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Winner of 501 GB data plus Jio phone with automatic call recording https://t.co/0aM2OZsALD

Winner of Pichhatish GB data each day for one year https://t.co/aiSDcwHBxV

Yeh lo. Hopefully kal tak fact-check article bhi ban jaaye ab. https://t.co/liQwtnClZ7

Pritish Nandy is bald Sagarika Ghosh https://t.co/LZaJZKF1iz

It's not irony. It's to remind you that there's always a counterpoise https://t.co/8HQ8VUuwj4

Seriously. They ended up giving even their OTPs. Any account will be "hacked" this way https://t.co/FaQjcZyaeJ

Exit polls proven wrong https://t.co/kG7O52AOEX

Disappointing when compared when AAP interval surveys https://t.co/QnuLGeWk1S

Not happy with just one death? https://t.co/QlukyaQPev https://t.co/GuJHUJaEeC

Instead of wasting so much money and energy on elections, we should just get rid of democracy and appoint a King. Who should be our King?

Nice. Then Pakistan can refer to JNU as India Occupied Delhi https://t.co/SrgLfgSfbN

Nice. Now draw Muhammad in Hyderabad. https://t.co/BkegwN18DV

Kedarnath in Uttarakhand https://t.co/0tP6JeORj4

Such tweets test the limit of free speech https://t.co/Rj1ZADtkpl

The Wire - people are afraid to shit on tracks as they fear they won't be able to run away on time with train approaching this fast. Govt taking away basic facilities from common men. https://t.co/YIs9YrHRV6

Kumbhkarn Lift Yojana in action. Rahul Gandhi was lifted so that he reaches the tall statue and garlands it. https://t.co/rk25O0o2zk

This breed is same that believes 9/11, 26/11, Pandit exodus were all inside job or fake. https://t.co/E4TPt7KBC7

Once a person becomes AAPtard, he's beyond redemption https://t.co/dZ7y2Bq2lQ

Brother of Pappu would have broken the top part of cup hoping that now the biscuits will fit https://t.co/7byNDBWsqg

Right time to con Vijay Mallya posing as bank's recovery agent.

Desh mein zehreeli ghaas kaun laaya? https://t.co/FnBaPYcdoa

shocking if true https://t.co/v97l11FHG2

Ashutosh has started his own website. Junta Ka Reporter mein kya kami thi?

And only in these comedians' worldview is a community, which is fastest growing, which has control over oil and nukes, and which can bring cities to halt with their outrage, is powerless and making jokes on them is 'punching down'. Abey saaf bolo na ki phat jaati hai. https://t.co/l20uKQhR04

True. This can cause serious law and order problems. Union govt should dismiss Delhi govt. https://t.co/oUtWgFEm1T

The English in the poster suggests Pakistan cricket team has made it. https://t.co/cJJ1s3BkgV

In Hindi states, a non-Hindi Indian language should have been made compulsory (even if to just get pass marks at least) at least in CBSE schools. https://t.co/VWFz7qOPTI

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