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What an amazing group of women! Hell yeah ❤️❤️❤️❤️it’s an honor https://t.co/oesMluT4OC

Listen up people! Anyone affected by mudslides: There’s an event Tomorrow at Impact HUB in SB 11-3 for people who have been evacuated - a place to be fed, nourished , there will be yoga , meditation and music and delicious food. Link to follow

Whoever made this... THANKYOU ❤️ https://t.co/82BKOD74FN

❤️❤️❤️ https://t.co/YoIxBXcxvx

Wills and I have The Greatest Showman on REPEAT. I cannot. Stop. Singing. These. Songs. Help.

I'm doing my #BeautifulTrauma @AskAnythingChat with #MostRequestedLive Sat, Dec 2. All you have to do is send questions to @iHeartRadio https://t.co/9IZTjzhjmD. Thanks to @OnAirRomeo for inviting me on!

This woman has a direct line to outer space with that voice. I feel lucky to stand next to her when she sings. Tonight will be an honor for me @kelly_clarkson #AMAs2017 https://t.co/OU2LKZI4jW

I'm SO EXCITED to perform at the @AMAs TONIGHT! It's going to be amazing. LIVE 8/7c on ABC! #PINKxAMAs #AMAs https://t.co/ZHBQEJbhzC

HERE WE GO! The @AMAs Red Carpet is LIVE! Watch right here, right now! #PINKxAMAs  https://t.co/1Gz5Ohuhp3

Yes. THIS. Christina fucking killed it tonight for one of our favorite singers ever. This about Whitney, and I am in awe of Christina's talent. Show the clip where I'm in tears, you negative Nancy's 🤘🏽✌🏼❤️ https://t.co/5Lroq73xrQ

Oh gosh I love you so much https://t.co/dsyTghbV98

THANKYOU friend I just love you and that means a lot to me. https://t.co/eqQhn9w1fS

Hahahah I'm sorry but this made me laugh so hard https://t.co/DnQJ3zs3wU

Hahahahaha https://t.co/tKFiIMMFOo

😘😘😘😘😘🙏🙏❤️❤️ https://t.co/35wotkUI95

No matter where I am, I always try to #ShopSmall! Like right now, I can't get enough of @MercedesVenice in Marina Del Ray - amazing food. This Saturday, Nov 25 show your neighborhood some love and #ShopSmall! #AmexAmbassador https://t.co/LKho8aYLEB

Last night was about honoring first responders, singing with one of the greatest voices I have ever heard @kelly_clarkson, and pushing myself to do something I was afraid of and everyone thought was impossible. I scaled a building. While singing live.

Waking up to see a newly created riff between myself and another incredible woman, Christina, who took on an incredible feat, who I support fully, makes me so sad. You all perpetuate keeping women apart b/c you're afraid of the power we have when we get together.

I choose to remember last night as being a celebration of women, of Diana, of Whitney, of love and life and joy and all things good. THANKYOU to everyone that had the courage to take that stage- wether it be right side up or sideways. All love ❤️

I wish I could block you forever but I don't know how someone help me please https://t.co/Hs9k3Y1abZ

The video for #BeautifulTrauma featuring the lovely @ChanningTatum is here! Watch it now https://t.co/ptcCynxSxh

Amazing! Well deserved!!!! https://t.co/EcptZYYy4s

Ahah! 🙏 thanks ❤️ https://t.co/gg0xYWAUIv

Give Hope on Giving Tuesday This #GivingTuesday, help UNICEF provide nutrition, water, medical supplies and more to the world’s most vulnerable children: https://t.co/LFRPKpF37j https://t.co/WfJtiQoJb4

❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ https://t.co/1IeyKJov5D

THANKYOU for this. Chills down my spine. ❤️❤️❤️ https://t.co/uE7iNQE8U1

Your babe has some good aim! ❤️😍💕 https://t.co/Hk9hYKO9h6

Chris Cornell dedicated all of the proceeds from his song The Promise to support refugees and children. Help us #KeepthePromise for Chris Cornell

2018 is going to be a great year! I’m so excited to announce I’ll be @cosmopolitan’s January cover star! Can’t wait for you to read the interview when you grab a copy of the issue in stores now @michprom https://t.co/4UxuDYKVpl

Incredible! THANKYOU!!!! https://t.co/FJcsgIrjZf

Congratulations Alabama. One small step in the right direction for all of us. 🙏 our voices are being heard

THANKYOU to all of the firefighters battling this beast. You’re our heroes and we love you. Prayers and condolences to the family of Cory Iverson. 🙏

A really sweet Mama came up 2me tonight at the grocery store and told me some nice words about how she gets strength from my parenting cause I’m not afraid to fuck up in public. We cried together. It’s so hard. Y’all. I wish us mamas could give ourselves and each other a break.

Suhweet!!!!! Thanks 🙏❤️❤️❤️ https://t.co/8jeAXQguMx

I’m really looking forward to 2018. I’m really excited about the Grammy’s. Tour. Some other stuff that’s a secret still and I can’t wait til it’s not a secret. I’m also excited for trump to lose his twitter password and also I’m excited that I have dope hair. 💩🤘🏽🤡

Can we talk about how much I love @KerriKenney https://t.co/6Bg12FNk5Q

After all these years, she still surprising .... https://t.co/txR4oDUppc

See you at the Super Bowl…😘🇺🇸🎤 https://t.co/QdmP3wxWnF

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