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There is no such thing as losing. Only winning or learning. #MondayMotivaton

"Took my life from negative to positive." https://t.co/Oc60TSrR9b

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#RickPitino congrats on the new book. Like most great people, society tries to find ways to knock them down but those who stay strong become legends. Rick, you’re a living legend. God bless, keep up the great work, it's just the beginning of a new chapter in life, Dale! https://t.co/Rql4M56cCF

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Look whose on @amazonmusic #FreshLatin! 😉 Check it out: https://t.co/wToyTXNMce https://t.co/RazzPh8hdK

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That Friday feeling... https://t.co/KXheSQFZRL

Always rise above and keep moving forward. #MondayMotivation

Thank you @KevinHart4real @almadrigal and @fatjoe for stopping @SLAMMiaOfficial today. The best of luck with your new movie Night School. Kevin, Al and Joe you’re now officially part of @TheMostBadOnes Dale! @nightschool #nightschool https://t.co/CDiH5n2isl

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