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WTF! Forgot to maintain cabin pressure! https://t.co/vS6XjvdlZw

Seriously. I won't blame next time some guy irritates the world out of crew members by asking random question like 'yeh switch daba diya na, gate dhang se band kar diya na', types https://t.co/51PJ1DyVsG

#AshutoshTweets https://t.co/1OdxCJcau0

I think this is what Tharoor, a Congress (that gave 'Hindu rate of growth' term) and Cricket aficionado, meant by "Hindu Pakistan". Where Pakistan plays against India like India played against Pakistan in 90s.

For people like Gupta ji, and especially for Gupta ji, I repeat "Never attribute to stupidity that which can be adequately explained by malice". https://t.co/rU9bpaZu9X

I switched on the TV and Pandya is being taken away on stretcher 😑

This is shocking. Why interrogate? He has already explained everything in his letters to Vatican. This is preposterous. Police should keep their dirty hands off https://t.co/6B7zVB7frT

Not just that. They desire to do the same in urban areas. https://t.co/zIcVAyNjZC

Pray for Sohaib's pichhwada #INDvHK https://t.co/3TvcfDwYpv

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What a load of nonsense was that thread 🙄 https://t.co/zcEBTLmswa

China should stop this nonsense called cricket in Hong Kong.

What's that hashtag? https://t.co/K79fEyUUg4

Now @coolfunnytshirt is using his media contacts to target Rohit. Shameful. https://t.co/Cl2EqCPotj

So the French company saved as they didn't have to pay bribes, and so we could get a favorable deal https://t.co/xki9FkCTLi

Manmohan Singh ko NDTV pe ghussa aaya kyunki Sonia Gandhi ka khaas aadmi rooth gaya tha. Cute Emergency https://t.co/FBFPGLKdVp

Start singing bhajans guys https://t.co/y8ta7vvnD5

Ashu ki apni hi army hai! Well past 2000 RTs ✌️ https://t.co/2BbioIAqwY

Oh.. @UnSubtleDesi was supposed to be there too but couldn't go as she got too busy with work. I hope she doesn't go into depression for having missed the chance to meet Ashutosh. I pray to Ganpati she gets another chance. https://t.co/Y0ZmuNOs8B

That's why Engineer's Day should also be celebrated as 'Teach Some Maths To Journalists Day' https://t.co/qc1MzSO3Bp

Don't overreact. All is well. Death threats by a Twitter handle with egg DP and three followers are what make our society unsafe. https://t.co/5lGUMMszSQ

Nice. Rohingyas and Bangladeshis can now come even quicker https://t.co/YpUz8bd0hR

Aiyyaa https://t.co/AkoowMIa48

Happy #GaneshChaturthi. an unrelated article by @SujoyGhosh1729 from OpIndia archives https://t.co/kBjmfW4xjM

Rahul Gandhi ka machine mil gaya. Poor guy ate 1kg of French fries the previous night https://t.co/4XtTt451An

Really proud of @UnSubtleDesi for this. Went all the way to Chhatisgarh to get this interview. New milestone for OpIndia 👏 https://t.co/tt6jYBQ7wr

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