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World being ruled by rightists & being ruined by leftists

Uthho Anarkali, dekho leftists ki har jagah daang maari ja rahi hai https://t.co/KSVCpeeco8

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Forget Clown, I wonder even if his mother knows who is Clown’s real dad

The main news at NDTV is not that CAB has been passed in the both houses of the parliament but suddenly they are now concerned with some violence in Assam and they are now continuously focusing on the protests. What a crap and how insensitive this NDTV is

MC, you challenged in the SC following: - Rafale - Triple Talaq Bill - Abolition of 35A - Removal of 370 - Ayodhya verdict Lekin kya ukhaad liye BSDK https://t.co/yIa1Jhwkm2

I support CAB but I’ve certain reservations. In the beginning it seemed a great idea, a thoughtful move but the way it has progressed I’ve feel that implementation or rather the progression has been full of flaws, specially when I see the condition & service of Ola & Uber cabs

If Swara Bhaskar pays taxes, I refuse to believe there is any slowdown in economy or any kind of unemployment in our country

Agar mai Trump ki DP laga lun toh kya main Tump ban jaayunga aur Melania Trump meri wife ho jaayegi? Aur aise hi agar mai teri Pic laga lun apni DP mein toh? Aage tu samajhdaar hai https://t.co/X3pwO7Jbff

Since lipstick issue is on, I being a responsible citizen must clarify some myths. A friend doing research in this field tells, good companies that manufacture lipstick don’t use hazardous chemicals as they have high standards, they use only lizards, cockroaches & turtles’ poop

Commendable is how the BJP government led by Modi ji & Amit Shah is fulfilling its promises however the more commendable is how swiftly it’s doing so

आप मानो या ना मानो, लता जी अगर कोशिश करें, मेहनत काटें और सबसे बड़ी बात, रियाज़ करें तो वो कुछ ही वर्षों में रानी मंडल से मुक़ाबलॉ करने को तैयार हो जाएँगी

It’s called lunatic hallucination. And sister, trust me it’s fully curable, I suppose you’re in Delhi, there are some good psychiatrists here, else Agra is not far away https://t.co/VyYzU4XlOM

It’s a supreme sacrifice, this galaxy will remember until it lasts. I urge citizens of this great nation to remove idols of Sita Mata, Lakshmi ji, Kali & other goddess & replace it with Sonia Gandhi that she is fighting for justice for Sukanya Devi who her son allegedly had rap*d https://t.co/2yFnwcQ2lQ

Time to recap a fictional story that the narrator started narrating on the International Women’s Day. Millions of women, men, boys & girls across the globe are demanding 9th December to be declared as Women’s Day, hence posting the thread yet again https://t.co/ZfWlsz09Uo

Happy B’day to Sonia Gandhi. Incidentally this day is also celebrated as World Sandwich Day. It reminds me about those old good days when Rajiv ji was PM & he’d friends like Madhav ji, Pilot ji, Digvijay ji, Patel ji, later Tharoor ji, Pawar ji & Sonia ji used to make sandwiches

Lt Col MS Dhoni was missed in today’s match against WI. Had he been there our score would certainly be over 200 and with the way he inspires our bowlers, takes catches & do stumping, WI couldn’t have scored more than 100 in any case. Hail Dhoni Hail India

Arvind Kejriwal says those who died from the fire accident will get Rs 10 lacs each. I don’t want to politicise it but I wonder how those dead would be paid #DelhiFire

Loud. music kiIIs celebration

When Faridabad was there, why did Britishers send their criminals to Kala Pani prison in Andaman?

It’s wrong to say Rahul Gandhi rap*d Sukanya but then it’s also wrong to say he didn’t just because he is incompetent to do so

When Lt Col MS Dhoni was training Virat Kohli, he had told media that he was no longer worried for the cricket team as it’d be in the safe hands. And yes, Kohli proved the great man right. Kohli, you made us & Lt Col Dhoni proud by winning us matches. Hail India. Hail Dhoni

I don’t concur with the rumours that Rohit Sharma is a match fixer. He may be useless, he is nowhere near great Indian cricketers but that doesn’t mean he is a fixer. Hail Dhoni. Hail Kohli

Law of the land should be respected provided it’s there in force

Of course, this hits hard & it’s a must listen. Lekin iss mein ‘Fuck’ ki kya zaroorat thi? https://t.co/VVXAxpnHdn

Lest we forget. Today is 6th December, a historic date when an illegal structure in Ayodhya depicting invasion of barbaric Muzlims and slavery was demolished that made India & Indians proud

Tehehehehe. Stupid woman, police didn’t shoot them to serve justice. They were trying to escape and police had no choice but to encounter. Howsoever irresponsible journalist you are, don’t spread fuckin fake agenda. Understand, Gol Gappa https://t.co/VjI9L8lMta

Happy Birthday to @pokershash, an extremely humble yet funny, Casanova, fact checker who is hated by liberals. Also follow him to celebrate his birthday 🎁

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