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I love Rafi songs. There's one I often sing after drinking heavily on Saturday nights: Puke karta chala hoon main...

An Evening In Paris. Incredible cinematography by standards of 1967. Sharmila in a bikini. Shammi in a bathrobe. Aerial video of waterskiing girls by Phantom DJI 4. Well, almost. Aasman se aaya farishta

  • You can multitask really well when you are drunk.

    Thread. Most romantic songs of all times.

    Sabse bada C Republic TV ka katne wala hai.

    They say, sky is the limit for enterprising people. Absolute bunkum. Horseshit. Some of my friends were looking for a piece of land to build a hospital. Land cost? Close to 12 - 13 crores for a 2000 yard plot. Construction + equipment cost? Another 15 crores.

    Government must urgently start a fund to recover the ₹ 11,000 crore swallowed by Nirav Modi. Every Indian must pay ₹ 100 or his Aadhar Card would be taken away by Arnab Goswami.

    Relationship status: "The person you are calling is peaking with someone else. You can wait or call again later."

    Who else is up tonight for SpaceX Falcon Heavy?

    Shauq ke liye aap kya karte hain? ME: Suck on a Ferrero Rocher & wrap it back MY BOSS: Visit Thailand yearly for conference etc MILIND S: Run Mum Delhi on weekends AKKI: Buy island in Pacific to build toilets ELON MUSK: Burn a 100 million USD rocket to shoot a car in space

    Last night I was up till 3 am. Fighting sleep and impatience. To watch the majestic beast Falcon Heavy lift off to a thunderous roar. It was an experience of a lifetime. To watch an event that'll change the shape and scope of space travel forever in the years to come.

    Chess is not a game fit for middle aged men. At this age, most men are interested in chase.

    Well said Ma'am. We really need tough words today.

    Rofl Indian top tweets

    Look, a human replacing emoji 🕺 – taking emojis to a new level, are we? An interesting idea to give a personal touch to the conversations. +1 Flipkart 👍

    If Valentine's Day were only about love and all, there wouldn't have been so many preceding days of coyly building up the tempo. Valentine's Day is when you finally sum up the courage to ask the chemist for a pack of condoms.

    Of all the hot girls I follow on Twitter, one pretty lass has wished me Happy Valentine's Day. That's really cool considering that last year I received none.

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