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A guide to journeying through the most storied sites of ancient Greece — and enjoying a few modern comforts along the way https://t.co/5LTGZS4zAq

The United States’ birthrate fell for a 4th consecutive year in 2018, bringing the number of people born in the country to its lowest level in 32 years https://t.co/IwO7E2bIg3

A shiny stainless steel sculpture created by Jeff Koons in 1986 smashed the record at auction for a work by a living artist https://t.co/ntweYsTJfR

We sent photographers to 5 Broadway theaters on a Saturday night to capture what it's like backstage in the run-up to the Tony Awards https://t.co/CxsMCcknz7

The “Silence of the Lambs” author Thomas Harris has a new (Hannibal Lecter-free) book. In a rare interview, he insists nothing he writes is made up. https://t.co/ukNpg0zT9X

I.M. Pei's legacy includes some of the world’s most recognizable buildings, including the Louvre Pyramid. Here are 6 of his most important works. https://t.co/KdZdXixowh

How much alcohol is safe to drink? That depends on how you do the research – and how you read the results https://t.co/8DPpOOc3U5

How to get the best from your immune system https://t.co/xQKM3GPLqX

Adults between the ages of 18 and 25 believe theirs is the most narcissistic and entitled living generation, a new study finds https://t.co/Z1B3EBPLyi

Tens of thousands of people filled the streets of Taipei as lawmakers in Taiwan prepared to vote on legalizing same-sex marriage, a first for Asia https://t.co/1MHr4iRnYt

John Oliver called Chiitan “psychotic,” but praised its videos as “works of art” and its tweets as “virtuosic.” The Twitter accounts of the Japanese mascot were abruptly suspended this week. https://t.co/uc4wnqJ5Wp

The Indonesian police say they have foiled a suspected terrorist cell with the ability to use Wi-Fi to detonate explosive devices https://t.co/YXa95P0k95

Breaking News: Lawmakers in Taiwan have voted to legalize same-sex marriage, a first for Asia. “#LoveWon,” President Tsai Ing-wen tweeted. https://t.co/I22za6niDe

“I think we should not have a romantic view of sports, that it’s always good and always brings people together,” said a professor who researches politics and sports in Lebanon. “It can also divide them.” https://t.co/XIZSeWHPBZ

Federal investigators concluded that Scott Pruitt had spent nearly $124,000 on “excessive” travel arrangements as head of the EPA and recommended that the agency try to recover the money https://t.co/WH88RNMusX

SpaceX, the private rocket company founded by Elon Musk, will try again on Thursday evening to launch dozens of satellites at once https://t.co/md5u2Wrt1k

10 new books recommended by critics and editors at The New York Times https://t.co/qVY35hqnTE

Evening Briefing: Here's what you need to know at the end of the day https://t.co/r0OsvFEwn4

The SAT is adding an “adversity score” to help colleges account for hardships like poverty amid concerns about the fairness of standardized tests. https://t.co/l3zcxvJNlB

Breaking News: President Trump told the acting defense secretary that he didn’t want a war with Iran, officials said, even as some aides were stoking tensions. https://t.co/ZpOO1XFNMh

By speaking so directly of his opposition to abortion, President Trump is putting himself squarely on one side of perhaps America’s most divisive social issue. https://t.co/yT20rUwf67

President Trump’s businesses had a mixed 2018. Revenues were down 10 percent at Mar-a-Lago but were mostly flat at his other major properties. https://t.co/cZ7QzH1geM

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