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#EVMHacking https://t.co/1SFTE38idi

😂 https://t.co/GLPRRQzfH6

EVM hacking theories have mostly come from low IQ AAPtards. Even journalists too have mostly rejected it. The final trick could come from a 'dissenting' bureaucrat who could repeat this crap?

I said dissenting, not delusional. https://t.co/ppO4aPM6YG

Pakistanis are not trying to hack this poll? https://t.co/dqJpAGdnRB

You said it. Indian democracy. Left doesn't believe either in India or in democracy. They believe in "idea of" India. If that "idea" is not supported by ordinary citizens, they hate that India and they hate that democracy. https://t.co/Vop1ec4tEL

Shameful! https://t.co/XfiUZmj1YN

Such a tragedy https://t.co/rErqRqyXnx

😂 https://t.co/NWcgI13zLw

I had answered it last evening itself https://t.co/TcOxeBKuB4 https://t.co/jeHcWEd5vl

Exit polls will be wrong about BJP, the way they were wrong in ____

Twitter is playing games again? I can't see any replies to this tweet. And this one is hardly any 'pathbreaking' tweet https://t.co/bblIRusLEo

Today's Heart Attack https://t.co/7AxUfuqvP0

😂 https://t.co/pMndSOXkoO

Dekho, Congress ne ecosystem diya aur yeh usi ki maut maang rahe hain. Ab BJP toh yehi conclude karegi na ki ecosystem phikosystem mein kuchh nahi rakha. This is conspiracy by Salim ji to confuse BJP 😂 https://t.co/Po1EYK1Ria

Is this true? https://t.co/np6m0bOP2P

"मोरल कंपास" की अपार सफलता के बाद बॉक्सर फ़िल्म्स प्राइवेट लिमिटेड लेकर आए हैं "मोरल कोड अव कंडक्ट"... बहुत जल्दी आपके निकटतम टीवी स्क्रीन पे https://t.co/ckAf7h4DFp

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My gut feeling was that BJP could get as big or even bigger majority than 2014, of its own. But seeing how some usual suspects are giving up, I'm a little unsure now. They are known to be never right.

That's true. In all the din, we shouldn't lose focus on important issues. https://t.co/Wr2oqCJjz3

🙏 https://t.co/YmfLyzlCXJ

Exit Pole https://t.co/CnCS1IWOIr

Just can't guess who it is. https://t.co/ko0AI1RfoB

Calls to troll you https://t.co/wP1Dbltl1v

wow! Congrats @vivekagnihotri 👍👏 https://t.co/vRqgxZaXot

"महिला का गैंग रेप में देखने गए" just doesn't sound right. Don't be an Ashutosh https://t.co/oEyZNdLUtm

Sorry for not updating. Latest reports indicate he continues to be handsome. https://t.co/cED61VhdW0

😂 https://t.co/T9cUj5Q5rL

Is https://t.co/Qrf0GRCcEP blocked on Jio? Did some govt notification/court order include this name as a possible porn site or what?

Terrible feeling... Om Shanti. https://t.co/sxq399Z6N0

This is my dream too. But after BJP wins 500 seats of its own with 70% vote share in 2024. https://t.co/levU99OY7D

Congress wala ship has sailed I think. It's a JNU type juvenile leftist party now. https://t.co/M23dEJXXNo

Youth Congress to burn Aamir Khan's posters https://t.co/Dbq9RUkkZi

She's in Shiv Sena now https://t.co/S6MKL7pkAN

Mamata Banerjee hai ya Robert Vadra? https://t.co/fMyDX7Dfid

Amarinder Singh's security men don't trust Rahul ji's driving skills. They are holding up lest he falls due to sudden acceleration. https://t.co/kFzwIt4ggh

Sigmund Freud might have the answers https://t.co/hviuQGYgtd

Khoji patrakarita https://t.co/1xXHOJpSUw

Pahle toh @TajinderBagga was only a trouble for psycho Sadji, now psychoo Didi also hates him https://t.co/aosSIOyuba

A military crackdown is needed on such so-called 'journalists' - Lt Gen Pan Parag https://t.co/DwEAqaNeNa

My vote for @YRDeshmukh because I hate @pradip103 https://t.co/DvzzgNCfO9

Cut the crap. When entire nation was busy fighting the British, your Nehru was busy romancing Edwina. https://t.co/4gyfeH2eTU

Just in: Manish Sisodia continues to be handsome.

After media, or maybe a tie there https://t.co/sloWB4dtEx

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