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RT if thodi thodi phat rahi hai. #AusvInd

Indian fans in the last few minutes of the match. #AUSvIND https://t.co/OSrJdpBBPD

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Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos and Warren Buffett watching #IshaAmbaniSangeet https://t.co/TZ3Qjh1k9f

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In other words, the guy who drove his car over people is dancing behind the guy who drove his car over people. https://t.co/UPQmJfsLHF

90% of Karan Johar's dance is trying to kick-start Activa on a cold morning. https://t.co/lEUeXdzq5U

My mother is a vegetarian, a very kind and a non-violent person. But when she sees ants and cockroaches, my mother turns into a professional sniper.

Smartphone showrooms are located in the middle of the city. Smartphone service centres are located on the 5th floor of a deserted building with no lift outside the city.

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