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United Kingdom gets ministerial head to lead murdered MP Jo Cox’s work to tackle loneliness https://t.co/LJK67HTyFm

I just learnt that shakti kapoor owns a restrobar in dehradun called Aaoo Lolita 🙃

The thing with gzb is that everything in this area is 500m away from our place. If someone stays 1.5km away from this area they say it's far...

Oh dear https://t.co/JoRhX0SgF3

How an A.I. ‘Cat-and-Mouse Game’ Generates Believable Fake Photos https://t.co/LyuVu4KtaO

My twitter family: Parents: @AskThePankazzzz @TheReel_in Spouse: @prtxt Children: @sambha_bhilane @PranavDixit via https://t.co/G1PZD8bVhu . https://t.co/XCaNNVGerY


Desperate for WhatsApp, tens of thousands of Indians with cheap phones flood a US coder’s website https://t.co/v8mb59mzuU via @scroll_in

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