed further cooperation in space, as well as the prospect of a meeting. https://t.co/TszlMjfKWp

#UltimaThule is the 1st primordial contact-binary ever explored up-close by a spacecraft. It is a pristine specimen, preserved as it was formed. Other similarly shaped objects have been modified over time due to their closer proximity to the Sun: https://t.co/cp8lE03Cl5 https://t.co/sQtTqwv1AQ

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On New Year’s Day, @NASANewHorizons flew past #UltimaThule – the most distant object ever explored. While the flyby was quick, it'll take ~20 months to downlink the full data set from the spacecraft, which is more than ~4 billion miles from the Sun: https://t.co/QrzC8Uy4yf https://t.co/jOvWOluSVH

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More science incoming! Yesterday we learned that #UltimaThule is made of 2 separate objects that are now bound together. What will we learn today? Join @NASANewHorizons experts at 2pm ET for the latest science sent to Earth from ~1 billion miles past Pluto https://t.co/ZuxLDtRxxM https://t.co/kiDKU8bii2

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New day, new data! Brand-new findings from @NASANewHorizons’ flyby of the most distant object ever explored – #UltimaThule: 🌕No evidence of rings or satellites 🌐No evidence of an atmosphere ⛄️The two lobes are nearly identical in color ➕More! Details https://t.co/4N22FlYP8O https://t.co/yWtcvntMSJ

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