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Entitlement of journos is more nauseating than entitlement of Gandhi parivar.

Because "Murdabad" is too mainstream. #JustBenarasThings https://t.co/3C7DtvwyFW

समय निकाल कर कभी पढ़ें.. अच्छा लिखा है इन्होने https://t.co/Qi4xetWNrf

cc Delhi Police https://t.co/RJuKuGi1sa

Barkha used to get business calls from Radia and now getting abusive calls from random people. A respected intellectual shouldn't be treated this way.

What is this Pakis trying to put Hindu names in their Twitter account? For what? https://t.co/SuERtliiFL

This was written by @sambitlnt two years ago on idiots who babble 'peace' but have no explanation on how exactly it is to be achieved. Do read, especially the latter half https://t.co/V2dR4v16bZ

Fahaduddin has no chill https://t.co/qVCO6FGLQD

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Let bhakts handle trains and ships. They will make it work. You just keep away from driving any kind of vehicles. We can't afford more. https://t.co/3rrX7oMy7U

Procession and little gathering for Pulwama martyr in my housing society. Was outdoors and saw many other processions too on my way. https://t.co/PJlp4eDFQe

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Dozens of bodies blasted into smithereens vs a few guys allegedly abused and threatened is a 'circle of violence'. Have some sense of proportion. Or you think one side blowing up is as much normal as other side abusing and shoving? https://t.co/tWQqmaf1h3

You're a good author Abhishek, don't engage with a lowly eNREGA troll https://t.co/Cf5hT9HXNp

Dear Gujarat Samachar editor, how do you live with yourself? @nirwamehta asks, very rightly https://t.co/NtsVpSC8IG

'Liberals' should actually be happy to blame Pakistan. It shields the real cause - the ideology that makes Pakistan, an ideology that they ally with if not wholly subscribe.

Don't challenge her, she will bring peace. No, seriously. The status of Dhimmi for non-Muslims will be acceptable to both her and Masood. That's the idea of peace for all of them. https://t.co/CHaxlg973a

A random guy from Bihar is feeling one with Islamists of Kashmir. If you think Kashmir is just a geopolitical problem, you need some serious reality check. https://t.co/SqBhRBs0ze

5 फ़ौलोवर वाला कोई गाली दे जाए तो उसकी नौकरी तक ले के ही दम लेंगे, लेकिन कोई 40 के उपर क़त्ल कर लाए तो फिर बदला न लेने की नसीहत देंगे। इनका इलाज न दवा है न दुआ

“Let’s be clear: the terrorist attack in Pulwama yesterday was a violent expression of Hinduphobia.” — https://t.co/6r4VVU51Zu Must read by @AbhishBanerj

Is there any Muslim majority region that is part of a non-Muslim majority nation and has no insurgency? If yes, what lessons can be learnt from there to be implemented in Kashmir?

It's raining in the NCR. Aatmmugdh Bauna ro raha hai.

इन्हें ये भी नहीं पता कि आत्ममुग्ध बौना है कौन? 😱 https://t.co/S4gWVpDNzZ

ये तो ऊंची बात कह दी https://t.co/yNTr2iIz80

A midget who is in love with himself https://t.co/osiHAQPor5

असुरक्षित आत्ममुग्ध बौने के बौनतर समर्थकों से सविनय निवेदन है कि मानक के मेन्शन्स में रायता फैला दें https://t.co/4CxcoxLvsL

Aatmmugdh Bauna

शत्रुघ्न सिन्हा अच्छी हिन्दी लिख लेते हैं https://t.co/ctEvJqZNSO


Left : Bachchu Bhigona Right : Aatmmugdh Bauna https://t.co/qSlEFpfNkM

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Amazing. So she understands Hindi, that too spoken by Mulayam Singh Yadav. Shame on those who call her Italian. She might be bigoted, fascist, and corrupt, but she's one of us now. Respect. https://t.co/6OQqO84lqw

Precisely. Victim blaming is kosher now. https://t.co/HYVELlk7C6

Islamists attack women journalists, and fellow journalists are saying women provoked them. This is when one of their own is under attack. And you think they will report fairly when the next door Islamist comes and beheads you?

So folks who opposed FIR against The Quint reporter for filming army cantonment illegally, which ended up in a jawan committing suicide, are celebrating that an FIR will be filed against Arnab for getting documents 'illegally' that showed botched up probe in Sunanda Pushkar case.

I want my haters to hate me like Barkha hates Arnab.

Obviously not. https://t.co/z24CdxTSfe

One onlooker is saying "side mein aa jao, video lene lo" https://t.co/SaKoWwKdrw

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