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They’ve all used their lives & art to propel conversation and culture forward. @BetoORourke @MichaelB4Jordan #BradleyCooper @MelindaGates @Lisa_M_Borders. I loved talking with them - The energy was powerful & positive! Watch a very special hour. #SuperSoulConversations Tom 8p|7c https://t.co/oRnJEKAQ0R

Wanna get Lifted?!! It makes me so happy that 5 million downloads are resonating across the planet. I’ve been binge listening myself. I still learn something new & rejuvenating. We’re halfway through our 10 part series. Come binge with me & feel the Lift! https://t.co/G2KBXgILCW https://t.co/J3b3jPvpf8

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Holy Moly @iyanlavant. These lie’s Y ‘all ! #FixMyLife

Does she really want her? @IyanlaVanzant Or just saying it? This right here.. is just layers of dysfunction and lies. #FixMyLife

O Lawdy.. @IyanlaVanzant say she gonna “increase the dosage of Truth”😱 #FixMyLife

Such a great episode. @IyanlaVanzant. Bravo for clarifying how infectious a lie can be. #FixMyLife

THE performance everyone will talk about. Bradley opens up about his Oscar night duet w/Lady Gaga. I am so impressed with him & he stayed and sat in the audience all day! Beto, Lisa Borders, Melinda, Michael…the first of many new #SuperSoulConversations https://t.co/ePwnuQ6Hdk. https://t.co/H5AcVpuKK4

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