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Holy shit- with SIXTY THREE reviews @Booksmart has a motherfucking 100% on @RottenTomatoes in kickass @oliviawilde feature directing debut WOWOWOW

Any representative who thinks they can plead ignorance by not reading the Mueller Report is wrong - it’s their job to read it and it should be assumed they read it so you might as well know what you’re defending, dingbats #ReadTheMuellerReport

There are lots of contenders but Peter Popoff is the devil https://t.co/tHDVLNSsZY

WTF??????💔 https://t.co/HqnUV23SPa

When u see this picture know that it’s made by an artist out of resin & does not at all represent what a 12 week fetus is or looks like. It’s smaller, translusent and not nearly as developed as this it does not yet look like a human baby because it isn’t yet. Thank you @snopes https://t.co/EqPYRqlD6t

I can’t be the first to come up with Scar-Jost right? Mazel https://t.co/hzDvHMFYe9

Hear me out: chilled raisins

Tomi wants less government over her private choices - which is a basic republican value, until it comes to legislating women’s bodies. IMOIMOIMOIMOIMO https://t.co/tKOkQpuirp

MUST WATCH https://t.co/fJ0NfheVdZ

I love u but y’all are exhausting

Hey Twitter I know it’s not your job to educate people but in the time you took to shit down their throats for being wrong you maybe coulda

Rage https://t.co/6L32ZtdNQ4

Luckily @SenatorCollins promised us that Kavanaugh would uphold Roe #WomensRightsAreHumanRights

Art by #AnneLesniak https://t.co/wPi05cN99N

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27 white males just decided what Alabama women can and can’t do with their own bodies and lives. *(Males cause 100% of unwanted pregnancies) https://t.co/QfXpnwit0w

I’m noticing an excess of the word space in the wellness space

Good grief. Women should have the same autonomy over our bodies that men do. If we don’t have autonomy we don’t have equal rights. This is devolution https://t.co/GSPe5O4pLK

I used to live for the smell of my boyfriends’ armpits but I’ve found if I workout hard enough I can manifest that uber-masculine post-coital smell in my own sweet armpits and I consider that a win


I was just thinking that today at brunch! https://t.co/OZajdu1WHJ

please @realdonaldjtrump @vp @IvankaTrump @FLOTUS please stop this. I give up. Just please stop these crimes against humanity https://t.co/7xz4HsqhfG

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