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Today I met one of my favorite artists of all time, Gabriel Orozco! Thank you for the happiness you share through your work. https://t.co/cyHML2zkJZ

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DENZEL! https://t.co/uOA4ZLwHSN

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[email protected] another year older, but not another year wiser.... https://t.co/Mcda67Ls09

This one’s going to be a rager. Can’t wait for everyone to see @Insatiable_ - you can start watching August 10 on @Netflix! #Insatiable https://t.co/LmAaUb2kcN

Incredible visit @halsey - appreciate you giving back to the kids and staff at @VUMCchildren! Thank you for sharing your extraordinary talent and big heart with the kids #SeacrestStudios https://t.co/uuaRJljT3y

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#tbt to the day I realized I was never going pro (other people knew way before this) https://t.co/SXLbPrrpP2

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We’re calling every year of @tanyarad’s life a “season,” and she just got picked up for another one. Happy bday Tanya! https://t.co/6ApgH3UifU

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A lot of kids who come to #SeacrestStudios are going through a really tough time. @HarryHudson I can’t thank you enough for sharing your story and bringing so much love, positivity, and encouragement. @VUMCchildrens https://t.co/P4QTQRf6JU

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Happy bday to my Georgia bro @lukebryanonline! Looking forward to another year of @americanidol https://t.co/wzfnJeNiRx

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A lot of the kids couldn’t see @camila_cabello and @taylorswift13 when they were in town over the weekend, so Camila brought the #reputationstadiumtour to them! Such an amazing moment #seacreststudios https://t.co/8NvxpalXRb

I was grilling and the fire dept checked in on me twice. I promise I’m not THAT bad - they were responding to a false alarm. Thanks for keeping us safe @FDNY https://t.co/9ZljH8RY25

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These two are all about exercise, I’m all about the extra fries. Thanks for stopping by @lizakoshy! #kellyandryan https://t.co/q5Dfv5sg4s

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Our @RyanFoundation interns, volunteers, and studio manager Kent at @ChildrensPhila! Can’t thank them enough for their hard work #SeacrestStudios https://t.co/KWOelgj4Wt

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Thank you @6abc Philly for this - can’t wait to share these stories with Ripa and the @LiveKellyRyan team on Monday :) @ChildrensPhila #SeacrestStudios https://t.co/WCei9EMC5p

Got to spend time with these rock stars - love seeing the kids this happy :) @ChildrensPhila #SeacrestStudios https://t.co/RsJKj0K8hI

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And #FRA wins the #WorldCup! Huge respect to #CRO for beating the odds and fighting til the end! Incredible #WorldCupFinal - cheers to all the teams on a great tournament. https://t.co/oiftAC6CKR

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