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Raiden returns with a sinister new look in #MK11. Catch up on the lore: https://t.co/TvmvSxa35N https://t.co/qGNqX3j7fC

The future is lost, consumed by darkness. Master the control of time itself to change history as Atlas, Paladins' newest Frontline Champion: https://t.co/cTjIjZHy7b https://t.co/jAkgTZhPIG

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PlayStation Now gets a new addition to its sports lineup: @NBA2K 18! 🏀 Log in to stream or download, well… Now: https://t.co/98pa5NebpA https://t.co/qbiEUKl1T8

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Legends! What have been your most effective survival strategies in Apex Legends? Reply here and we might include your tips in an upcoming PS Blog post. https://t.co/Y2fVxeptFE

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PS Plus Promotion: Buy 12 months of PS Plus, get Rainbow Six Siege free. Offer runs through 3/3. Terms apply https://t.co/vUWfDiG9Hg https://t.co/kUy7n64JhU

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Hey NBA 2K19 ballers - a few days still remain to claim the Kobe Bryant Pack featuring history-making players like Magic Johnson: https://t.co/tNJxmTE61s https://t.co/JJs9q9IofL

Don your straw hat and seek treasure on a mysterious, war-torn island in One Piece World Seeker, out March 15 on PS4: https://t.co/v5PTlvRIgs https://t.co/YlvoQi6Thp

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MLB The Show 19's Road to the Show says goodbye to attribute caps: https://t.co/ehfBrOLuh0 Become a baseball god March 26, only on PS4 https://t.co/0XiraBdNXo

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"You'll die if you doubt yourself." Heed Lady Butterfly's warning in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. https://t.co/n1uUMPwayU

Fight to change the course of history as Atlas, Paladins' newest Frontline Champion. First details: https://t.co/cTjIjZHy7b https://t.co/5gNVQ2Zau1

Don’t just match the beat, become it. VR rhythmic smasher Thumper is 65% off at PS Store: https://t.co/yFngC9Z1ZO https://t.co/PghLHexZRB

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Buttery-smooth mech warfare at its finest. Add Titanfall 2 - Ultimate Edition to your library for only $9.89: https://t.co/xEDmD4jCaQ https://t.co/hqbrzSuj81

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Plunge into the whimsical, beautifully crafted RPG Ni No Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom. Now 40% off: https://t.co/CGXkeXhmIa https://t.co/Guzk8HDkU5

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A heist gone right. Score Black Ops 4's new content first on PS4, with the return of Outrider, a new Blackout destination, and more. Watch the trailer: https://t.co/yQfzOY4dw7 https://t.co/qKkJ24Ub4h

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Bust out your Aim Controller for a colorful new mission – ChromaGun is coming to #PSVR: https://t.co/qaHweDPZwH https://t.co/MaEIjVZnC1

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Caught in the pull of a black hole, hunted by a mutated crew - can you survive the #PSVR horror of The Persistence? Now 30% off at PS Store: https://t.co/I6s89WqteL https://t.co/u6hPdMtz1Q

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New PlayStation games coming this week: https://t.co/9CqoxM5nkX Anthem, Chromagun VR, and more https://t.co/O97u4spSrH

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Want to learn more about #MK11? Get over here: https://t.co/e1rf1HZt67 https://t.co/i1UCGIMhoL

Ooga booga! Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy is 30% off at PS Store: https://t.co/Itt5q9yeE9 https://t.co/mGV7Ojdib4

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Hey Jumpmasters, what's your favorite spot to drop in Kings Canyon? #ApexLegends https://t.co/nxXbA5Kxjk

Wrangle Red Dead Redemption 2 for just $44.99 now – winner of #DICEAwards 2019’s Outstanding Technical Achievement category. https://t.co/HEJlRLutu0 https://t.co/pRzERPbkqD

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Enchanting enhancements abound in The Wizards: Enhanced Edition, coming to #PSVR soon: https://t.co/9iBmkir8TT https://t.co/AK30MjKY7K

There are a whole lot of holes in Donut County’s story, and you’re the raccoon controlling them. Grab it $10.39 at PS Store: https://t.co/1Nv2NpjeLS https://t.co/2xXirG3Otl

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Dive into worlds of pulse-pounding horror, magical platforming, frenetic action, and more in #PSVR Demo Disc 3: https://t.co/fyUsSfCOrZ https://t.co/Lvu2iMlask

Pick up the fiery trifecta of Spyro Reignited Trilogy for 15% off at PS Store. https://t.co/vd40xUr5bq https://t.co/sz2laxmr4I

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Jump Force is out now on PS4, bringing iconic manga characters to life in a high-energy tag-team brawler: https://t.co/i0ejf0mBVO https://t.co/hACIQpoClO

