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This is the shit that government babus select. Feel sorry for those who sent in good logos. https://t.co/YgSsf6zu4c

And i thought Cherophobia was not believing in life after love. https://t.co/UwMcrb99Ia

Entertainment desks having a field day now. https://t.co/8xPV3QMP8L

It's a change in lighting ūü§¶ https://t.co/n7SmPmPZGd

Vayee Pothu Da - Dopeadelicz ft. Jasim https://t.co/A7xNG5K3yB

“Traveling is a brutality. It forces you to trust strangers and to lose sight of all that familiar comfort of home and friends. You are constantly off balance... 1/2

I've drastically reduced my political tweets after I realised I was one of the very few idiots who did it for free.

The wide variety of dairy products suggest that man, throughout history, has had two things in abundance - milk and free time.

Toh kya sab milke 'jane kya hoga Rama re' pose karenge? https://t.co/0YkYTFouQu

Kuchh toh Huawei. Kya ho gaya hai. #MobileSongs

The most savage response to a poor joke ever. https://t.co/DOFsY5sz67

Who knew something good could come out of that horrendous Lamberghini song. Funky Lambo - Benny Dayal Ft. Jonita Gandhi, Brodha V, Funktuation, The ... https://t.co/VBKdT7eFnN via @YouTube

As if Hindi remakes of Malayalam movies are not disastrous enough, we now get sequels of fuck all remakes. Hera Pheri 2 should have been the last one. https://t.co/g56GivUauE

Spanish movie, The Body is one of the best thrillers I've ever seen. And luckily, it's there on Youtube, though not a great print. Very highly recommended. https://t.co/prXROJ8pOw

#ManiShankarAiyar is trending. What did Sam Pitroda say?

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