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A new book examines why child prodigies often do not sustain their genius into adulthood

Netflix has become a reliable destination for many fine independent films that spent little time in theaters. Here are 14 to choose from:

Australia Fare: Saba’s Brings Ethiopia to Melbourne With Joy and Spices

A baby who had experimental surgery while still in the womb for a severe spinal defect, is born: full-term and kicking his feet

Opinion: Islam Teaches Us That Life Is a Test. So Is This President.

Airliners Have Become China’s Newest Means of Pressuring Taiwan

"How do you exorcise someone like this, get them out of your deepest being, out from under your skin?"

Being antisocial leads to a longer life. For marmots.

The Ethicist: A colleague suggested a white male use "neurodiversity" to qualify as a diversity hire."

While the lives of squid are mysterious in many ways, one gruesome truth is that after mating comes death

In Savannah, there is no shortage of history, beauty and architectural delights. And a visit needn’t cost you much.

Jamie Oliver's pappardelle with beef ragu is simply wonderful

Heartier than chicken soup, this classic comfort dish is decidedly more stewlike

10 breakout films of Sundances past, and where to stream them

Over cheeseburgers, Trump and Chuck Schumer struck an outline of an agreement to keep the government open. Then everything fell apart.

We will be tracking Women's Marches around the world and talking with women about what’s brought them out and their hopes for 2018. Live updates:

Yes, people really are eating Tide pods. No, It’s not safe.

The latest front in the partisan struggle over the investigation into the Russia inquiry? A 2016 application for a warrant.

Paul Bocuse, the chef who revolutionized French cuisine at his 3-Michelin star restaurant, has died at 91

Women’s March rallies are taking place in hundreds of cities across the world, galvanized by the #MeToo moment. Here’s the latest.

Opinion: Here's what women around the country have done with their pussy hats

Trump accused Democrats of orchestrating a government shutdown to detract from the anniversary of his inauguration

The government shutdown risks political peril for both parties, and lawmakers insist that they were eager for a resolution [corrects spelling]

Read the full text of Aly Raisman's statement during the sentencing hearing of Larry Nassar

New York lawmakers are trying to find options to sidestep the effects of President Trump’s new federal tax plan

The Women’s March became a movement. What’s next?

Trump's remarks were broadcast to the Mall, the first time a president had addressed the annual March for Life on live television

In the dizzying news cycle of the Trump era, a shutdown crisis now may be long forgotten by November

Breaking News: Patrick Meehan, a congressman on a panel that examines harassment charges in the House, used public funds to settle his own misconduct case

Wearing a backward cap has never been a logical choice in tennis, but the style has persisted

New York marchers are empowered: "I feel like the revolution is now"

Tens of thousands of federal workers woke up to notices that they will be furloughed this coming week. But the shutdown is falling unevenly.

This week's Race/Related tackles the accusations against Aziz Ansari through a racial lens

Opinion: It’s 2018, a big election year, and women are going to be running everywhere. That’s Hillary’s gift.

Armed insurgents stormed Kabul’s largest hotel trapping an unknown number of hotel guests inside

Trump tweeted that it was a “perfect day for all Women to March,” while touting “unprecedented economic success and wealth creation” under his watch

Even Iran’s supreme leader has acknowledged responsibility for the growing number of victims of “problematic financial institutions"

Your new favorite cookie recipe?

Economic activity typically snaps back soon after a shutdown ends, but not before the partial stoppage damages growth

Carl Higbie, a Trump appointee who resigned this week, said the disparaging statements he made in the past about black people, Muslims, gays and lesbians were “inexcusable”

Breaking News: Representative Patrick Meehan was removed from the House ethics panel amid an investigation into sexual misconduct, the speaker's office said

In New York City, it is not unusual to find a day care center on the ground floor of a residential building — much to the delight or dismay of neighbors

Some women avoided the marches on Saturday because they wanted the movement to be more inclusive of people of color and other marginalized groups

2 Army captains exchanged vows at West Point in what is believed to be the first wedding ceremony held for a active-duty, same-sex couple at the legendary post

Everybody’s buying an Instant Pot. Here’s what you can cook in it.

Harry Selby, Renowned Hunter and Safari Guide, Is Dead at 92

"Dolores O’Riordan always looked so small behind those big guitars, but with fragility there was fierceness, one of our own, the joy of an outsider owning it for herself, and for all of us"

New York's governor Andrew Cuomo unveiled a budget aimed at countering Trump’s tax changes, calling them an “economic missile” headed for the state

Satellite imagery of the California mudslides that are being used to identify what caused them

J.M. Coetzee won a Nobel Prize for unsparing novels like “Waiting for the Barbarians” and “Disgrace.” But in his youth he had another ambition: to be a photographer.

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