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Cannot wait https://t.co/evsmkt88cL

Hannah! You friggin rockstar! You got it!!!! We love you 😍 https://t.co/PhwPkrLxg3

  • If anyone needs a new show to watch: QUEEN SUGAR. It’s incredible, heartbreaking, and beautiful.

    SO honored to be on the cover of #TheBeautifulIssue with my kiddos 😍 😍😍. Thanks @people! https://t.co/3P7oKhahlU

    P!nk top tweets

    This book is blowing my mind. Oh I have so much to learn. https://t.co/2SfCHH0SUO

    P!nk top tweets

    Ugh!!!!! 😍❀️😍 you can join this circus any day:) bring the kids 😍❀️😍 https://t.co/o5DilHauJu

    Hometown!!!!!!!!!! https://t.co/apASsjpB96

    Love this so much!!!!! https://t.co/VoI1auK1qO

    Awww I love you so much @juliamichaels . You are so present and poised and you have more talent in your pinky then the rest of us put together. You too are a badass https://t.co/lAJLkMYfCY

    Thankyou!!!!! https://t.co/75JF84fZDK

    Still thinking about ishkabibble’s from yesterday 😍😍😍

    Me too😍😍😍😍😍 https://t.co/xCBMqZLK8Q

    I loved seeing you !!!! https://t.co/BZ0euzbMUV

    πŸ€” https://t.co/8a0m9RmmOF

    Is there more video? Can her and I be best friends? https://t.co/eem7JXEK1d

    I love him too https://t.co/crLY5FAOie

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