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American I-do. Congrats @KatyPerry and Orlando Bloom! https://t.co/BtezuQ0ior

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Karaoke night @JimmyFallon @KellyRipa? https://t.co/8xqVlmIPfM

Whether your status is single, taken, or have #ThankUNext on repeat, Happy #ValentinesDay!

To all the people who watched this morning, how cool was @lanacondor? https://t.co/tt0dQYJXqR

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Congrats @LukeBryanOnline! Poochie scored a gold ticket to a great forever home. Need to get our pups together @KatyPerry @LionelRichie https://t.co/ErHYvUoLL0

My niece Flora wishing everyone a good morning :) https://t.co/aaTzxu1Gza

[email protected]_Cabello opening the #ERedCarpet! In a bit she’ll make history as the first Latin woman to open the #Grammys. Good luck! https://t.co/9QNOZuV8T4

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All @MarenMorris wanted was to meet in the middle, but now she’s here at the #Grammys! #ERedCarpet https://t.co/TIPpLssJtN

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[email protected]_TWT’s first #Grammys! It’s all part of their global takeover. Welcome! #ERedCarpet #BTSARMY #BTSxGrammys https://t.co/zBRt1SKFq3

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These guys are the best. Have fun tonight @BTS_twt! #Grammys #ERedCarpet #BTSARMY #BTSxGrammys https://t.co/oZ9yIqU3Jb

A man who needs no intro...or step stool. #Grammys #ERedCarpet https://t.co/MmQ6asCoAw

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My sign is pizza and I’m compatible with carbs https://t.co/Jn272uMsjm

Georgia’s 5th power nap of the day. Must be nice. https://t.co/AyOEzuErQR

Ryan Seacrest top tweets
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