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Modi: Amit ji, kitni seats aayee BJP ki Amit Shah: Modi ji, BJP ka nahin pata, mai toh ‘anaya’ dekh raha hun

I’m not very politically informed or knowledgeable but I want Shivraj Singh to be the CM of Madhya Pradesh. Mamaji has done a lot for the state. Vande Matram

I wish if @OneTipOneHand_ can explain me who these anaya or other fcurs are?

Who is the winner?

How many drinks should I have this evening? (One hour poll)

Your mirror doesn’t tell your age, your friends do

Mamaji Roxx

Parrot astrologers are anyway better than these news channels exit poll pundits

Before the existence of Masjid, a Mandir stood there, and was vandalised by the invaders, and justice demand that a Mandir stand there again. Can’t call it is a ‘dispute’ once the Mandir was razed down to erect a Masjid forcefully https://t.co/OSDYSHu0o1

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