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Oh you must not know I’d never allow that. “WE” won’t be making fools out of ourselves. Number 1 radio show on Apple. By a black woman from south side Jamaica, Queens NEW YORK CITY. Oh but they don’t hear me tho. #QueenRadio you’ll see on the next episode. Trust ♥️ https://t.co/0jOMjSBCf2

😅 https://t.co/WEssFXC8hm

🤔🤨 within 48 hours I’ll announce. https://t.co/pXWjeGCwfL

Guess who’s getting the #CSOTD award? 🤣

I used to pray for times like this #MILAN #Diesel @diesel ig has been rlly stopping my bag lately by making all my videos blurry. ITALY, you have my heart & you know it. https://t.co/AKBi57mQSs

#AbuBarbie #Dubai #Versace 💧 https://t.co/KWLxTvLI3L

I am madly & deeply in love w/my fans

I was getting my life earlier from episode 4 😩. I’ll announce in a cpl days babe. ♥️😘♥️😘 it’ll be the best show yet!!!!✨ https://t.co/6Yw7ld9kig

Every-time I get high I just think about you. https://t.co/cafxushOQ4

Mink carpet but I ain’t got no flaws 😉✨ #Versace #Milan Photo credit @phraule - gettyimages https://t.co/jzDW1feO7Y

#QueenTingz I’m so proud of you donatella_versace You’ve never missed a beat. So tiny, but so powerful. ✨ https://t.co/2W7cNk7qx6

Just the other day I was out in my city. #NY @marcjacobsintl @chardefrancesco ICONIC. WORTH EVERY FKNG MINUTE ☺️♥️♥️♥️🎈 https://t.co/q46R6FK4Yp

They played most of the album. Could. Not. Believe. It. 😅 THANK YOU TEAM VERSACE!!!!! https://t.co/GcXnIyNvnF

This isn’t my tour show. I’ll be bringing that epic show to Brazil for all of my fans soon! Please trust me. Love you. ♥️♥️♥️ 🇧🇷 https://t.co/hLduFmmAI2

Guys I don’t think you understand. This show is for a company. It’s a private event for their employees. I’m still coming to Brazil a lil later on with my full TOUR SHOW for my fans. ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️😘😘😘😘 https://t.co/mNQkXdH8Gw

😅 https://t.co/Aowlgl6j5i

Swipe to see me w/my biggest fashion inspo #KarlLagerfeld as well as this STUNNING #Fendi show in Milan today. He picked a few looks for me. I wore this one prior to realizing it was 800… https://t.co/A2qP3ZtDUW

Fendi prints on https://t.co/N5sSXwso9G

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😍😍😍😍 https://t.co/27aUtRkdqD


Thank you guys!!! #1&#2 on US iTunes for a 2nd day. Love you. https://t.co/TU7EpLxiGr

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