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Hey @rajasthanroyals! I badly wanted to watch the RRvsRCB match in Jaipur with family & friends on Sat 19th May. But no tickets are available even in such a large stadium. All affordable tickets were mass booked as soon as bookings opened & only the ₹5K tickets remain. Pls help.

A major fire broke out quite near to the place where I work. I was among the first to be alerted. Since this is a densely populated area, our first aim was to evacuate the building, ensure no one was trapped in lifts, switch the main power supply off and call fire tenders. https://t.co/8XpF175p4I

Has politics in India reached the god level status of 'Plata O Plomo'? Discuss. 5 marks.

I already drive a Honda City. Looking for a car for my wife. #AllNewAmaze at ₹5,59,900 and 19.5 kmpl is a stunner. Great space inside. Bold headlamps and LED position light. No second thoughts now. #TheBigMove @hondacarindia https://t.co/AphykPuwOR https://t.co/shJ9Ygphsh

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Look, it is incredibly decent of Modi and Shah to try and win elections in a perfectly democratic way, when there are a hundred other easier methods available as evident in Bengal, North Korea and Russia.

I explored all avenues for buying tickets for the May 19th match at SMS Stadium Jaipur. But where to get tickets? Most have been converted to passes and gifted away to political parties and business houses. What a sham all this ticket selling business is. https://t.co/ZRZRauo8uo

The best tweet in this format ever. https://t.co/ibg4BiMtyw

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