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Morning: Feeling bad about Game of Thrones ending. Afternoon: Beer Evening: Whisky. Night: Feeling bad that Game of Thrones has ended.

Okay, my last tweet on GoT. (Spoiler alert) The real victims of the series were the poor denizens of King's Landing: Mad King -> Drunk King -> Evil King -> Stupid King -> Evil Queen -> Mad Queen -> Spooky King. Hopeless.

Arey, why do so much research and analysis on exit polls being right or wrong, when they will any get proved or disproved within 3 days??? Our country was already polarized. No, we are getting pollarized.

Over to GRRM to give us the "real" ending. Hopefully within 10-20 years. #GameOfThronesFinale #TheFinalEpisode

I believe exit polls are predicting an easy victory for Jon Snow? #GameOfThronesFinale

I wish this election would end fast, so we can be done with nastiness, and get back to politics. Sigh!

No no. Back to politics only.

Yay!. C'mom cousin Watson. https://t.co/n69ZPxU2vX #IPL2019Final #MIvCSK

Dammit! Good night. Hope at least the Targereyan-Stark team wins tomorrow morning.

#GOTS8E5 Full confusion amongst the soldiers today. Whenever anyone screamed "FIRE", no one knew if it was a command or a warning.

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