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Best reactions to GoT finale: Me: Shit isko kyun banaya king. Friend: Awe drogon is so cute. Colleague: Thank god it’s finally over. Vivek Oberoi: Haha! πŸ‘ creative! No politics here....just life πŸ™πŸ˜ƒ

Tyrion: β€œThere’s nothing in the world more powerful than stories.” Instagram, Facebook, Whatsapp: β€œWe said that long back.” Snapchat: β€œExcuse me?” #GameOfThrones

How do I apply the Snapchat baby filter to my responsibilities and problems in life?

Akash Ambani: β€œpapa toy le sakte hain?” Mukesh Ambani: β€œhaan bilkul beta Hamley sakte hain.”

Q. Will Dany listen to anyone? A. Ghanta πŸ”• #GameofThrones

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