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Job creation is not just jobs offered by the govt or formal sector employment - well pointed out by Modi, though not that easy to convey to the common man. #ModiOnZee

"Babus derail your plan" interviewer gives leeway to Modi to shrug off responsibility but Modi says a team has to work and gives credit to babus. Kejriwal hota toh 10 minute tak babu logo ko gaali deta. Humein kaam nahi karne de rahe ji yeh log. #ModiOnZee

Condemn use of such language on national television https://t.co/uBN6Y9fpBV

But if he stops being a hypocrite, how would he continue being a liberal? https://t.co/2FcvoNtedE

This important article by @CW_dynastycrook doesn't mention the name of the ABVP activist killed in Kerala. Perhaps a grisly reminder that everyone of these victims are reduced to being numbers that don't shock this nation at all - https://t.co/2YH1wLZS1m

Gandhis are tax chor? https://t.co/FeCTzNSYFT

No going back on that ever. Even today #IStandWithRahulGandhi https://t.co/YVICiwmuaZ

Well, goon Rajdeep Sardesai on record refused to unequivocally condemn the murder and said "political context" can't be overlooked. Dehumanize (and kill) is a well thought of strategy, not a strategy gone awry. https://t.co/t9GpavTRgi

Theory of evolution has been seeded in our minds by Agent Smiths. We're all in a Matrix. Textbooks should teach this.

😂😂😂 https://t.co/x76p5Ps059

लोल.. वैसे बात सही है, अगर बोतल आधी खाली है तो इस तरह तो तरल पदार्थ वो कार्बन रॉड को टच ही नहीं कर पाएगा.. पारखी नज़र https://t.co/mGYWlWh4qZ

AAP's defense is that MLAs' appointment itself was found null and void so essentially they never held any office. Basically a thief saying he shouldn't be charged with theft because the money he stole was found to be in old demonetized 500 rupees notes.

What happened to Press Club asking NDTV to explain why 25% of staff was being laid off? Sunwai ho gayi? NDTV ko clean chit mil gaya?

They should be painted as marginalized and victimized community trying to find a voice. Movies like Padmavati should be seen as "punching down" and discouraged. Problem solved. https://t.co/XpXSBUUqpu

Totally. Poor Karni Sena guys don't even have motorcycle while Bollywood has luxury cars. If only people were so angry when cars were hitting motorcycles. https://t.co/Th80IH3dxd

Irony of being "liberal" https://t.co/2j707tg031

Yahaan bhi karwa do toh so jaayein https://t.co/ufDni6qrTQ

But they are never going to lose their biggest Lutyens property - the media https://t.co/1KGxdzzxX3

In which @nirwamehta finds fault with Arvind Kejriwal for not watching Netflix https://t.co/cM3SGFnkup

Rationalist, atheist, progressive, against identity politics, etc. etc. https://t.co/Aiq4loskKm

Vegetarians can't demand special plates, but a special section of non-vegetarians can demand a special way of slaughter and force it to be the only way of slaughter. https://t.co/bKh910Ywer

Are women more diplomatic and better in people skills?

It's 18-11-18 today. It comes once in a 100 years. You will get a wish fulfilled within 18 hours if you tag 18 people in reply to this tweet, and if at least 11 of them tag 18 more.

What happened to this? https://t.co/Qt1koPnvEd

This is wrong. What if his religious beliefs warrant him wearing 10 t-shirts? Why is a dress code being imposed? https://t.co/R9mGOvuzEm

Okay, updated the article to make that point clearer after violent threats by @ARanganathan72 https://t.co/p4UHKKavhs https://t.co/pi5V38Vtq7

Wishing happy birthday to @kushal_mehra only because he interviewed me and @GappistanRadio for a podcast, and also hosted us for dinner later https://t.co/BnvtawZVZP (warning: one hour long podcast where it's mostly me speaking)

Please read before you fall for false equivalences and plain lies regarding Haj subsidy https://t.co/KeGIZDa4KR

It is basically "repeat a lie thousand times... " https://t.co/bK4NJGFgKt

🙏🇵🇰 https://t.co/ZvVy4upj8t

Casteism was also unbearable when I was mocked for having beer in a so-called wine glass. Why separate glasses for separate drinks? https://t.co/iqeDQcbbva

Blasphemy! I'm filing a case against you tomorrow. https://t.co/qcPheObtGp

High time we spoke up! https://t.co/XCDmLmFVuI

Please don’t use colloquial phrases https://t.co/QicYbO5CBu

The Congress-left response to Judge Loya case shows how 2019 is going to be an all out cruel war - by Shri @IndiaSpeaksPR https://t.co/Ui70ZTrlG2

Moral victory ka time aa gaya phir se lagta hai 😣 #SAvsIND

Who is my favorite to troll?

Salute https://t.co/VRysLmr4eq

Hajj subsidy was not stopped by SC to respect secularism, but to respect Islam. So any demand that any subsidy to Hindu pilgrimage should also be stopped is pure Hinduphobia https://t.co/2c4VrGXM46

Prashant Bhushan picks up tweets from a WhatsApp group? https://t.co/5MwGrILCYR

"One became a poster girl for the liberal ecosystem, other a victim of right wing politics." @nirwamehta tells you the tale of two narratives https://t.co/FTwfcxUtTp

HMP lao, desh bachao https://t.co/ANfvzz9oOK

Political correctness flowing over danger mark https://t.co/K7eFwI6wJV

Anything to defend a communist https://t.co/u9HBLV99hY

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