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Trolling apart but calling someone ugly duckling, whale & using words like salty cake is not acceptable unless you mean it https://t.co/qaBDmBPbze

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Feminism doesn’t cure but it causes depression. I’m not saying it, WHO & UNESCO in a study conducted in association with NASA & CIA has submitted its report to the FBI stating this fact. Reference Medical Journal (UK) Volume LXIVVI, 2018, chapter 35

BJP supporters after congress denies support to Shiv Sena https://t.co/xqtNEM9tPP

For the parents it’s better not to have children than to have chutiya children

Tiger gave birth to a dog who in turn gave birth to a rat

In the end, Anil Kapoor will be the CM of Maharashtra

Dube is Dope #INDvsBAN

Deepak Chahar took a hattrick and 6/ 7 is the best ever performance by any bowler in a T20 match. Lest we forget, It was Lt Col MS Dhoni who discovered him & groomed him. That’s why it’s said diamonds are forever and MSD is such a gem. Colonel, we shall always be indebted to you

Middle aged people including me dancing at weddings should be born as insecticide, at best snakes, in their next birth. Why the bloody hell you’re destroying happiness of of young ones

It’s never too late to chant Jai Shri Ram. Not asking you to RT but just chant Jai Shri Ram

If you think most of the people are wrong, you’re wrong

Priyu tere ko kya socha tha aur tu kya nikli. Kya kya nahin kiya tere liye lekin toone kya sila diya https://t.co/5Ux3RbIkpT

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News says govt decides to withdraw SPG cover of Sonia Gandhi, Priyanka Vadra & Rahul Gandhi. My warning to Amit ji, if any of these three Indian icons who have served the country for decades get even a slap or a punch, I’m not going to forgive you, I’d straightaway come & hug you

On his find memory, let’s light a candle at Babur’s grave https://t.co/8XF5cw0Q2p

Good morning to everyone except that chu***a who reported my account and it was temporarily suspended for a few hours https://t.co/wRYVRBcxGZ

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Delhi police shouldn’t have beaten lawyers. Being a lawyer is no less a punishment

At this age Sasikala’s assets are of no use. Poor English. I mean Sasikala can’t use her assets as she is in a different jail where Chiddu is counting his days for his release. But the fact is, there is no use of your assets if you can’t put them to use. https://t.co/3RwHPKqdm4

Long queues at metro stations, auto rickshaws charging exorbitant rates, cabs waiting time 30-45 mins at 2x rates, menace of women driving cars on roads, people arriving late in the offices lekin BSDK kejru, only silver lining is traffic thoda kam tha due to #OddEven

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