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Fascist CM trying to take away the lie spreading rights of mainstream media https://t.co/TsWHprqZ5l

That was not beating up. He was saved from Bharminical violence of slogan shouting in a peaceful manner https://t.co/Q2clnD9ilT

Ranga Sir mere namesake ki lanka jalaane nikal pade hain. That's why Angry Hanuman is hated 😂 https://t.co/ZGY9IuYdUh

Since hordes slaves in media have queued up with long tongues to wipe off all sweat and dust from Rahul Gandhi after his token tweet, this thread becomes very important. https://t.co/zMQ8izSi0S

When did you stop watching Indian innings? #INDvENG

Resounding slap to @coolfunnytshirt https://t.co/GYHzLCjgnn

Dhoni haterz ke free speech ko curb karna zaroori hota ja raha hai https://t.co/3A7etfxvn7

This is why businesses don't innovate in India https://t.co/qweXE9Z0rQ

स्वच्छ भारत और हिन्दुत्व का विरोध एक साथ https://t.co/5oOgxOXcGO

Will the racist WaPo journo now want people going to Church to be 'deleted'? https://t.co/nveNXuIzYK

Allahu Akbar shouting men actually blow up things. But you racist piece of shit won't ask to delete Allahu Akbar guys as you know who actually indulges in violence. Bloody racist that @washingtonpost has chosen for India. https://t.co/FXScrASpVc

Prashant Bhushan chu ko alert kar do.. ispe bhi ek fake news bana le https://t.co/7IO5th7b0y

This is how you stand by even criminals, because they're your criminals. Idhar virtue signalling ke chakkar mein "trolls" ke saath bhi nahi khade hote log https://t.co/aIe2BIW7ts

This guy is too good in impersonating Ravish 👍😂 https://t.co/cBFFayvtU9

This chap shares link to a fake news site again. And these asses have temerity to attack PostCard News and all https://t.co/gKsgy3MtG7 https://t.co/gthh7K9NS8

lol.. and after having gay sex they will forget how to operate rifles and tanks? https://t.co/AmAAAOEQzB

Did Ben Stokes score slowest half century of the decade in an ODI?

White trash openly displaying Hinduphobia. This racist piece of shit is a journalist. https://t.co/G4JLNg76sR

She's bureau chief of Washington Times where Barkha jumps like a kid to get published. RT counts don't indicate influence in real world. https://t.co/q9yngyUkjl

It's all about shielding people on top, ultimately the dynasty. That's how these guys have found happiness since ages https://t.co/so9hFueQl6

When the MSM is promoting some website, org, entity, etc. as some impartial or non-partisan platform, you can safely assume that it is a propaganda tool https://t.co/zWPxZutozR

#FF @reviewero even though it's not Frieday because I feel very bad that his follower count is not growing fast. Also because of such tweets. https://t.co/nCTB3OqPeH

Seriously what crap was that. https://t.co/2ralj5xkd3

Calling the bride's family 'horses' is not cool. https://t.co/JcRGDlGaW2

The series was already advertised like nothing, what was the need to do this? https://t.co/m8RA3lHao8

Court is deciding on decriminalization I thought, not on ideology or psychology. https://t.co/coxaCsnWwZ

It's raining. Please RT the update. https://t.co/egsW4pAnuU

Condemnable tweet https://t.co/0BmKXIZDll

Ambani putting his own money is corruption, this was honesty personified. https://t.co/9r0nguxhDx

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