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Vulnerability and self doubt are the two loose ends of honesty.

Bury your bitterness, Twitter. It’s not worth ruining relationships over ideologies and petty fights. Take care. https://t.co/ibzFAhDkzi

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Jokes are nothing but little challenges that test your understanding of life.

Better to lie on the rubble of truth than to seek comfort on a mattress of lies.

First half of #Andhadhun is inspired from a French Short Film. That half is brilliant. The second half had to be concocted keeping in mind the IQ and biases of the average Indian movie fan & Twitter commentator. Only 5% were disappointed with the 2nd half. https://t.co/u7Fc33Kq9Y

Every year companies, from electronics to FMCG to Gutkha to Pharma and what not, spend millions for taking their achievers to places like Thailand & Philippines on junkets. Why do you think they take them there for? . . Yes, you’re right. Clicking Pagodas.

Shot on iPhone. https://t.co/Pm59CyXllA

Talk about branding https://t.co/3GLZHGOubZ

Rofl Indian top tweets

You can either download a nice app like Snapseed or Lightroom and make your photos brighter like this. Or you can go for an 80K phone if you’re too lazy. https://t.co/mR4nTlFcew

Rofl Indian top tweets

Twitter has always been infested with humongous swarms of ass licking pompous idiots. Their tribe has only increased and become more malignant.

The battle against workplace & personal sexual harassment is a movement for all men and women, and not just the feminists. In fact it is a movement for all but the feminists. https://t.co/YsZfacmFiL

The secret lies in the charm of climbing all by yourself. https://t.co/UdjQn0S4q4

Extremely disappointed with Andhadhun. Brilliant 1st half. Completely screwed up post interval. 2nd half hobbles on the crutches of slanderous stereotypes of the medical profession. Why the needless vilification Mr Raghavan? I could have come up with a script a 1000 times better.

Alok Nath has not only destroyed an era's worth of trust and faith, he has betrayed the very institutions of ethics and moral values that he had so effortlessly come to represent as a venerable artist. The Nation must collectively beg for @vintananda's forgiveness.

How long before the establishment actively begins to sabotage #MeToo . Far too many skeletons tucked away in the cupboards. Far too much at stake. The snow has started to thaw. But they'd do all they can to thwart the avalanche.

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