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Soni with half her clothes off was dancing on ‘Tamma tama loge tamma’ when an old party worker known as Narayan who was old at that time too jumped in & started dancing on ‘Soni de nakhre sone lagde’. Maddy kicked his balls & yelled “You Bloody old Narayan, stay away”

Dear @Priyankac19, I’m grateful that you acted as per my advice and sanity prevailed. But one step at a time. No need to rush, you should have waited for sometime before doing it https://t.co/VTfsjlwCDX

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My client who manufactures inverters is very happy. I asked him the reason. “I got a huge order from Madhya Pradesh”, he says. “Kamal Nath rocks”, he says further. “I wish India doesn’t get electricity”, he said chirping. “Teri MKC”, I replied

Shatrughan Sinha joins Congress & his wife Poonam Sinha joins SP. My reaction https://t.co/HWEiF11z5f

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Oxford Dictionary: Earlier Liar (n): A man who never tells truth Now Liar (n): Rahul Gandhi (Search for the similar words under the heading Chutiya)

Why the fcuk giving so much importance to Soni Ramdan or whatever fcuk her name is. This is how they become important and then ride over you. Fcuk her and also her husband if he or she is alive

This is live. Even the translator is confused & he murmurs “Chutiye kya bol raha hai” #ShameOnRahulGandhi https://t.co/aVXDP1Ek4E

Nifty hitting all time high and Rahul & Congress hitting all time low

Client: You haven’t done even iota of work on the assignment, yet we got a hefty bill from you Me: Dekhiye narrative set ho chuka hai, jab Modi ne Anil Ambani ki jeb mein 35000 crore daal diye, fees toh aapko deni padegi bhaiyya Client: Bhag BSDK

“SC in a contempt notice to Rahul says he is a liar, Sonia is a liar, they’re living here in an unauthorised way, they’re involved in multiple scams of thousands of crores. They have relation with gangsters & terrorists” I tried to lie like Rahul but realised all this may be true

A few months back in Rajasthan, it was late nigh, I was returning driving from a far village to the town that in the middle of desert I saw a very old woman with wrinkled wooden face standing on the roadside, she was carrying a doll, I was scared to notice that doll was bleeding

OMG, what a scam. French govt waived off 162 billion dollars debts which is 3 times more than Mukesh Ambani’s net worth. In rupee terms it’s close to 10,50,000 crores. I’m sure Modi is a partner in crime. No wonder he has 100 pair of Kurta Pyjama & 25 pens https://t.co/26ezXAvIa6

It’s the birth anniversary of a man whom Congress led by Nehru totally ridiculed, ignored & demeaned. Sources say Nehru used to wear gloves before shaking hand with him. Yes right, great B R Ambedkar was born on this day, one of the most learned & educated Indians till date

BC BKL maine tera kya bigaada tha tera, kyon block kiya mere ko. I come across so many unanswered questions everyday many times https://t.co/eEk2EYCfDZ

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