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And he’s safe! See you next week @TheLaineHardy #AmericanIdol #Top10

And then there were 10! #AmericanIdol #Top10 https://t.co/QRhaOJ0Lnw

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And @WalkerBurroughs joins @MadisonV in the victory corner! Congrats man #AmericanIdol #Top10 https://t.co/F6qcZd8v5d

Our #Top10 is quickly shaping up - America’s votes (and @eltonofficial’s) got @jlloydharmon through! #AmericanIdol

[email protected] if you need a duet partner for #Coachella Weekend 2, @thisismeechi just crushed it with “When The Party’s Over.” #AmericanIdol #Top10

Every week is a new surprise with @scarypoolparty! Want to see what other hidden talent he’s hiding? Text “11” to 21523! #AmericanIdol

[email protected] tugging our heartstrings tonight. Text “12” to 21523 to see her next week! #AmericanIdol

That confidence + your votes will take @lacikayebooth to the next round! Text “13” to 21523 to get her into the Top 10! #AmericanIdol

What a way to close the show! If you want to show @WalkerBurroughs some love, text “14” to 21523! #AmericanIdol

Our next #AmericanIdol is in here somewhere… Tomorrow we’re taking it from 14 to 10 on our first live results show! Tune in at 8/7c on ABC! https://t.co/OggfeqcCdG

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This night just keeps getting better and better. Text “8” to 21523 if you’re team @madisonv after that performance! #AmericanIdol

[email protected] making us all proud after that performance….especially @katyperry. Text “9” to 21523 to help him through to the next round! #AmericanIdol

Thanks @jonasbrothers for a killer private show for @lacma tonight. If you tour, I’m avail! https://t.co/SCN1dEUi2q

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You know what time it is. #TShirtTime https://t.co/CNHokufYZY

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Beardless Jon Snow only means one thing: last season of winter. In Westeros anyway. #GameOfThrones #KitHarington https://t.co/WuByXeiSB7

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It’s a magical day when you can have your unicorn cake and eat it too. #NationalUnicornDay https://t.co/YnACTzE4Qf

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My best friend who also happens to be my sister @mmseacrest. Happy #NationalSiblingsDay! #tbt https://t.co/UZF454EqMR

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I call this move the “blinding lyric” https://t.co/ZO5eeGrTeA

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