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Of Course people representing majority will lead the people. Democracy is all about the people by the people for the people. Why are you crying a foul that it’s a ‘majoritians mandate’

Behekaloda is now trying to be a righteous & philosopher

Hundreds of millions of people rejected you, yet you think you are right and public is on the wrong side. You’re simply abusing the democracy. Swine https://t.co/SWYIR58SYA


#ThankYouRahul https://t.co/Y3r43ziy7g

Kyon Thakur ab tak zinda ho https://t.co/uSmbAZY44i

Consensus has been reached. Narrative is all set. No need to wait for tomorrow. After discussion with stakeholders & people from all castes, genders, colours, conclusion is that Manish Sisodia IS the most handsome living man on this planet. Yes even more handsome than Barkha

Freeing a caged bird is an act of charity but causing someone divorce their partner is cruelty. Hypocrisy my friends

It’s just a rumour, don’t believe in such rumours. They may be true but I won’t believe these sources unless they provide me with convincing evidence that Katrina Kaif is dating Manish Sisodia

Yesterday at Khan Market inside a cafe saw a middle aged woman in pink saree & sleeveless blouse eagerly awaiting for someone. Soon He arrived. He kisses her & then both went into a cubicle & pulled the curtain down. I couldn’t hear anything but only woman moaning “Sisooodiaaaaa”

If you can’t spread hatred, at least don’t spread love

Pakistan will become a peaceful nation, smoking & gutkha will cure cancer, Rahul will attain wisdom the day you find a man more handsome than Manish Sisodia

Modis will come and go but Manish Sisodia was handsome, is handsome and will remain handsome

Fifty goons assisted by their supporters from Lutyens and Khan Market attacked one man and yet that one man emerges as victorious. You can very well gauge his might and if he is protecting us, we all are in safe hands

No point in slapping, punching, thrashing a man who is already burning in his own fire. Just sip your drink and watch him burn. Yes you can light your cigar from the flames emanating from him

Jai Shree Ram

Kids, boys & girls, today I would tell you about an important event that took place in 1984. Then Prime Minister Smt Indira Gandhi was kiIIed by couple of her bodyguards who were undercover BJP agents. And thereafter Sanghis led by Rajiv ji & his friend massacred 5000 sikhs https://t.co/smIZdlJzxL

गुफा तो बस एक झाँकी है अयोध्या अभी बाक़ी है अभी ग्लास ख़ाली भी नहीं हुआ अगला जाम ले आया साक़ी है

His last words were not “Hey Ram”, but “You too Chacha”

This man is hilarious. Contradicting himself and total ‘kuchh bhi’ https://t.co/MiyXBWJQXS

In 23 mins, he spoke word ‘Modi’ for 143 times. His desperation & body language tells that he has conceded defeat https://t.co/G8StFsnJ9g

I’m not saying it because I am a Modi fan. But its reality from the stock market, it’s called bear trap. What they are doing is simply trapping us, we are desperate sellers in the market and they are buying. Makelode maadarchod

Someone said “Behenkaloda”, I objected. He smiled and withdrew it. Later he said ye toh maadarjaat hai https://t.co/GyuIBt0Qef

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