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What Rofl Indian Tweeted On Twitter?

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Rahul Dravid is the typical middle class guy. Honest. Works hard. Pays taxes. Boss gets credit for his work. Has dreams. Gets lured by smooth talking crooks. One bad decision. Regrets for life.

Dinesh Kartik is also like the typical middle class guy. Talented. Works hard. Barely gets recognised. Has his moments under the spotlight. Boss gives a small trophy. Wife gives a peck on the cheek. All forgotten the next morning.

  • Remember, if you are marrying for money, the EMIs could last for life.

    The most handsome men on Twitter rarely have their real DPs.

    Some travel pics from my last year's trip to Serbia. Such a beautiful country. How can I not share the photos with you?

    Rofl Indian top tweets

    To my mind, Naresh Agrawal is the right candidate for the Ignoble Prize.

    Sagarika Ghose is now openly working for BJP.

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    Delhi se hu Bhench*d