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"Re-making history one more time” 😉🔥 Watch the "Quiero Saber" video from yours truly ft. @PrinceRoyce and @Ludacris. Dale! https://t.co/7rez74TZER

Neither success nor failure is final. Keep going. #MondayMotivation

Have ideas for perfectly imperfect #UglyDolls? https://t.co/nHf5M9uKQZ

Channel the luck of the 305 and have yourself a happy, safe and unforgettable St. PITrick's Day! Dale! 😉 🍀 https://t.co/KPcfLjIas2

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Let’s celebrate imperfection because…it’s perfect! https://t.co/WWcm4fX7eo

Music is the difference between a good day and a party! Dale! https://t.co/d3f8wnPnEB

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Thank you for the #305Day love, @pandoramusic! https://t.co/uMdcpk2BpI

Celebrate each day and then every night can be a party. Dale!

Bottom line, the women in my life made me a man. Thank you to them. #InternationalWomensDay https://t.co/58XraiXznG

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Minnesota, ready to party with yours truly on July 20?! Tickets are now on sale for @TCSummerJam! 🔥 Grab tickets before they're gone: https://t.co/o5GlwklAVX https://t.co/hzL3WjOEHl

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Only the real ones have the courage to fail. #MondayMotivation

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