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I once asked this Roman about his ex. He told me about 10.

  • Looks like Gauhar Khan took an @AksharPathak joke seriously

    I'm searching for a video on how to make a time machine only so that I can comment, 'thumbs up if you're watching this in 1857'.

    Hey @Its_Badshah here's one more suggestion.

    Why it's better to shut up than to give out bad ideas to the universe.

    Numbyaar top tweets

    For some reason I'm glad their positions aren't reversed.

    Numbyaar top tweets

    Kickass video. Didn't like the song as much. Also wish they had better vocals.

    👏 👏 👏

    I believe that Pakistan shuold be accountable and probably fined too. But fining the people might be a bit too harsh.

    Francois, Mitron

    Numbyaar top tweets

    This must've been fun. -> Renault CAPTUR | Test Drive Surprise via @YouTube

    Hatt bansuri ke...

    Me: the chai tapri culture is huge in Gujarat. Colleague: Oh yes! This one guy toh became a prime minister selling tea.

    I saw the exact same video of Rahul Gandhi in Singapore with two totally contradicting captions. One from Times Now and one from NDTV. hmmm....

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