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I manspread


  • C’mon Mia- Trump did that once and they didn’t thank him enough- remember?

    A breach so far beyond drug dealers at the highest level. U aren’t expected to trust that ur drug dealer has your best interest at heart. This is fucked-up hard-core crime, betrayal & an oath ripped in half. Greed is dangerous & ALWAYS demands to come before people

    This is so embarrassing for you — it’s PEELE

    Starting OMG RIGHT now the rest of tonight’s tweets will be written under the influence of 20 mgs THC edible. Dark cherry chocolate. Peace in the Middle East

    Just watched a really good Levi’s commercial oof my grammar – a really well Levi’s commercial

    Sweet nod a rooni to Jerry Orbach, Broadway star of The Fantastics I love that shit

    This is important

    Oh he was somewhere between Pete Best and Ringo. You can still love Monty Python those guys are awesome

    If u don’t watch this it will still be happening. CHILDREN. BABIES. We, the US, are not just allowing this to happen, we’re MAKING IT POSSIBLE. Now we need to make it IMPOSSIBLE.

    Terry Gilliam may wanna turn those feelings of fear & uncertainty he’s getting from #metoo/#timesup and realize “Ohh this is how life has been for THEM til now... huh. Wow. Damn.” See? Now it’s empathy.

    Man, Jeff Sessions was so brilliant in Postcards From The Edge

    Sarah Silverman top tweets

    What’s a 5 letter word that means “in your own asshole”?

    Sarah Silverman top tweets

    HELP!! Reproductive rights & immigrant rights activist, @AleLaPlebe was targeted by ICE at a peaceful protest & is being held in southern Arizona w/out bond. Please sign the petition to #ReleaseAle & SHARE #AlevsICE

    Sarah Silverman top tweets

    dare I pitch “MERCH For Our Lives”? I’m the worst..

    ??Vermont is a hunting state. It was never an NRA thing. But he has changed w the times & has been fighting for gun reform. Hillary was outspoken *against* gay marriage until she wasn’t. Now she is an lgbti champion & that’s awesome. To be changed IS progress. Y look2divide us?

    Jeanne Shaheen NOOOOOO!

    Brilliant piece by my sis @RabbaSusan about the BIG LIES the Israeli govt tells it’s people about refugees & how the people AREN’T BUYIN IT (and it’s all so familiar. See: United States)

    ♥️♥️Be free from your shell and I hope you are at peace but DO NOT REST. You have shit to do from the other side whatever that is- which you need to figure out for us. thx♥️♥️

    It’s a classic buddy movie formula: The only thing that will bring Israel & Palestine together is a common enemy. I am willing to be that common enemy. My name will be Xylatron. IM XYLATRON AND IM COMING TO GIT YOU, MIDDLE EAST!!! RAAAARRRRRR!!!

    I mean... Got to eat and go deeep with the amazing @cvaldary evidenced by the below

    Sarah Silverman top tweets

    God forbid we see the conversations in the country be reflected in art

    Let me record your outgoing VM message, Dummy! @eBay is auctioning a personalized VM recording from yours truly, ALL proceeds benefit @gnwp_gnwp #IWD2018 Check it:

    Michael sheen stand by...

    WATCH & BE CHANGED BY ART: Penelope Ann Miller as Emily Webb in Our Town. A young woman from a small NH town dies & sees things clearly for the first time:l “OH EARTH YOURE TOO WONDERFUL FOR ANYBODY TO REALIZE YOU”

    HAHAHAHAHA I am dying I love the human race so much

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