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Obama came very close in 2015 to passing a bipartisan bill to rewrite prison and sentencing laws. Three years later, the same people who were responsible for stopping that bill may become responsible for passing a scaled-back version. https://t.co/fDXxPrrx9n

As the gang members surrounded the D.J., he noticed their swastika tattoos, he told a newspaper. They threw him to the ground, beating and stomping him and using racial slurs. https://t.co/erMGFOYPCs

Lawyers for Michael Flynn asked a federal judge to spare him prison time for misleading investigators, and they suggested that the FBI agents who interviewed him last year had tricked him into lying https://t.co/2iE8x7IGCz

Your daily @DealBook Briefing: • How Trump plans to keep China in line on trade. • Theresa May faces a leadership challenge today. • What we learned (and didn't) when Google's CEO went to Washington. https://t.co/nrfMLh0NkQ

The Trump administration is preparing to deport the largest group yet of legal Cambodian immigrants to the United States over the next few days, according to human rights groups and an American official https://t.co/KKtoNpFdXh

Morning briefing, Europe edition: Here's what you need to know to start your day: https://t.co/r34ZrsDVvt

5 United States Marines were declared dead 6 days after they went missing when 2 aircraft crashed off the coast of Japan https://t.co/7u3xySHHfL

Hundreds of apps can follow your movements and share the details with advertisers, retailers and even hedge funds. Here’s how to stop apps from tracking your location. https://t.co/DXNkjYSkbY

How to cut drug prices: A look at policies and possible trade-offs and how other countries do it https://t.co/cxYde4IDgg

On Monday, Nadia Murad and Dr. Denis Mukwege, who won this year’s Nobel Peace Prize for their campaigns to end mass rape in war, condemned what they called the international community’s indifference to wartime sexual violence https://t.co/E1qLD8dlml

By the end of a typical year, hundreds of thousands of books in various styles, genres and subject areas are published. These three end-of-year books lists are meant to help you make sense of it all https://t.co/BQnkCHhZs7

A study featured on “60 Minutes” about how adolescent brain development is affected by screen time, amongst other things, is sure to alarm parents. Here’s what scientists know, and don’t know, about the link between screens, behavior and development. https://t.co/moaAcga6uh

Researchers found that the corals that survived a surge in ocean temperatures in 2016 were more resistant to another period of extreme warmth the following year. “It’s one enormous natural selection event." https://t.co/njn6KcjLoS

NYT Investigation: Your apps know where you were last night, and they’re not keeping it secret. As smartphones have become ubiquitous and technology more accurate, an industry of snooping on people’s daily habits has grown more intrusive. https://t.co/xGKCROAF8X

In Opinion Matti Friedman writes, "How should a memorial to the devastation wrought in part by ethnic supremacism, a cult of personality and a disregard for law handle governments flirting with the same ideas?" https://t.co/JiKxTmkyNy

#ICYMI: Here's our complete list of nominations for the 2019 Golden Globes https://t.co/HVNwt2Nmzp

A manager and former player for the Afghan women's soccer team said the soccer federation president sexually harassed women in a room that had been rigged so that it could only be opened with his fingerprint scan https://t.co/P0JnRIgqs9

"I watched as secondary post-traumatic stress overtook our son. He began to display many of the same symptoms as Chuck, becoming irritable, sullen and quick to anger." The Rotenberry family's life changed forever after a brain injury. https://t.co/cckg1XiheT

Is Listening to a Book the Same Thing as Reading It? https://t.co/YZFvgkk8J8

John Kelly, the White House chief of staff, will leave his post by the end of the year, President Trump says https://t.co/tV4noE1jHU

Nearly 70% of frauds reported to the FTC last year were perpetrated by phone, often by scammers spoofing local numbers. And older consumers are especially at risk. https://t.co/AzbaVegw3b

With this week’s memos, prosecutors investigating President Trump drew a portrait of a candidate who directed an illegal scheme to manipulate the 2016 election. Trump dismissed the filings. Democrats, however, said they could lead to impeachment. https://t.co/FLsH6FspWF

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