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The Magic of Makar Sankranti. Kites, Gajak, Loudspeakers and Flying Lanterns. Jaipur. https://t.co/Xdl2ur16WG

The apple jam I tried to cook turned into a mess. God I hate stew jobs.

For his first job as accountant, Kumar chose a tea stall over a wine shop. Now he is a tea totaller.

Once I was thrown off a plane merely for greeting a beautiful air hostess. All I had said was "Hello 6E!"

To make hay there? https://t.co/ixnGwd0t7b

You can heal people by greeting them warmly. It is called Hellopathy.

Probably has received even lesser. https://t.co/9X3pKawaoE

Not many would know, but Bollywood has given the world some of the greatest theoretical physicists. For example, the relationship between the perimeter of a circle and gravity was brilliantly established by the famous lyricist, Sameer: "2πR hai kisi aur ka 2G chahta koi aur hai"

What do a teetotaler guy and a drinker girl usually order when on a date? Bun tea aur bubbly

007 Gems Bond. https://t.co/aFH7HcKqF0

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Feeling quite like the Earth now. Nearly round. Nose and feet frozen. Warm, moist and windy in the middle.

How do you write 'I'm sick of you' in abbreviations? MCQ.

Magnetic Resonance Imaging video of how the structures in the mouth coordinate as we speak. Talk of tongue lashing! https://t.co/6cT3VtZkHR

During his presidency, there were some files that even Obama couldn’t touch. The *For Biden* files.

Recco of the week: I downloaded this app called Simple Radio on my phone. Thousands of FM radio stations from all around the world. Love listening to channels from Spain, Mexico, Kazakhstan, Japan & Russia. Though I don’t understand a word, I can listen to their songs for hours. https://t.co/EPYvuTM4n8

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Strange how Anarkali sounds so close to honour killing.

Okay, serious koschen: How's this extra 10% reservation going to affect the General Category class 11th & 12th students preparing for various entrance exams?

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