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Happy #FlagDay from the Seacrest boys! https://t.co/aHDLg4ktvH

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What a rock star! @RyanFoundation https://t.co/OGvjKG87k4

It’s a BroShow @jonasbrothers #kellyandryan https://t.co/Qz4sAKFIK8

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Finally. A holiday card with all my siblings. @chrishemsworth @jonasbrothers https://t.co/GF8iKT3Xer

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[email protected] inherited all the height in the fam. https://t.co/Ajq50mZQKa

She’s just the best @selenagomez. #kellyandryan https://t.co/lQsgGdZqyL

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Good luck with the new movie #TheDeadDontDie! Also can’t wait to play #SG3 on the radio. Talk soon @selenagomez https://t.co/PGSEKztj8P

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All the work we do at @RyanFoundation are for stories like these. Excited for the @1027KIISFM team to spend their day at #SeacrestStudios @CHOCchildrens! It’s a second home to some of bravest and coolest kids I know. #KIISDay https://t.co/i75MGHskUx

Hope the extra chairs came in. Co-co-co-hosting with the @jonasbrothers tomorrow on #kellyandryan! https://t.co/7oIWdpIr5k

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He distracted me with the hair and went in for the takedown. Not fair. @jarchmma @LiveKellyRyan https://t.co/f2Q23FjCeX

Tomorrow @selenagomez stops by #kellyandryan! See you soon SG – let's add another selfie to the album. https://t.co/1OhNO2n6F8

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If you ever wanted to live in a world like #HarryPotter, I hope you’re happy. https://t.co/6QcHGA2ViD

Last minute run through before I debut @POLISHEDFORMEN on @QVC at 7a PT / 10a ET! Watch it LIVE here: https://t.co/BDNB1PHAk4 https://t.co/GrDcVJFyCu

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Had a blast on @qvc for the launch of my skincare line @polishedformen! Thank you @KerstinLindQVC and everyone for having me. You can still buy the collection but act fast! @kellyripa and @MarkConsuelos were put on hold. Shop here: https://t.co/Jw9HQRg7M7 https://t.co/ybABr74U4S

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Using every second I have to practice...with anyone willing to listen. Watch me debut @polishedformen TODAY on @QVC at 7a PT | 10a ET! https://t.co/Jw9HQRg7M7 https://t.co/ooq9TTRKC7

Thank you @QVC for letting me kick off #BeautyBashPHL with my skincare line @POLISHEDForMen! Excited for the launch tomorrow on “Saturday Morning Q” at 7a PT / 10a ET! You can now shop @polishedformen on @qvc here: https://t.co/Jw9HQRg7M7 https://t.co/0smvLKXj1f

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Found the best @QVC coach in town! Feeling good and ready to launch my skincare line @polishedformen with @drlancerrx tomorrow at 7a PT. Thanks for the advice @lisarinna! https://t.co/FF5QqsSvUj

Thanks for rehearsing it with me this morning @TanyaRad @Sisanie @lisarinna :) tune in tomorrow! https://t.co/Jw9HQRg7M7 https://t.co/jI38uMxdcj

Thanks @NYRE.... This is definitely a bucket list experience! @DrLancerRx @POLISHEDFORMEN @QVC https://t.co/xuFplZKhOR

"The brokenhearted are the bravest among us because they have the courage to love because they put themselves out there … there’s nothing really more powerful than a skinned and bruised heart.” - @BreneBrown changing our lives right now #BreneOnSeacrest https://t.co/SRAGHKg1Kr

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[email protected] changing lives with her @Netflix special #CalltoCourage. Thanks for the #TEDTalk this a.m. Brene! Check out her interview here: https://t.co/oNgGdG7Kua https://t.co/MK0ky76wl6

Excited for my @QVC debut to talk about my skincare line @POLISHEDFORMEN with @DrLancerRx! Looking forward to your call @KellyRipa – I go live this Saturday at 10 a.m. ET! https://t.co/3868Y4anjA

Oddly enough, the shoulder pads in my tux were bigger than the ones in my football uniform. #TBT https://t.co/bwxXp3rqp9

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I promise there’s a 35-pound plate on the other side. https://t.co/soSu4ilFGa

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