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Duryodhan on NDTV https://t.co/QRY5d4Z7BV

When a fair probe is demanded in Kathua, people become "pro-rapist". What is Yadav here? https://t.co/8DS0AwMlqc

  • Give him a Padma Shri for this. https://t.co/72V7XOfMS0

    Very pertinent to bring "things fall apart". You epitomize that poem, especially the line "The best lack all conviction, while the worst Are full of passionate intensity." https://t.co/xfsQ3eP1Cu

    HMP now ventures into op-ed too? They are getting dangerous with each passing day. https://t.co/kyC7wL0w9G

    I don't. https://t.co/lBQJ3PwcS0

    After Junaid lynching, this, and then the cabal feigns concern over 'fake news' https://t.co/3obNhN5BGE

    Farooq Abdullah lag raha hai https://t.co/1qZLapOCqU

    Nope, that's a mistake to assume. They see Modi as manifestation of what they hate. Their hate won't go away with Modi. It's ingrained, it's what defines them. It's what keeps them alive. It's the hate for a civilization. https://t.co/YnPtRcdLvy

    My wish is Dhoni hits 5-6 sixes and Jadeja plays a maiden over.

    Paid trolls of Dhoni https://t.co/Zl85KK8gSW

    Thank you Sadji https://t.co/zSKMowebtw https://t.co/G50olR0l96

    So people whose first reaction after every terror attack is to fight "Islamophobia" and to make sure that 'Muslims are not maligned', are shocked that some people are concerned over Hindus are being maligned in the Kathua case.

    Oh plz shut up. Javed Akhtar was not given a chance due to ideological reasons, else he'd have won 45 gold medals alone https://t.co/ME2uCt9PZm

    बिल्कुल. दलित होटल क्यूं जाए. झोपड़ी में रहे https://t.co/xmuyCNOi7i

    Rain interruptions can be used to broadcast sponsored rain dance performances. Really disappointed that IPL is missing this revenue stream.

    Expected. Liberalism is having one set of standards for oneself and another for the rest. https://t.co/nuEs15T21x

    Revealing! https://t.co/DC5CYkoCsH

    New hairstyle of Umesh Yadav has been pretty effective.

    https://t.co/enDAlJv0Ik https://t.co/6puB82q90i

    Rahul Gandhi's plan is to repeat this. Let's see if this govt doesn't know it. https://t.co/qdK9WARlEA

    Pune is home ground for Chennai in this IPL. So you can claim that your origin and destination is same, thus airlines should refund your money. If you're flying Indigo, fight with their crew. Outrage guaranteed https://t.co/ZmvqlGha1Z

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