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Be quiet. Rahul Gandhi speaking, live on TV. Watch, laugh & enjoy

Libgandu lutyens media: Modi supporter Hindu man beheaded by Muslims in Darbhanga News: Old man allegedly murdered. We now show you Taimur's cute pics A Muslim man falls off the train News: HAAY HAAY INTOLERANCE MUSLIM YOUTH PUSHED FROM TRAIN HE WAS CARRYING MEAT AWARD WAPAS

  • once Stephan Hawking walked into a bar. that’s all

    there have been many inspiring people but two great people who have inspired me all my life are Helen Keller and Stephan Hawking. The former inspired me to take up shooting and the latter, athletics as a sport

    There are very few story tellers on Twitter and @saket71 is one of the best among them. He has got a great command over both English and Hindi. Satirical posts with a perfect blend of humor wit & sarcasm. A Must follow

    After reading this, for the first time in many days Karthi Chidambaram in his jail cell smiled, had two chapatis with daal cooked by other inmates before moving to his routine job of carpentry https://t.co/GjubeoEiR5

    Behen, in next election please do campaigning for them and a couple of photo-op with these guys. It will help the BJP immensely https://t.co/WcPO9fwPfb

    Ra_Bies top tweets

    #FinePeopleFromPakistan https://t.co/eLjRKJfy2W

    Ra_Bies top tweets

    This is why attending classes, learning mannerism & having a normal upbringing is important https://t.co/s0G0Diu4sn

    With both Nidhi Razdan and Priyanka Chaturvedi there, the cumulative beauty quotient of NDTV is up by 10% and IQ down by 50% #JaiHind

    Right, I was in Gujarat, which utilises more solar power than any other state, for a few days and today morning I went for a blood test because I was continuously vomiting ice. Doctors told me my blood has frozen and I need to be put into a furnace for 5 years to be normal https://t.co/oHkg9M9mqd

    Friend: Ye match kaun se channel par aa raha hai? Me: https://t.co/BqLlXh3bPh

    Ra_Bies top tweets

    As per an economic survey published by the Ministry of Commerce, sale of alcohol in India dropped by 1.73% during the last few days because yours truly was visiting Gujarat

    So sad that hundreds of new MP from Congress party are being elected and will reach Rajya Sabha, still no place for Priyanka Chaturvedi. This is why Congress is sinking, they don’t value the real talent

    Swati Chaturvedi is poor people’s Sagarika Ghosh

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