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I’m more or less convinced that Modi wants to get all that black money back only because he wants to spend it on radio advertising.

#DalerMehndi 2.00pm: ♬ Ho Gayi Teri Jail-e Jail-e. ♬ 2.10pm: ♬ Ho Jayegi Bail-e Bail-e. ♬

  • Best would be to give special status to all states and union territories. Then nobody can complain.

    The worst kind of opposition is the one which blocks all debate, but can’t block any bill.

    What? Cow people lost in Gorakhpur, and Lotus people lost in Phulpur?

    Happy Birthday Albert Einstein. Or rather, Happy Birthday Albert (mc²)instein.

    R.I.P. Stephen Hawking. Your body might have left the 3 spatial dimensions. But your mind will shine for all time.

    Acquitted for "lack of evidence" it seems. Everybody has seen the video, but unfortunately, justice is blind. https://t.co/NiBHuJGFFN

    #FarmersMarchToMumbai Nirav Modi must be thinking - "What? Farmers want a loan waiver after travelling only 180 kilometres? I travelled 12,500 kilometres and got one."

    India's PNB bank fraud likely to swell beyond $2 billion mark. I'm waiting for UNESCO to declare it as the fastest growing scam in the world.

    Forbes Richest Person List: Rank 1 - Jeff Bezos - Shopping. Rank 2 - Bill Gates - Windows. Rank 3,898,245,042 - Ramesh Srivats - Window Shopping.

    Happy #WomensDay. All women, enjoy yourself, okay. Tomorrow, we revert to the usual Men's Day.

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