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ye kaali kaali aankhe

Client was trying to give reference of alibaba for some work but for 5 minutes he kept calling it desibaba I should probably send him a separate invoice for not laughing till I cried

wtf is even happening in America

long weekend bhi working h nhi ja jana mujhe outstation bkl ola

fucking hell bingo why didn't you name the flavour Mmmmasala

8 don't pretend to be warren buffet on twitter

when enthu new client asks to catch up over the weekend for work

Happy new year Twitter, I hope you have a great one!

A graphic designer friend with 5+ years of experience in social media content with multiple digital agencies is looking for a job in Delhi. Leads / info? Please let me know. Thanks.

got told today that I'm confident to the point of being arrogant, and oh god is this a Black Mirror episode??


An old favourite! The pug's single minded objective of following the kid was adorably captured :D

Coke nahi to paani se pi lo par thums up ke saath kaun Old Monk peeta hai yaar

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