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Bringing a little Austin to the South Lawn today.

Thank you to every nation that moved to bring the Paris Agreement into force. History will judge today as a turning point for our planet.

Hurricane Matthew is as serious as it gets. Listen to local officials, prepare, take care of each other.

Voted early today. Make sure you vote too:

Just like Michelle says, when they go low, we go high. @HillaryClinton went high and showed why she'll be a POTUS for all Americans.

On International #DayoftheGirl, we remain committed to providing what we all want for our daughters: a future of limitless possibility.

Now this was fun. Artificial intelligence, space travel—hope you enjoy exploring new frontiers as much as I did.

Congratulations to one of my favorite poets, Bob Dylan, on a well-deserved Nobel.

Clearly, we still have more to do to prevent sexual assault and the thinking that leads to it. That starts with us:

For a century, Planned Parenthood has made it possible for women to determine their own lives. Here's to another #100YearsStrong.

For the loved ones we've lost and the ones we can still save, thank you Joe for putting us on the path to ending cancer as we know it.

Outstanding 3 for 3 debate sweep for @HillaryClinton! Nobody has ever been more prepared to be @POTUS.

Check out my newest science advisors! These kids are fearless in using science to tackle our toughest problems. Thanks for the inspiration.

I'll say it: Holy Cow, @Cubs fans. Even this White Sox fan was happy to see Wrigley rocking last night. #FlyTheW

It happened: @Cubs win World Series. That's change even this South Sider can believe in. Want to come to the White House before I leave?

It's pretty simple: Find a plan, get covered, earn some peace of mind. Start today:

Today, progress is on the ballot. Go vote - then make sure your friends, your family, and everyone you know votes too.

Today, we honor those who honored our country with its highest form of service. We owe our veterans our thanks, our respect and our freedom.

One thing I've learned from my time abroad as President: Young people will shape our future long after their leaders leave the world stage.

Happy birthday, Joe! The best @VP and friend I could have had alongside me these past eight years.

The Old Soldiers Home in DC has cared for our nation's veterans for 165 years. I was honored to be a small part of that mission.

Today, we honor those who are leading the fight against HIV/AIDS. Because of them, an AIDS-free generation is now within our reach.

Proud of our Champions of Change - folks who prove that, here in America, there's no more powerful role than that of citizen.

Great to see so many investors come together to work towards a clean energy future. It's a smart investment and it's good for the planet.

In signing the Cures Act into law, we're one step closer to breakthroughs on the greatest health challenges of our time. Today's a good day.

The suits said it all – colorful, fun, a little outlandish. That’s what sports should be. Thanks, Craig Sager. We'll all miss you.

The Justice for All bill is a bipartisan step in making our criminal justice system fairer, smarter, and more effective. Proud to sign it.

A ban on drilling in Arctic waters helps protect the planet we share. Proud to take this step with @JustinTrudeau & the Arctic communities.

The best part of the holidays is the time we share with those we love. On behalf of Michelle, Malia, and Sasha, Merry Christmas everyone.

As we look ahead to the future, I wanted to take a moment to look back on the remarkable progress that you made possible these past 8 years.

Thank you for everything. My last ask is the same as my first. I'm asking you to believe—not in my ability to create change, but in yours.

That is out of this world. Thanks, @NASA.

Dr. King and those who marched with him proved that people who love their country can change it. As Americans, we all owe them a great deal.

From one 44 to another, thanks for finally giving @FLOTUS and generations of hopeful fans a @Cubs championship.

To the girl from the South Side who took on a role she didn't ask for and made it her own: Happy Birthday, Michelle. I love you.

Proud to make this one of my final actions as President. America is a nation of second chances, and 1,715 people deserved that shot.

It's been the honor of my life to serve you. You made me a better leader and a better man.

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