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Dear Shehla Rashid 🐍, i just read that an FIR has been registered against you for spreading hate, rumours that could incite violence. But I’m a fan of yours and promise that when you’d reach jail & celebrate Azaadi, I’d come to meet you and bring two samosas for you

You can be full of kindness & love but you can’t sleep next to a mad dog #WA

NDTV has indeed worked very hard for making people hate them & its journalists are carrying on the legacy. Look how shamelessly this journalist of NDTV is laughing and then playing victim card. My sincere request to the readers not to post any hate tweets to @RadhikaIyer_ https://t.co/s9Pt2hoJa1

Islamic terrorists are killing Hindus lekin darra hua hai koi toh Indian Muslim hai. What an irony and such a big paradox

Raju: My bags are packed, passport, visa bhi rakh liya hai. Money is transferred Saggy: I’m also ready, remember flight time is 10 PM PA: Sir aap vacation par ja rahe ho? R: No, we are leaving forever PA: Kyon? R: Suna hai forces are going to kill terrorises, we’re really scared

I wish there were no decimal after 4 https://t.co/zHk8Y5F4DP

Let’s not remove anybody’s portrait. Let’s pledge to remove them completely. Including you, Raju https://t.co/CvvqJL3Koi

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So revenge is the reason Adi Ahmad became a terrorist and perhaps for the same reason you turned an anti national and traitor because we all remember you were beaten black & blue in your cabin a few years back https://t.co/wl0yBqAOoc

Son, please accept our condolences, the whole nation is with you. With moist eyes, my blessing are with you. God will fulfil your wish https://t.co/JxRlP4NY0b

Extraordinary are those who protect us from our enemies Normal are those who stand with the country Nuts are those who are indifferent even after such a ghastly act of terror, killing of our Jawans and Lunds are those who are sympathisers of the terrorists & advocating for peace

Such a harsh punishment, oh my gosh. She just supported terrorists and you suspended her for TWO WEEKS. I wonder how would she survive. But rest assure, such people have a great future in NDTV. I can very well see she is going to be next Nidhi https://t.co/udgSMMpyAd

If I find any of my employees irrespective of their gender, position, caste, religion speaking, texting or posting on SM , even in a casual manner, anything about sympathising with terrorists or mocking our forces on Pulwama attacks, I’d without any warning, sack them immediately

Why argue, why debate, what’s there to debate? First avenge the kiIiings and then protect our soldiers by inducing such a gruesome fear into enemies’ mind that they can’t even think of eyeing our people, our motherland #Pulwama

Don’t know if terrorism has any Religion or Dharma but it certainly has a Mazhab and all terrorists belong to THAT Mazhab

If you’re a Khan, you may or may not be a terrorist but if you’re a terrorist, you certainly are a Khan

आवश्यक सूचना: बजरंग दल के स्वयंसेवक अपने अपने बाँस के लट्ठों को तेल पिला कर हमले के लिए तैयार हैं, कृपया उनको मौक़ा दें सेवा का

Valentines Day: Boys go on a date Men go on a date carrying a condom Legend dare to borrow condom from Bajrang Dal activists

“Maadar, Modi ne Anil ki jeb main 35000 crore daal diye toh hamaari Company insolvent kyon ho gayi, baniye kyon raashan ke paison ke liye ghar aata hai roz roz” ~ Tina to Rahul source: Al Jazeera

When Priyu the great, Priyanka Chaturvedi is your math teacher https://t.co/euiaygf04m

Bilkul nahin, Modi should concentrate on India only https://t.co/5EQrxgYTZU

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