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oinkoo | Updated:

Same 🤗 https://t.co/GSbgEsJ61Z

cc @GappistanRadio now toh you are gooone https://t.co/XevdgbnoWV

  • What is this ghaziabad? The real gzb begins after vaishali 😂😭 https://t.co/u9nKuQV5hj

    Do all kids under the age of 10 stand first in their class these days? Everyone I've met lately has been saying the same thing 🤷

    Firang dilip saab https://t.co/w2TdXpSpqa

    Bought my husband a biotique shampoo. Next thing I know the entire bathroom shelf is full of biotique shower gel, moisturiser, eye gel (?!), toner, cleanser...

    number of people who haven't tweeted about kathua yet https://t.co/qM2hrg7nZD

    😋 https://t.co/l3K1mF8hl0

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    pls don't ask any politician for any comment if this is all they can come up with https://t.co/ldYRwI2gTg

    I get all these messages from Airtel when I've been using the same Vodafone number for nearly 12 years now 😭 https://t.co/NvVo6buR87

    🤷 top tweets

    I think ANI is my favourite Twitter handle now. https://t.co/uqqfqW3uPe

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    Never a dull day in this house. Dejected boyfriend catches his ex in the act with another lizboy https://t.co/wCeCTtj7RO

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