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This I did Monday night before the mudslides hit. #TimesUp conversation with @RWitherspoon, @shondarhimes @americaferrera, @TraceeEllisRoss, Natalie Portman, Kathleen Kennedy, and Nina Shaw. Hope you’ll watch tomorrow on @CBSSunday. https://t.co/dc9BXO3MAm

This would be a good time to order.. thank you @ShakaSenghor. Thanks for sharing your truth. https://t.co/oU1LsLsL98

This is just the saddest thing. The cycle being repeated. Fatherless sons #FixMyLife.

Trying something new! @SuperSoulSunday is LIVE on Twitter! Former Vice President @JoeBiden is on today’s #SuperSoulSunday. https://t.co/RRRAQwF6GR

My conversation with former VP @JoeBiden is NOW on our #SuperSoul Podcast. If you missed it on OWN, listen today: https://t.co/qeBPm8spla https://t.co/k9bPuVAWCd

NEW time, 9/8c. #QUEENSUGAR Season Finale tomorrow. It’s EVERYTHING! Then, @Ava and I are talking all things Sugar with the entire cast. 🙌🏾 https://t.co/EyMvWOH6b7

SPECIAL TIME 9/8c. TONIGHT! Screened tonight’s finale with #QUEENSUGAR fans. The Bordelons had me boohooing! Grab your tissues & get ready. https://t.co/ZPZvAsDkFN

1hr to #QUEENSUGAR finale. Can hardly wait for y’all tosee it. Join me ,@Ava and cast afterwards.

Here we go Sugar Fans! #GimmeSugar #QUEENSUGAR

Sweeties, don’t go anywhere! 30 more mins. of the finale, then I’m talking all things #QUEENSUGAR with Ava & the cast. So much to discuss! https://t.co/5m5Rl3dx9X

There's a reason we kinda look alike...I'm playing her. Meet Deborah! #TheStarMovie is joy and laughter for the whole family. In theaters everywhere TOMORROW. https://t.co/H6krQe5Log https://t.co/EL4ren8AZw

Big day for [email protected] . Hope #TheStarMovie does well! https://t.co/NauUbUO7Kn

[email protected], you’ve done it AGAIN - healing for so many. #FixMyLife Season Finale TONIGHT at 9pm. https://t.co/XttPTu3Pod

Roderick became a hero. Thank you @IyanlaVanzant #FixMyLife

Good morning, SuperSoulers! Dr. @BreneBrown shows how even when we fall, we can still RISE STRONG. So many tweetable moments! #SuperSoulSunday https://t.co/95ncOnebjS

NEW #WrinkleInTime trailer TONIGHT during the American Music Awards. Who’s ready to tesser with me!? 👋🏾 https://t.co/SB4lcZzqiw

Here it is! The brand-new #WrinkleInTime trailer. See you in theaters, March 9th. With love, Mrs. Which 💜 https://t.co/RHia4jFXx3

Essence exec turned B&B mogul Monique Greenwood is redefining hospitality in @OWNTV's NEW series #CheckedInn! Tonight 10/9c. @GetSpectrum. https://t.co/sV8DW63U4u

Celebrating our 7th Graduation and 10th Anniversary at OWLAG! #ProudMomO https://t.co/1Vd36errI1

Peace be Still, is my prayer tonight. For all the fires raging thru my community and beyond. #peacebestill🙏🏾

What an honor. https://t.co/YA9se852Eg

Still praying for our little town. Winds picked up this morning creating a perfect storm of bad for firefighters. #peacebestill 🙏🏾

God bless every firefighter and their families. fighting 3 weeks straight. still going. Imagine their exhaustion!#ThomasFire

After the harrowing week of fire this was joy to wakeup and look forward to. https://t.co/dz5LzWiOr6

So looking forward to you all seeing it. Bravo👏🏽👏🏽 @ava https://t.co/UqUqPrjr4c

Fraud alert! https://t.co/WACnDs04Bc

Mrs. Which has created a #WrinkleInTime ✨ Welcome to 2018, warriors. https://t.co/BCeiJOIJB5

[email protected] Welcome to #WWFreestyle. Can’t wait to see you #blessup this program ✌🏾👊🏾

1st day back at home. Still smelling smoke.But grateful to have a home to come to and forever grateful to firefighters. #ThomasFire

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