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GoPro Hero 7 users, please raise hands. Chip in with your opinions and comments. 🙏

GoPro Hero 7 users, please raise hands. Chip in with your opinions and comments. 🙏🏻

Friends, need your comments / opinions. A friend is scheduled to travel to Thailand in 10 days. His passport is lying with US embassy for US Visa. Is there any way he can undertake the journey if he doesn’t get his passport in time?

Didn't know Twitter hates food pics. https://t.co/cIFV3O0FXh

Of the three 3-letter words that grant you instant Nirvana, two are God and Goa.

When you get bored of street photography, mutter ‘cholbe na’ under your breath and dive into street food. And vice versa. https://t.co/fkFFWx6Fl4

What do you call the dizziness in the morning after bhaang? Bhangover, of course. Lol.

This is election season at its prime and surprisingly, @chetan_bhagat is keeping very quiet. There can be four possibilities:

The dull whirring of the fan, the idle tick tock of the wall clock, a dog's forlorn howling from a few blocks away, the deep vroom of a truck plying on a road nearby, a diesel engine's rumbling horn drifting from afar...sounds of silence that have been your companions forever...

Manohar Parrikar's death is a grave loss for the nation. Pancreatic cancer continues to be a ruthless killer because by the time it is usually discovered, it has already reached an advanced stage, with limited treatment options. Early pancreatic cancer is virtually asymptomatic.

आदरणीय चुनाव आयोग, आपने राजनैतिक दलों पर तो आचार संहिता लागू कर दिया, अब आपसे विनती है कि न्यूज़ चैनल्स पर अत्याचार संहिता भी लागू कर दो। ये ऐसे ही चलते रहे तो चुनाव खत्म होने तक दो चार सौ जानें ले लेंगे!

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