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Dorothy Bolden said she was threatened by the Ku Klux Klan due to her involvement in the civil rights moment, which emboldened her. “It didn’t scare me, didn’t bother me,” she said. “It made me angry, it made me determined to do what I had to do.” https://t.co/4WQunaFVJH

2 Saudi sisters who were trying to flee to Australia are in hiding after they were prevented from boarding a connecting flight to Melbourne at the Hong Kong International Airport in September, their lawyer said https://t.co/cVV8clt2MA

Our re-examination of President Trump's actions reveals the extent of a sustained, more secretive assault on the machinery of federal law enforcement unlike any before seen in American history https://t.co/L4OjBgDacE

Sudan’s leader, Omar Hassan al-Bashir, imposed a yearlong state of emergency and dissolved the federal and state governments on Friday, in an attempt to end months of nationwide street protests that have shaken his authority after 3 decades of rule https://t.co/8i0hTfE1NW

Thanks to “PEN15," “Big Mouth" and "Eighth Grade," the awkward, sex-obsessed adolescent girl is having her moment, writes @amandahess https://t.co/zmUFixT6Ff

For more than 2 decades, R. Kelly has faced allegations of sexually abusing minors. Here is a timeline of the accusations. https://t.co/NRnM7aHYcQ

In January, the New York Times talked to Kim Foxx, Chicago's top prosecutor who was asking people with abuse allegations against R. Kelly to come forward. “This is about, for me, opening the doors,” she said. https://t.co/8t9kz2dSmq

The dollar for now remains what it has long been — the closest approximation to a sure thing in a volatile global economy https://t.co/EnZGyLH8Vh

Brian Posada was born in Las Vegas, but grew up in Mexico. “My mom told me a short time ago, ‘Look, I couldn’t give you nice things like other people have. But I gave you American citizenship.'" https://t.co/ryiFxtM3gR

President Nicolás Maduro of Venezuela ordered its border with Brazil be closed, part of his escalating effort to stop opponents from sending humanitarian aid into the country https://t.co/tdzJ8DZ6Bl

The new attorney general, William Barr, is preparing for the special counsel, Robert Mueller, to deliver a report in coming weeks on the results of the investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election https://t.co/BRcBfJ7VSv

China collected millions of its citizens’ DNA in a campaign of surveillance and oppression that relied partly on a U.S. company and researcher https://t.co/9uAlRYFKaF

A mining dam built on sand and silt burst and killed at least 157 people in Brazil last month. A tragedy – but hardly a surprise, experts said https://t.co/Vf1xiZMlYw

“Most mammals are pretty boring. So when you see these bold patterns like on a giraffe or zebra, as a biologist you say, Why?” https://t.co/55XT9Koj8C

Hiring Sarah Isgur Flores as a “political editor,” not a commentator, led to internal and external criticism of CNN for placing a Republican political operative in a position to help guide daily political coverage https://t.co/B3AFhMCaGk

Boston has become a competitive hub for athletic shoe companies. “It’s better to be among the bunch that are scrapping it out.” https://t.co/YuYh1lAmZU

A growing societal embrace of gender fluidity also means that there are more options when it comes to clothes https://t.co/FxPDHeq81q

Famous figures from across the fashion business and beyond remembered Karl Lagerfeld https://t.co/XmwUjVMpTy

The Australian government said that a "sophisticated state actor" had hacked the computer networks of Parliament and the major political parties https://t.co/yiaNc6Ob2X

Shinzo Abe, Japan's prime minister, made hats with the slogan "Donald & Shinzo Make Alliance Even Greater." But did he nominate the president for a Nobel Peace Prize? https://t.co/KHKhJykWrE

Under new guidelines to be released by the New York City Commission on Human Rights, the targeting of people based on their hair or hairstyle, at work, school or in public spaces, will now be considered racial discrimination https://t.co/9ifpSkjRw5

