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When’s our mixtape @letitiawright? #kellyandryan https://t.co/Xv1Yli2iEg

Cheers to another year of queen kourt! Happy bday @kourtneykardash :) https://t.co/iNkUqkDUok

  • Another stop to add to your Hollywood visit! Congrats Eva :) https://t.co/tUmMdjbJ0w

    Now playing a #pulitzer on the gym playlist. Nothing like listening to an incredible body of work to motivate a body that needs work. Congrats @kendricklamar, well-deserved. #DAMN https://t.co/3Ar5C67KMl

    Ryan Seacrest top tweets

    Tomorrow @johnstamos is calling to tell us about life as a new dad! Wanted him in studio but figured the baby monitor would be out of range. Baby talk after 9a PT https://t.co/WfW8OXF2ld

    [email protected] @scooterbraun our teleprompter was flipped today. This part of your promo too? https://t.co/hdExlGOcGY

    Nice to meet you Parker! Glad you had fun at #seacreststudios. Let me know if you’re ever in town for #americanidol or #kellyandryan – I know a guy! https://t.co/CVflimjVLM

    [email protected] is 34 weeks pregnant with twins and she thinks they’re coming soon. Our @onairwithryan baby bet is still on and the stakes are high – whose side are you on?

    Advancing to the #americanidol top 14 are: @MaraJustine1, @Jurnee, @MaddiePoppe, @AdaVox, @calebleemusic, @garrett_jacobs_, and @MarcioDonaldson!

    Congrats @EffiePassero, @AmeliaHammer, @AlyssaRaghu, @shannonohara, and @RonBultongez on making it this far - you brought strong talent to the competition and made the decision tough. Can't wait to see where your journey takes you next! #americanidol

    The best part was @LukeBryanOnline's reaction. The love is real #americanidol https://t.co/QDla692fsY

    [email protected] that was SMOOVE. #americanidol https://t.co/UIQ49dUJL8

    I'm looking for spring - have you seen it anywhere? https://t.co/otDGTMkEs3

    Ryan Seacrest top tweets

    Security and backup dancers all in one. Call us if you need us @PTXofficial #kellyandryan https://t.co/1TeunftacZ

    That’s a wrap for tonight! Tomorrow is our final round of all-star duets - we cut another 5 and meet our top 14. #americanidol

    [email protected] I think you did @ScottyMcCreery proud with that performance #americanidol

    Nice work @AlyssaRaghu - you had @LukeBryanOnline tearing up #americanidol

    On today’s show we have @tylergposey and @lucyhale in studio after 8:20a PT, and @eltonofficial calling after 9:00a PT. So far #fridaythe13th is looking good… https://t.co/WfW8OXWDJN

    Well this wasn’t on my sched...is this really you @zaynmalik? https://t.co/usy3KnFqbd

    Ryan Seacrest top tweets

    Turns out I’m not getting punk’d. On the phone right now with @zaynmalik #zaynonseacrest https://t.co/WfW8OXWDJN

    "I was in love and I think that's pretty evident. I was aspiring to be in love with someone for the rest of my life and the rest of theirs as we all do. Things change and we move forward in life and times change." - @zaynmalik on #letme inspo #zaynonseacrest

    It’s #fridaythe13th and mercury is in retrograde. Maybe we should consider staying in tonight?

    It’s Georgia’s world and I just live in it. So happy #nationalpetday to me! https://t.co/KXQrTYtKsk

    Ryan Seacrest top tweets

    Tomorrow we have ATL in the house - catching up with my fave @neneleakes after 8:20a PT. You already know it’s going to get real, it’s going to be funny. It’s going to be really funny https://t.co/WD6JcSRW9i

    On a song break with @neneleakes right now - wish you could all hear her parenting advice for @sisanie. Let’s just say the twins now have an uncle tio ryry and aunty tia nene

    Congrats @khloekardashian on the baby girl - can’t wait to meet her! Sending my love to you and the fam :)

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