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Friend: Let's meet for beer tonight. Me (as Akhandanand Tripathi): https://t.co/urJAeCIHAl

200 kilos of RDX? Where did the bloody stuff get into Kashmir from? Are the borders still porous despite the heavy presence of forces? How are the terror finance networks still active? Is everyone fucking clueless?

For how many days in peak winters can you go without bath?

Do poets earn more? Live longer? Get laid more often? I mean, what is it that pushes you to become a poet?

Poets are those who express genuine emotions and don't even get laid. I doubt this assertion. Not one football fan or political troll I know is a poet.

Jeffrey Archer is indeed the undisputed king of storytelling. Here's one of his fantastic short stories with an unbelievable twist at the end. ~: Clean Sweep Ignatius :~ https://t.co/anOUZMsuU2

सर्दी से बढ़िया कोई मौसम नही है। हवा की ठंड में घुलती साँसों की गर्माहट, चाय की प्याली से उठती भाप से छनकर आती रेशमी धूप, और वो सटकर बैठना...

Don't know why these TV channels even bother showing advertisements. I do not remember having watched a TV ad in years. As soon as one starts playing, my wife promptly changes the channel. I'm sure you too do the same.

Two chaps in my society have bought new SUVs. An Endeavor and a Fortuner. Good eye candy to begin the day.

Hey @Twitter, @jack! How I really wish I could just speak into the phone and the tweet would write by itself. Write some good codes, Jack. Spend some money.

When cocktails are announced at a conference dinner. https://t.co/zuD2iF0Wkr

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