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Looks like government withdrew Haj Subsidy because it anagrams to Jihads By Us.

I warn you not to repeat this nonsense with Diana Penty.

You would lose. People here do 17 hour marathons everyday.

Whenever I call my neighbor Mr Kalra on his mobile I get to hear his whistling. He calls it his personalised Kalra-tune.

Guess the city and guess the trade.

It is very tricky to speak your mind and yet mind what you speak.

Deepika's midriff to be covered with CGI in Padmavat. Fine, but what about those millions of Indian men and women who badly need the technology for their own Facebook photos?

Padmaavat is turning out to be a gripping tale of a clash between a historical figure and a few hundred hysterical figures.

Changing #Padmavati to Padmavat is no big deal for a Government that thinks India is just NDA and nothing else.

Politics is finally entering Rajinikanth. All 234 seats of TN will contest him in assembly polls. And we will finally know if Ray Ban really created sunglasses to protect the Sun from Rajinikanth's glare.

2018 will either be a year of Rajinikanth jokes or of the joke that Rajinikanth may eventually become.

Wish you all a fabulous 2018.

On a very short trip to Kolkata after a long time. Stunningly beautiful city. Stunningly beautiful people. Not to speak of the girls.

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