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Apple watch Series 4 can detect a fall? 😱 Someone make the rupee wear it! #AppleEvent

Apple watch series 4: β€œI detect a fall” Me: β€œI detect two!” Apple watch series 4: β€œtwo?” Me: β€œyeah! In the value of my series 3 and mine when I faint.” #AppleEvent

I don’t see any baby. Maybe it’s an ultrasound of a fat guy. #AppleEvent #iPhoneXS https://t.co/3FHiXmF1MN

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iPhone XS Max out your credit cards. #AppleEvent #iPhoneXS

[Visiting the doctor with my mom] Doc: "Kya takleef hai aapki?" Me: "Feve..." Mom: "Yeh saara time video game khelta rehta hai"

*laughs in Punjabi* πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ #TheNun https://t.co/ALAyJZ5jon

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Doctor: "1 tablet after breakfast" Me: "Ok" Doctor: "1 tablet after lunch" Me: "Ok" Doctor: "1 tablet after dinner" Me: "Ok" Doctor: "Bas" Me: "Mereko aadhi raat ko bhi bhook lagti hai."

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