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I spy with my little eye 👀 @NASA_ICE's Operation #IceBridge flew over an iceberg that is three times the size of Manhattan – marking the first time anyone has laid eyes on the giant iceberg. Learn more about our airborne survey to map Earth’s polar ice: https://t.co/ptYzPr14dY https://t.co/9s8aZBg7Wv

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The @NASAGroundSys team is tested and "ready to rock and roll" for recovery of the @NASA_Orion spacecraft after splashdown. Here, during night operations in the Pacific, a test Orion is pulled into the well deck of a @USNavy ship. Full story: https://t.co/jG9bxskWqP https://t.co/W1hXzaJC4F

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The brilliant blues of a lonely galaxy were recently captured by @NASAHubble in a region 100 million light-years away from Earth. The dwarf galaxy is populated with bright stars that only last a few million years—a blink of eye in astronomical terms. https://t.co/ZSGIhkTA1R https://t.co/Fg8cX099fr

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Wildfire plumes. Volcanic emissions. Plant health. These are just a couple of things our Earth Polychromatic Imaging Camera (EPIC) instrument can observe and measure from one million miles away from our planet. Take a closer—and a farther—look: https://t.co/sMXOqQTd3i https://t.co/4GWnrZwJnK

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California continues to be plagued by wildfires — including the #WoolseyFire & the #CampFire, now one of the deadliest in the state's history. Our @NASAEarth satellites are observing these fires — and the damage they're leaving behind — from space. More: https://t.co/hcTyHnvwMU https://t.co/4uJ1bH4nO6

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Our @NASA_Orion spacecraft will carry astronauts on deep space exploration missions to the Moon and beyond. Recently, our recovery team and the @USNavy practiced recovering the test capsule from the Pacific Ocean. Dive in: https://t.co/h2jTg7GP5H https://t.co/KavdqIbNal

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We’re saddened by the loss of @TheRealStanLee, a visionary who created a universe of superheroes and comics. In his honor, here’s a deep-field look into the universe from our @NASAHubble Space Telescope. #Excelsior https://t.co/9UHjyXwIkh

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To know the evolution of sea ice and how we observe it from space is to know Dr. Claire Parkinson. Watch the latest episode of #NASAExplorers to meet the scientist who works to monitor the health of global sea ice: https://t.co/VJbH0rnIaD https://t.co/I19v6nJrXL

Our solar system is vast, filled not only with planets & moons, but also asteroids & other celestial bodies. ☄️ Over a four-hour period, our @OSIRISREx spacecraft captured the asteroid Bennu rotating for one full revolution! Discover more: https://t.co/LNEaeO0qiN https://t.co/9wshLTmS8P

To get to the Moon, Mars and beyond: we’re going to need a bigger boat. Our Space Launch System, or @NASA_SLS, will be the largest rocket ever assembled. So how do you build a rocket of unprecedented size? Find out: https://t.co/mTvsOJaOzg https://t.co/JC1VmqAt32

Here's a look at the majestic beauty of snow, as seen from space. ❄️In this view, frozen wild snow drifts are magnified by the curling terrain around the 1,400 mile Dnieper River, flowing from Russia to the Black Sea. Immerse yourself: https://t.co/4Is6y4CqcO https://t.co/II2GdNwJFA

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‘X’ marks the spot where SpaceX will land a helicopter at sea in the unlikely event they need to airlift @Commercial_Crew astronauts to a hospital after the #Dragon 🐉 spacecraft splashes down into the ocean. Details: https://t.co/vVm3eW2Jex https://t.co/5Nw8wbd0w7

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Good thing there are no traffic cameras in space! Our #ParkerSolarProbe spacecraft reached a top speed of 213,200 miles per hour during its first close approach to our closest star, setting a new record for spacecraft speed.☀️ Learn more from @NASASun: https://t.co/stiyTADYID https://t.co/WmDP3jjSab

On this #VeteransDay, we salute the Americans who are serving or have served in the military. Thank you for your service, sacrifice and selflessness. https://t.co/UyfbrA1m0R https://t.co/7gt2R5oLSn

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Our seedlings are sprounting on the @Space_Station! @AstroSerena planted ‘Red Russian’ kale and ‘Dragoon’ lettuce in a special garden last month and if all goes well, they will be ready to enjoy for Thanksgiving! Dig in: https://t.co/IAIWJcBcEJ https://t.co/YZP1DcUxcD

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What’s on the space-weather forecast? For an upcoming mission, @NASAGoddard heliophysicists plan to fly in a high-altitude balloon measuring the properties of the Sun’s upper atmosphere, or corona, and how it affects solar wind. Find out more: https://t.co/aXLadsfzV7 https://t.co/8D03o5FMx2

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Organs on chips in space?! 👀 Hear from a @NIH scientist on this "straight-up sci-fi" innovation on the latest episode of Houston, We Have a Podcast: https://t.co/Q0NkjPZoy3 https://t.co/LDq5weTiJO

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Are you close with your siblings? There is evidence that star clusters start out close, as giant collisions between massive molecular clouds, but then the stellar siblings scatter throughout our galaxy. Learn more from @SOFIAtelescope: https://t.co/b18u3Tggsq https://t.co/RLJTIeYyn0

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Inkblot test! 🐉 😜 🌀 🐕 🐙 What do you see in this image by @NASAJuno? We keep finding new shapes hidden in Jupiter's swirling clouds. Look closer: https://t.co/tZMpiKCXTA https://t.co/POT91Oo7dk

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Supermassive black hole + supermassive black hole = mega black hole. As galaxies merge, their black hole cores unleash powerful energy in the form of ripples in space-time. Dive into this research compiled from @NASAHubble images and computer simulations: https://t.co/aa9EIdExID https://t.co/znQGeJ4bd5

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In less than an hour, we'll launch a satellite which takes off ✈️ before it lifts off 🚀 ! Our #NASAICON mission takes to the sky aboard a @northropgrumman "Stargazer" aircraft, which releases the #PegasusXL rocket that carries ICON to orbit. More: https://t.co/7ZMpTstAro https://t.co/mPGCGJVwed

UPDATE: The launch of our #NASAICON spacecraft aboard a @northropgrumman #PegasusXL Rocket is scrubbed for today. The next launch opportunity will be Thursday, Nov. 8. For more updates, visit: https://t.co/bZs2wAlN7E https://t.co/sYDX5aRvnE

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Today’s launch attempt of our #NASAICON mission is postponed due to off-nominal data observed on the #PegasusXL rocket during the captive carry flight. The team will investigate the issue & evaluate the next launch attempt. For updates, visit https://t.co/uKTQkywHZF https://t.co/nE05PKzNGT

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