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If playing a victim card, you lose your life, you may be a martyr for some insignificant minions but for a large number of people you’d be remembered as a ‘good riddance’

Kejriwal may or may not find peace & serenity at Bangalore Vipassana center but this is certain that Vipassana Guruji will start telling lies & techniques on how to make others fool

It's hard to be hated by both the sides, it takes a man of certain character to be so

Saddened to hear the news about Lalu Prasad Yadav. I thought he got recovered from his illness after treatment at AIIMS, Delhi a few days back. But destiny is cruel, our fate is not in our hands. Shocked to read that he is now again hospitalised, this time in Mumbai. My prayers

Modi realized, Rahul Gandhi after spending 48 years on this planet has become such a force that he can't beat him so he pulled out from PDP. But Modi ji, sun lijiye, candles jalengi, cake katega aur chhota Bheem bhi ayega, we'll celebrate Baba's birthday, ukhad lo jo ukhaadna hai

Some morons say such low IQed child was born because when child’s parents were making love before he was conceived, both of them were fantasising someone else

Journos, activists voicing against the army using stone-pelters as human shield have every right to express their views. It's bizarre to suggest that they shd not speak but yes, I agree, these anti-nationals supporting terrorists be severely punched & thrashed by the army itself

Kejriwal can’t be aam aadmi because an aam aadmi is naive & innocent and not cunning, selfish, cynical & obnoxious

Vaise Shohaib aata toh achha hota, DTH bhi fix kar deta aur Pooja ki scooty ka pinchar bhi laga jaata. Anyway Pooja’s loss, apun ko kya lena

When you know you were looking so gorgeous, extremely beautiful, exceptionally charming, extraordinarily pretty, you shouldn't have opened your mouth

Yet another achievement unlocked. But Kejru, I will continue to haunt you. Understand? You better understand https://t.co/mBe1Jd2Kk4

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मेरे से ज़्यादा मुस्लिम दोस्त है वो ना केवल रोज़ा नहीं रखते बल्कि रमज़ान में दिन में ही पीना शुरू कर देतें हैं और दिखने में तेरे से भी ज़्यादा मरीज़ https://t.co/gNN032MOKa

Arvind Kejriwal: Delhi mein afsaron ki strike ko band karo band karo Officer: But we’re not on strike AK: BC Maadar, I’m Chief Minster, I know more than you and believe me you’re on strike

Look how powerful our PM is! Even a moron like you thinks that PM Modi can kick your ass & resolve the matter https://t.co/ynVcbM8ptw

Happy Father’s Day but as an ardent & passionate feminist, I must tell you without women, no father including those who preach in Churches would have existed. Hence thank women for Father’s Day

Kishnuddin preached his favourite pupil Arjunali Ahmad lessons of life and taught him that Karma is Allah. All his saying are well contained in a chapter named ‘Bhagwatasleem Geetamir’ in Verse 4.09.11 of Quran-e-Taufeeq. Allah Khair https://t.co/lQpPBTnyXj

Live with regret or die a barbaric death like Bukhari, right? https://t.co/jlWQ50qsfW

Happy Eid. Ride & drive carefully, don’t let your tyre go flat, pinchar shops are shut

My math says, if this guy fasts for a year, he’d gain around 100 Kg and then we can have our own Sumo wrestler. Don’t know who he is but proud of this Satyender Jain guy https://t.co/iKhtjvDiBM

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If only one country is going to win FIFA WC, why’re so many other nations playing & wasting everyone’s time?

Hello Priyu @Priyankac19, Eid Mubarak. Aao aaj sab gile shikwe mita dein. Main tumhe muaaf karta hun aur tumhe ijazzat deta hun ki tum mujhe unblock kar sakti ho

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