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Dance like all of America and Canada aren’t watching #kellyandryan https://t.co/mAA7zBh2IJ

A special birthday shout-out to @DollyParton! Last October she made a surprise visit to #SeacrestStudios @VUMCchildren and donated $1M to the hospital! And that’s just one of the many reasons why she’s everyone’s fav :) @RyanFoundation https://t.co/C2mrg7NBGq

If you haven’t seen @JasonDerulo's #BestCoverEver episode yet... a) you’re really missing out… and b) watch it now and enjoy this funky “Want To Want Me” duet! https://t.co/ZNKBRzvjM6

…And when @YouTube says the next episode is @CharliePuth’s #BestCoverEver, you stay and you watch. https://t.co/hMcEwSh6ty

Teaching @kellyripa sportswear modeling 101: Imagine there’s a babbling creek blocking your path, take a squat, then point. #kellyandryan https://t.co/toej7BAdYC

We have a new pet. https://t.co/7ymJJCuKP5

Turn up the radio - @Camila_Cabello is joining us in-studio in just a few minutes! But first, #Havana ooh na na. #CamilaOnSeacrest https://t.co/WfW8OXWDJN

Happy bday to one of the most thoughtful and inspiring people I had the pleasure of meeting, @MichelleObama! https://t.co/enzxQIE3mK

I’m helping @Disney and @ABCBeInspired donate 1 million books to kids in need by sharing the #MagicOfStorytelling! Join me - for every shelfie posted Disney will donate 1 book to @FirstBook! https://t.co/vzM83f7naS

Still catching up on holiday cards and found this one from @LandonWexler! He’s a journalism student at @SyracuseU so we sent him an #RSDistinction suit to help with his broadcasting game. Glad you like it buddy – the #SeacrestStyle and @Macys teams are always happy to help :) https://t.co/w4RbBzPxaP

Tomorrow we have @Camila_Cabello in-studio at @OnAirWithRyan after 7a PT! I have questions (mostly about @NickJonas and her new album) https://t.co/WfW8OXF2ld

[email protected]_Martin twice in one week! Good to see you bro - can’t wait to watch you on #ACSVersace. https://t.co/fCh7MYWjRS

A Jim Hopper dance break after the “I do’s” is also in order. https://t.co/MoFp1ukQsJ

In a surprising twist... #GoogleArtsandCulture https://t.co/6bFTQbbSq2

Congrats @KimKardashian and Kanye on your baby girl! Uncle Ry Ry can’t wait to meet her :) https://t.co/QDXnattPEh

3 weeks into 2018 … Are people still on track with their New Year’s resolution, or is January a trial period?

13 more weeks until flu season is over. In the wise words of @eminem, if your palms are sweaty, knees weak, arms heavy, please go see a doctor.

An ongoing debate with the @onairwithryan team ... Should guys be invited to baby showers?

Today we remember and honor the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. “The time is always right to do what is right.” #MLKDay https://t.co/v7XrwgQTGf

If you tune in to @NYRE at 8/7c on ABC, you’ll be with @MariahCarey, @BritneySpears, @Camila_Cabello and more as the clock strikes midnight. Start the new year right

Pregame meal: Pea carrot soup. @NYRE #RockinEve https://t.co/gr77OSCOys

No place I’d rather be on New Year’s Eve :) #RockinEve https://t.co/0hScKTkjti

Great opening performance @Kelly_Clarkson! Gave me chills…and I promise it’s not from the weather #RockinEve https://t.co/PztBB6MjCB

When nature calls at #RockinEve https://t.co/tJLj2RZzEt

Feliz año novo Brasil! So many great memories from the 2016 Olympics :) Happy New Year

The night is just getting started - @BTS_BigHit is coming up real soon! Don’t miss #BTSArmy #RockinEve

Nice work @FLAGALine, and congrats @Thubbmusic on the new addition to your fam. 2018 will no doubt be a big year for you! #RockinEve

Thank you Commissioner James O’Neill and NYPD for working OT to keep everyone safe tonight! #RockinEve https://t.co/H6YvODKExo

Incredible first #RockinEve performance @BTS_BigHit! Times Square was dancing with you…including myself. We’re feeling *a little* warmer now #BTSArmy

Now it’s @Camila_Cabello live from Times Square! You watching? #RockinEve

[email protected] time. #rockineve

Dancing to stay warm #rockineve https://t.co/qjxq0YuztU

You crushed it from all angles @nickjonas! #RockinEve https://t.co/JZWjWKSKNV

Nice to meet you, 2018 :) #RockinEve https://t.co/7G7vOCWAHc

Incredible #RockinEve performance by @BritneySpears! Thanks for sharing your last #PieceOfMe show with us. #2018

The party is just getting started. Welcome back @BTS_BigHit! #RockinEve #2018

And the clock strikes midnight for everyone in New Orleans! Happy New Year! #2018 #NOLAxRockinEve

It was the coldest #RockinEve on record, but thanks to this team for rolling with the punches and putting on another incredible show. Happy New Year from us, to you! #2018 https://t.co/Do82tKttGw

Happy New Year to my friends on the West Coast! Welcome to the party :) #2018 #RockinEve

Hauʻoli makahiki hou! Happy New Year Hawaii! #2018 #RockinEve

New year, new dreams, new goals, new opportunities to make this your best year ever. You got this. #2018

You’re probably going to write 2017 for the next few days, but good news is that you can easily make 7 into an 8. Trust me, just tried it. #2018

Football fuel. #GoDawgs let’s get it. https://t.co/UMyzStmf2O

And just. like. that. The Dawgs are national championship bound! Congrats @FootballUGA! #GoDawgs

Congrats @HodaKotb. You and @SavannahGuthrie are a great team! https://t.co/7r36IpwMoy

Last minute cram sesh before we’re live from the #ERedCarpet at 6p ET / 3p PT! #GoldenGlobes https://t.co/mFbaXYo0tY

That moment when @Kelly_Clarkson sees Meryl Streep and freaks out. Good to see you KC :) #GoldenGlobes #ERedCarpet https://t.co/n5o0t5VWOq

Meryl Streep and her special guest @aijenpoo, the director of the National Domestic Workers Alliance. Your #TimesUp voices are being heard tonight. #GoldenGlobes #ERedCarpet https://t.co/pbMQUq77EA

Hey @nickjonas! Long time - haven’t seen you since last year. #GoldenGlobes #ERedCarpet https://t.co/QAtnaAgO5Z

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