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Let's move it! https://t.co/r9bLBUeLc1

Pitbull top tweets

Join us at @pendletonfest this summer in Pendleton, Oregon. Tickets on sale Friday, March 23rd at 10am PST! #PartyinPendleton https://t.co/OzL4sPodzR https://t.co/d2P7sG9cU9

  • It's official! Yours truly is part of the #UglyDollsMovie team! In theaters SUMMER 2019. Dale! @UglyDolls @STXEnt #PrettyUgly https://t.co/kXASsvJQLd

    Pitbull top tweets

    "We came here to party, we came here to dance" https://t.co/uAf4om7wPw

    Pitbull top tweets

    Get your hands in the air! https://t.co/JjM8Umg8rf

    Pitbull top tweets

    Keep dancing https://t.co/Rb9tr5lDtm

    Pitbull top tweets

    Plan for success #MondayMotivation https://t.co/evAN7kgoDb

    Pitbull top tweets

    Bring it all today! #WednesdayWisdom https://t.co/lSAQSHwRRN

    Pitbull top tweets

    Gracias por la oportunidad. Let’s keep making history, Dale! https://t.co/hEuV1J36wr

    Who is ready for next month's Vegas parties? https://t.co/j56FvqgbX8 https://t.co/UCoDMvcX1U

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    Thank you @iambeckyg and @CRISCOKIDD for the support, Dale! #globalization https://t.co/C7QlmRkuQO

    It's time for fun! https://t.co/1pou5HCXad

    Pitbull top tweets
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