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Anju: Let’s fight against the abuses & cuss words that insult women, mothers, sisters Manju: these men are indecent, male chauvinistic pigs Anju: Maadarchod saale Manju: Behenkelode apne aap ko samajhate kya hain, inki Ma Ki Chu*

One more wicket down. Congress now 52/9 https://t.co/JkXk6d1HOZ

Why’re people being lynched and not dinnerred?

“Mom, who is my dad?” “Stop asking these silly questions and have your dinner” “Mom what have you cooked for dinner” “Mixed vegetable, it’s my favourite” “Mom, so even you don’t know who’s my dad”

We will admit the patient in hospital after his death https://t.co/x5iuq02Z5v

UNSC: What’s the case? Pak: India revoked article 370 in Kashmir UNSC: What’s your response? India: Karachi mein maulana ne 4 nikah kiye Pak: Woh hamaara internal matter hai UNSC: 😂😂😂😂😂 you dismissed your own case. Roti ka intezam bahir hai Akhtar Bashir

At UNSC: Syed Akbaruddin: Khan sahab case toh aap haar gaye, ab khana toh kha lijeeye, bahut saare pakwaan hain Imran Khan: Aap bhi aayiye SA: Nahin khan sahab, hamme toh Hindustan mein milta hai

This is how Barkha Dutt runs his agenda. I tell you, this man is not a journalist, he is on the payroll of extremists. What I don’t understand why at times he dresses like women https://t.co/3KBS1lAhEQ

This evening I had a long discussion that turned into an argument with my friend, he called & said “Let’s drink”, I replied “At my place”, he insisted “My place”. I repeated, but he was adamant. Since I’m mature & wise person, I ended the argument and went to his place for drinks

Seventy two years have passed since India got independence, yet we're struggling with the basic problems like roads, electricity, illiteracy, unemployment, belief in black magic & Kejriwal

Finally justice served in cow smuggler Pehlu Khan lynching case. All accused acquitted after two years in custody. There were absolutely no case against these innocent persons at the first place. But poor guys had to spend 2 years in jail because of false narrative of libegandus

While we are set to celebrate the 73rd I-Day, let’s not forget dark spots during last 72 yrs. Mahatma, Indira, Rajiv got murdered. But the worst incident that shook the whole nation & the whole world was assassination plot on Sh Kejriwal by throwing chilly powder in his eyes

No technical analyst can ever be 100 percent or even 80 percent correct. But Sushil Kedia studies well & his analysis are more scientific than others, this is what I feel. I think he should be there more often with his analysis of charts https://t.co/eY5iPvvO3A

Needs Amit Shah? Is she still hungry & thirsty for power? https://t.co/tjgJuPOV1B

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Shashi is angry with Barkha over this comment, he says as long as he is around, Sonia ji doesn’t need Amit Shah or any other man. He says he can solve all the problems https://t.co/LNacfZXOP5

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Bear Grylls came to make Narendra Modi, Narrie Moody but came back changing his name to Bir Singh Gaur #ManVsWild

बीयर: यहाँ जंगल में कोई लोमड़ी नहीं दिखी मोदी: ये जिम कोर्बेट है, 10 जनपथ नहीं

Bear Grylls: I never knew NDTV’s office is in the Jim Corbett park Modi: But it isn’t Bear Grylls: Then why there are so many snakes & insects in this park

Fake pic. Uff, this woman can go to any extent to get Gen Bakshi’s attention. Ma’am, having a crush is alright but don’t spread fake news that can take people’s lives. PS: General saab would soon be sending you a text on WA. Don’t miss it https://t.co/AYYKNtxzOl

I feel the whole world is against having affair between a man & a woman. People can’t see a couple which is not married to each other, happy. From your housing society, colony to your work place, ppl would mock you, some would be jealous while others angry, specially your spouse

Congress is so concerned about the nation and internal security that CWC aborted their meeting to select a new president of the party and instead discussed J & K issues. There are no reasons we should not respect them. Mad respect for this bunch of idiots

Excited to go to a party where I’ve been invited to celebrate Bakar-Eid. I learnt that biryani, nihari & many other delicacies cooked from freshly slaughtered goat meat would be served. This party is being organised by one of my clients, an NGO working against the animal cruelty

Ab phategi BJP ki. Sherni, the mother India, the Iron Lady of India is here to counter you, to fight against fascism and communal forces, to put end to BJP’s menace. Now these coward Sanghis & bhakts won’t find any shelters to hide. Master strike by Congress. Sonia Mata ki jai https://t.co/PTjd9qNAK5

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