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October 3rd is on a Wednesday this year.

I give the best advice. https://t.co/I3brMPqdio

My Twitter will always be on night mode.


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My #FILA 2007 Winter Campaign! https://t.co/GTFeTgUp2V

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If I had a flower for every time you made me smile, I’d have a garden to walk in forever... https://t.co/XhhxfmMtPk

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Simple life was the Best Reality TV Show of All Time! https://t.co/1JGM1GDNTc


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Nicky & I sitting courtside at a basketball game, gossiping on our flip phones and chowing down on some nachos. https://t.co/jwCb15gmXn

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Happy Birthday @NicoleRichie! So many special memories since we were little girls! Sending you lots of love, happiness & birthday wishes! Love always Paris! https://t.co/wAPidSKZ9P

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A bop https://t.co/3LDQaAL3XU

I sometimes pretend to be on the phone so people don't talk to me.

Music gives a soul to the Universe. Wings to the mind. Flight to the imagination & Life to everything.. https://t.co/bu2jlY4ZR9

#Sunrise ✨ https://t.co/y9ahjMgwis

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The people you surround yourself with really do affect who you are as a person.

My Twitter Handel is @ParisHilton because my name is Paris Hilton https://t.co/ao9jPjzAWZ


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Sending my love to all the earthquake victims in #Xochimilco #Mexico. It broke my heart to see all these children & their families who lost their homes. 😢 I'm so grateful to have met with @SaveTheChildren to make a donation to build them new homes. https://t.co/SOySR4gVWB

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