Do rivers have a right to flow? Do forests have a right to thrive? Voters in Toledo, Ohio, will soon decide. https://t.co/2kaUVysK5d

Boys with high levels of inattention later earned an average of about $17,000 less a year, a new study has found https://t.co/BR08HFXdfk

There are discreet family squabbles and then there are family squabbles that splash into the public view, shining a spotlight on a private, bitter dispute. @sullivanpaul offers tips on how to keep family matters private. https://t.co/FCuLEYuc1J

Northern Virginia is keeping Amazon’s 25,000 jobs and it wants you to know it. https://t.co/q4V2bWqavJ

In the Pacific Northwest U.S., a region with relatively high resistance to vaccination, a jump in measles cases has sent steady crowds to immunization clinics https://t.co/j6asSC0F5y

At the NBA’s annual showcase, players should bring their sneakers — as long as they match their ties. It’s all about parties during All-Star weekend. https://t.co/ATEIraAhN1

An FDA expert panel recommended that the active ingredients of ketamine be approved as a treatment for depression https://t.co/IQ07AJKCzR

Anthony Weiner was released from a federal prison and moved to a re-entry center in Brooklyn to serve out the rest of his sentence for exchanging sexually explicit texts with a 15-year-old girl. He must register as a sex offender for the rest of his life. https://t.co/2LBNRBxomt

Small businesses may be able to receive a big tax break this year, thanks to the new rules. But which small businesses are eligible? https://t.co/UdkvTaXl68

The Saudi-backed forces in Yemen are so desperate to break through enemy lines they are sending untrained soldiers to clear minefields with their bayonets. But most of the mine casualties are civilians, say independent monitors. https://t.co/bj5HEJhATy https://t.co/wFvbHPJ68I

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“I was burned out. I didn’t feel like I knew enough anymore about myself or the world to reflect it as an actor.” Meg Ryan talks to @david_marchese about stardom, burnout, and the pressures of being America’s sweetheart. https://t.co/xXRIVmOIfl https://t.co/zMqJJ4tsgE

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U.S. officials spoke bluntly of threats while visiting Eastern Europe. The erosion of democracy in their host countries was not among them. https://t.co/MY613ONMct

A spectacular new library adds to a once-neglected neighborhood in Calgary, Canada, No. 20 on our list of 52 places to go in 2019 https://t.co/6CSHLZCYOa

European leaders alarmed that President Trump’s words and tweets could undo the trans-Atlantic alliance say the rift has now become open, angry and concrete https://t.co/77gkw3qLjI

Among the dead in a warehouse shooting in Aurora, Ill., were some of the company's most experienced workers, but also its newest, the authorities said. Josh Pinkard was the plant manager at the Henry Pratt Company. Trevor Wehner was an intern. https://t.co/WYkAhqZWsf

Working on your U.S. taxes today? Use our guide for tips on filing and how to make sense of the new law. https://t.co/3nZVOdcUnt

President Trump is wielding extraordinary power to get his way in declaring a national emergency. Here are key takeaways from his decision. https://t.co/WcnnePYw6N

Vice President Mike Pence made his case for "America First" in the deeply hostile territory — an annual conference of America’s closest European allies, write @katierogers and @SangerNYT in a news analysis https://t.co/F99mr6TsXH

Northern Virginia is keeping Amazon’s 25,000 jobs and it wants you to know it. https://t.co/EwkPtD3diM

At a federal courthouse in Tennessee, a judge signed an order allowing an ailing inmate to go home. At a prison hospice unit in North Carolina, the patient died before he heard the news. https://t.co/Gw1OE0I842

The Supreme Court has agreed to decide whether the Trump administration may add a question about citizenship to the next census questionnaire. https://t.co/cKoprQzWa4

The brothers detained earlier this week by the Chicago police in connection with the reported attack on "Empire" star Jussie Smollett have now been arrested and are being treated as "potential suspects" https://t.co/QW1TKlofH6

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