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Done with the Game Of Thrones bullshit. Now I watch Ye Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai. Naira has started earning money. She does not depend on her husband anymore. This is a real feminist show unlike Game Of Thrones which calls women characters crazy and then kills them.

Virat's Cover Drive 👌 Sachin's Straight Drive 👌 This Shot 👌 https://t.co/Adh3VVGTTA

Tyrion Lannister explaining every religion in the world in just 4 words. #TheFinalEpisode https://t.co/Ztdu5n8vwW

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In India, the Chowkidaar will sit on the Throne. In GOT, the guy you thought will sit on the Throne will become the Chowkidaar. #TheFinalEpisode

5 reasons why Game of Thrones Finale was like Loksabha Election Exit Poll #GameofThrones #GOT #GOTFinale #ExitPoll2019 https://t.co/V8kIiCMylq

What the.... https://t.co/4ZG1ngey1M

You voted for :

BJP Government. #ExitPoll2019 https://t.co/dI4NO3Wz3a

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Indians looking at the election results of 2014 and 2019. #ExitPoll2019 https://t.co/5c42CQBsGk

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Nailing the expressions 10/10 https://t.co/gftBPVOFxU

Batsman, when Dhoni takes DRS from behind the stumps. https://t.co/EWbKXeD8FA

Endgame Done IPL Over GOT about to end Me : https://t.co/S07kyUaJUV

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Punjab and Haryana using Chandigarh as their capital. https://t.co/dt1cWvphZf

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If David Dhawan made #GameofThrones https://t.co/2IyQau9KuK

When you have traditional day and science practical exam on the same day. https://t.co/O8SGhgY9gV

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I feel sleepy all the time except between 10 pm and 3 am.

This picture has one good cricketer, one good actor, one person that I really admire and then there are Salman and Katrina. https://t.co/kIsNHVBOFk

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1. Meme reviewer in UK 2. Meme reviewer in India #PriyankaSharma https://t.co/ckfRxONJ2V

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Cannot deny this 😂 https://t.co/vKQQ3J2gGC

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