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#DeepThoughtOrMaybeNot If our PM gets 1 Rupee for each year of his age, he still would get less than a dollar. First time in history that this has happened. #WillNotLookAtRepliesForAFewDecades

At least Google waits till I type a few letters before suggesting things. YouTube just plays the songs I want without me doing anything. Creepy, but convenient.

BJP: Congress is Mallya’s friend. Congress: BJP is Mallya’s friend. Those days, everyone was Mallya’s friend. These days, he is a loan.

ஹாப்பி ஹிந்தி திவஸ்

Really hot in Bengaluru today. Feels like a Chennai winter.

After the gruelling series against England, I've come to 3 conclusions... 1. Indian batsmen need to step up in tough conditions. 2. Indian bowlers should learn how to mop up the tail. 3. THAT TRIVAGO GUY NEEDS TO GO.

Hoping for 2 things from the Apple event today - 1. iPhone X gets rid of the notch. 2. Tim Cook doesn't yet again make the obvious statement - "This is the best iPhone ever". Sigh! Not much hope though.

Nothing much seems to have changed in 6 years... https://t.co/hsyyFMTTO1

464 to win. This is going to be an absolutely spectacular win for India. (Goes back to Black Dog)

Truth of hike in my ageing process! https://t.co/11I6Cu2RIo

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I think KL Rahul and Rishabh Pant are sneakily trying to win this test.

In case you are wondering, 166 divided by 32 is 5.1875.

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