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What Oprah Winfrey Tweeted On Twitter?

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This right here requires some serious healing and fixin’...getting ready for #FixMyLife tonight 9/8c. https://t.co/JPiMgqhEkO

We all have the power to change someone’s life through our relationships. I’m really hoping anybody who works with children or has personally experienced trauma will watch tonight’s @60Minutes. https://t.co/8eE1qRLX1A

  • So happy and proud for you @JordanPeele ! Thanks again for the great convo.#Oscars90

    With my warrior women at the #WrinkleInTime @O_Magazine Premiere. 2 days! https://t.co/xIGTsfGapv

    Oprah Winfrey top tweets

    Thanks Google NYC for the special day with these STRONG, SMART, and BOLD girls from @girlsincnyc. Women warriors in the making! Perfect way to spend #InternationalWomensDay #WrinkleInTime https://t.co/kHrXTdFtgt

    Oprah Winfrey top tweets

    Finally! Today’s the day. Are you taking the child in you or bringing a child to see #WrinkleInTime? #DoBoth https://t.co/Sn5nxk0zP7

    Oprah Winfrey top tweets

    This is one of the most life changing stories I’ve ever done. I hope it starts a Revolution in helping people. Watch this Sunday @60Minutes. https://t.co/7gfCYwShLI

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