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If I call him then he comin- Homes runnin. Derek Jeter. I don’t keep up wit da Jones’ but I do know Catherine Zeta. I’m wit Candice TT Thembi & Viola, mi amiga. Rap btchs they gotta check IN wit da Queen. I’m the Alpha, the Omega, everyTHING in between. Oh

Btchs won’t #LikeYaPictures but always pop up lookin exactly #LikeYaPictures. 🤯🤪




Ride wit Minaj.

Man I been

I go hard in the booth. Biggie vibes. Gimme da loot. 🤑

A hit dog will holler 🤪

Speak for yourself. I can’t hear you.

This so Beam Me Up Scotty

Be nice

A whole lotta gang shit. All these plaques keep piling up. It’s nowhere to hang shit.

Too often we confuse being loved with being used.

I’m glad y’all peeped

Awl ah yuh friends’ll b dead. U could get hit wit dat UZI. [the only person that could’ve gotten me out of work mode tonight]. PHILLY MAKE SOME NOISE!!!! 💪🏽♥️😘 BEHIND THE SCENES!!!! #KrippyKushRemixVIDEO

Have you ever noticed how confused people act when you start treating them EXACTLY how they’ve been treating you?

Christmas cleaning so that I only follow accounts that make me feel like one of these emojis in 2018. ☺️😛😍😃😁

🎅🏻🎄🎁 #D6 #5Star

It’s a free mixtape babe. It won’t be on the streaming services.

I just phucked like 5 hoes in my mansion, got’em feelin like they #5Star #Dedication6 out NOW!!! #D6 #WeezyFBarbie

If I live to be 100 years old, you’ll still never be able to find interviews or footage of any sort of me dissing him in any way. That’s for the birds. Loyalty to the death. Silence when u don’t have anything good to say. Now THAT’S #QueenTingz Blessings & Merry Christmas.

Cheerio, TYRA! 💋🇬🇧

I told someone to bring me this thing I saw them eating. They hit back basically saying “for sure, it’s mad good”. 30 mins later I said “u bringing the food or what?” They hit back & said: “yea, what u wanna eat?” ... I- 🤔🤧😒

Didn’t even hit them back. 🙄😒

Man probabFUCKINGly!!!!!!! But how “high” could u rlly be this early in the day? I’m jus- 🤬

Well played. Well phucking played. 😒

#PlainJaneREMIX was originally going on #Dedication6. 😃 I had already told Wayne. But after I recorded it, I had my mngr hit Ferg ppl to let them know & they said they’d like it as an official remix. 🤷🏽‍♀️ So I got to do “Rockstar” for #D6 which is one of my faves anyway.

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