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Imagine the audacity of this someone to go back in time and remove the Mahatma's picture. https://t.co/dZUIsIeznh

This is a college fresher's party. But with the ultra-famous. https://t.co/uk5J1zPJHA

I'm so poor I can't even afford dition.

Urjit Patel has resigned. Very good. Anyway was getting sick of his style of singing with his mouth half open.

Pre-wedding at Udaipur Wedding in Mumbai Post wedding on Instagram

Bollywood's mocking your community and you're lapping it up. Good job! https://t.co/mjkblRtBt2

Shopkeeper: Kya chahiye? Customer: Shakkar *Shopkeeper calls his wife* 'Kahaan ho tum!'

Goodbye shitty app! https://t.co/EZOqJv936F

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Me: Odiyan is a person from Orissa, right? Wife: No stupid! They're this clan who can apparently take up forms of animals. Me: so they're Maanvars? Her silence tells me that I'll have to sleep on the couch again.

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