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Maut ka kuan gave me more adrenaline rush than this fifa world cup.

Kitne bhi singing reality shows ho. Movie mein gaane judges hi gayenge.

French kissing myself in the mirror for this entire night. #WorldCupFinal

Supported Croatia for the match. Switched to Bajrangi Bhaijaan on another channel at the climax scene. I think I'll stop crying by tomorrow morning.

Still waiting for the day when I get to use Pythagoras theorem and derivatives in my real life.

When your professor gives notes to her favourite student one day prior to the exam & asks to distribute in the class. https://t.co/kfdDICRq04

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Do multiplexes allow Kalkatta 120 to eat after the movie ends?

Any physiotherapist here? Need help!

If you hear Dhadak songs on Skull Candy headphones, you could hear Ajay-Atul having a laugh in between.

That Dhadak hero seems Marwaari. Quite sure he'll ditch the girl in climax & sit on his dad's ancestral kirana shop.

Dhadak is for teens. Real men watch Sairat on Nokia 3310 in Kalyan - CST slow local.

Aaj ek final mein jayega aur dusra bhaad mein. #CROENG

England players looking as if their bullet was stuck at Manali - Leh highway before coming for the match. #CROENG

Croatia players can put special efforts to win the match by having baba elaichi in between. #CROENG

France right now. https://t.co/fJ2yiozpV9

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That goal was faster than your first breakup. #CROENG

People putting romantic video songs as their whatsapp status should be made to remove chocked up rain water from railway stations using a mug.

Standing in Bandra for the last 30 minutes but didn't see any G-Wagons rolling. Something is wrong with these people.

Relax guys. First half mein toh Bajrangi Bhaijaan bhi thanda tha. #FRABEL

Belgium jerseys are made from dipping fabric into tandoor. #red #FRABEL

WTF. No anti tobacco advertisements during halftime??

Hugo Lloris can save an excel spreadsheet on a calculator. #FRABEL

This halftime is longer than NH3.

Match koi bhi ho. Trend Messi hi hoga.

Watched the Bollywood version of Zingaat. I was in mental stress. Now I'm heading towards coma.

Kanda Bhaji is the Kim Kardashian of monsoon.

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