Save 30% and see for yourself why Celeste won Action Game of the Year at #DICEAwards 2019: https://t.co/faAgIah2Lc https://t.co/4S14pglQbP

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Craving more Geralt following his cameo in Monster Hunter World? Capture The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – Complete Edition for just $19.99 now. https://t.co/w3mJTsBMtP https://t.co/FfumTvdEbL

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A secret society of chickens has ancient abilities to demonstrate. Discover new powers in Guacamelee 2 – $13.99 at PS Store: https://t.co/rKhoGCjNg3 https://t.co/H5VClVfadt

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Escape beyond the tunnels into the wider, unknown world of Metro Exodus. Out now on PS4: https://t.co/NxmuRqcdii https://t.co/aCxhvN4nps

Make the first hundred or so deaths really count. 💀 Hit the ground running when Unexplored: Unlocked Edition launches next week on PS4: https://t.co/sqiBvtSnBk https://t.co/dkHnjjRMPV

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These Valentine’s Day Share of the Week entries warmed our hearts: https://t.co/Gw8H8px4vW #PS4share #PSBlog https://t.co/nR6bgQHvBi

Kamehameha! Rasengan! Detroit Smash! Take your favorite manga heroes into battle in Jump Force Ultimate Edition, out today on PS4: https://t.co/wx5Wc1aViO https://t.co/dlK6WXlom1

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New PlayStation games out next week: https://t.co/9CqoxM5nkX Suit up and take flight in Anthem, @bioware's massive new shared-world adventure https://t.co/CPm45bVKto

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Don't forget, Rainbow Six Siege is free to play this weekend: https://t.co/Jx0ycnRkey Also, watch the pros compete at the Six Invitational https://t.co/GNTZJw7I8D

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First-time visitors to the merciless Dungeon of Doom may appreciate these seven tips: https://t.co/sqiBvtSnBk Unexplored: Unlocked Edition launches next Tuesday on PS4 https://t.co/cVoYbnIXR7

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Tag your phone with post-apocalyptic flair. Grab some free Far Cry New Dawn wallpapers. https://t.co/Q7rscSSoar https://t.co/Xscy6zykLv

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These Share of the week entries share the Valentine’s Day love. Congrats to @_sasta_, @lebkuchenbaer, @taajkaa, @nightmareknigh1, @Bianca_X23 and @cali_ocelot on IG for their shares: https://t.co/Gw8H8pOFUw #PS4share #PSBlog https://t.co/eWNWlUCXVJ

Raccoon City beckons. Play three "what if" scenarios in The Ghost Survivors free update, available now in Resident Evil 2. https://t.co/2vjH25t50p

The reviews are in 🔟🔟💯 PlayStation Store's Critic's Choice Sale goes live tomorrow morning, dig into the lineup now: https://t.co/QrMg6WYM6d https://t.co/nMUo762Ssi

Brave a gorgeous, savage post-apocalypse in Far Cry New Dawn, available now: https://t.co/xFzi6Ku1li https://t.co/QNUWlJvA4Q

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Museum Mode in the SNK 40th Anniversary Collection features SNK's first-ever fighting game, the first arcade game with a vocal soundtrack, and much more: https://t.co/ofSDRIhFDx https://t.co/cKkRizSwwO

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Stick around to the end of this bombastic Jump Force character trailer to see Goku, Naruto, and Luffy go all out. Launching Friday on PS4. https://t.co/vpbN0cTrPg

Degrees of Separation is a co-op puzzler that will melt your heart. Download it today at PlayStation Store: https://t.co/Bz0cScCh53 https://t.co/UeLgWgTO2u

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"Owl love you forever" ❤️ Happy Valentine’s Day from Falcon Age, coming soon to #PSVR! https://t.co/CpXLqADsTO

Metal Gear Solid HD Collection has joined the PS Now lineup, featuring 3 full games from the iconic series: https://t.co/uBz36jbqQb https://t.co/ZX7C3qKUZP

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The Fortnite Season 8 Battle Pass can ❤️ be yours ❤️ for free as a Valentine's Day treat. Earn it by completing 13 Overtime Challenges before 2/27. https://t.co/LWCSI2wpIx

A kiss to die for on Valentine’s Day. #MK11 https://t.co/WmAtg7mXBf

The Chase Awaits. #BlackOps4 https://t.co/yMZpo81Zrn

SNK 40th Anniversary Collection launches on PS4 March 19 with 24 classic games and a detailed, lovingly curated Museum Mode: https://t.co/ofSDRI04LZ https://t.co/2wX1bkluBd

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