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Dhoni didn’t score any run today because he doesn’t want Indians to win easily & comfortably and become complacent before they play Pakistan tomorrow. Such is the farsightedness of him. Great people do the things differently

“India kitna bada hai, thum kaise sambhalega”, Ed asked Chachaji. He kissed her & said “Bapu will help”. Ed got confused & asked “How’d you divide work?”. Chachaji laughed & said “We won’t divide work but divide the country”, Ed sighed & said “Saala thum bahut clever hots”

Once Bal Rajiv told Chachaji “It’s my Budday but momma forgot to bring balloons, my friends are waiting”. Chachaji was very caring. He immediately asked ‘Raju’, his servant & boxer to bring balloons from his bedroom. That evening whole house was decorated with big big balloons

Know your legacy drive by Congress is again gaining momentum. As a true Nehru fan, here are excerpts of Wikipedia page on Smt Edwina Mountbatten https://t.co/3lodUKNt0P

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My friend Bholu says anorexic women are a big turn off. I told him that he was being very sexist. But he laughed it away. I’m not going to take Bholu along with me to watch ‘mujra’ because he is sexist & objectify women

Sexism, patriarchy & objectification of women is far from over. Women Bollywood stars when slim & fit are made to appear in the ads of apparel, soaps, beauty products but when they get married, gain weight, they’d appear in cooking oil, kitchen appliances, washing machine ads

At Yoga class, Guruji asked Neha to stay back after the class is over. “Neha, tumhe meditation karna chahiye, today after all are gone, I’d sing Anup Jalota’s bhajans for you”, he said. Neha promptly agreed & out of sheer happiness & excitement, performed Sheersh Asan

We were discussing about Anup Jalota & my friend Bholu says men always remain young, he asks if we have ever seen a 20 something boy dating a 70 years old woman. I feel I should not be talking to such a sexist person like Bholu, no matter how true he may sound

Alright that Narendra Modi is the best PM India ever had & on his birthday we should celebrate, wish him but lest we forget, Modi was born in 1950 & Nehru ji died in 1964. During Modi’s childhood it was Nehru ji who taught him life lessons & groomed him. Nehru ji loved Children

Chutiyas’ chutiya statement after they lose the argument and are completely demolished “I’m glad I offended bhakts, aaj ka quota poora” Motherfcurs, you’re disgraced, defeated & thrashed not those who pushed you to the wall. They have won

Left winning JNU elections after a gap of 27 years is a sign of change. Darkness is eventually ending, ray of hope in our lives. Enough of fascism, barbaric lynching & crony capitalism. Paint the towns, cities, country red. YES, we are here to rule, loot & kiIi

Ed during an intimate moment expressed her desire to marry Chachaji. He took her to an astrologer who told Ed “It’s not possible in this life, but next life when you’d be a third rate liar journo, you’d get married to an ugly avatar of Chachaji who’d also be a corrupt journalist”

Held hand of a blind man and we crossed the road, when parting he advised me “I think now onward you can be independent but still remain careful while crossing the road, I’d not be with you always”

I heard Rahul Gandhi is getting some classes to obtain knowledge wisdom & intelligence. Those giving him tuitions are the same people who presented Helen Keller with a Sony 84” LED TV with Bose speakers

“Don’t ask what my country did for me, ask what did I do for my country” Leave it, you won’t understand. People like you need privileges, rights, benefits without responsibilities without paying taxes and without being held accountable. You can divide, never build https://t.co/cZC5Esd9Eo

Priyanka C: We’re winning in 2019 Rahul: How? PC: DUSU polls out of 4, we got 1 seat. How much % is it? R: how’d I know? PC: Cmputer says we won 25% of seats, now extrapolate it to 2019 LS, with allies, we can make it 30%. Whereas Modi got 29% in 2014 R: You’d be finance Minister

Lord once caught Ed & Chachaji playing Kabaddi in his bedroom, he then went to a cave & worshipped Shivji for 11 years standing on one leg. Lord attained super powers & cursed Chachaji that two generations later an idiot of highest degree will be born in his family. God is great

Here is the REAL HERO. Despite petrol prices so high this man will first work overtime to buy some petrol, then protest & will pour it over his body and do the honor. 21 Gunshots salute to this selfless leader of masses. We’re gonna miss you, Mr Nirupam https://t.co/QHGXRp8uDf

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