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CC: @MELANIATRUMP @FLOTUS #BeBest https://t.co/46ts4MZSAa

Yo! @BetoORourke currently leading a march to the detention center in Tornillo. Follow live on Beto’s FB page https://t.co/T52DbxSjWH or the Latino Victory FB page https://t.co/wieUUaUdUM

Good lord https://t.co/z8kg8W57md

Proof https://t.co/5xvrOJvv7z

Take a break from the madness and watch a turtle who thinks he’s a dog https://t.co/rh1tZRA5CD

Wow https://t.co/hGi3TYGpVR

Im gonna hold these children hostage until Dems agree to all the shitty things I want = this is on the Dems. You’re a damaged man. You’re emotionally able to ruin these children’s lives & use them as pawns bc ur life was ruined as a child. PLEASE GET HELP https://t.co/Tm3MA33HZf

Fucking bot. (sept 6th- thanks!!) https://t.co/tGJMHJwBsK

Had fun on @latelateshow last night but didn’t wanna touch the audience’s cummy jizzy hands https://t.co/kQhtZmFSk5

It’s nuts- she’s blaming Dems 4not stopping Trump from making this pure-evil policy. Man -they repeatedly point2 Dems & blame them 4 doing what they themselves are doing & it’s SO fucking insane that people believe it. That’s Y I don’t blame the lied-tos, I blame the liars. https://t.co/tsinnOlto5

ATTN: @JeffBezos @tim_cook @amazon @Apple https://t.co/Ttv1mDq9Ut

Yo - Watch this and Love America with me! Catch up ‘cause we’re back Sept 6 babieees https://t.co/tqF3Afn2pG

I love you so much George https://t.co/ossKrPiouo

i smell like tiger balm a lot

For a really long time the comedy women did in movies was tripping/falling I’m so jazzed that’s over

He definitely has had 3 miracles. 1) could be when he got $20M government funding for public television /children’s educational programming- in the 1960s! 2) his experience with KoKo the Gorilla and 3) he gave generations of us self worth & humanity https://t.co/gqG4X72Apo

Another @LauraJSilverman birthday song from TSSP — “The Baby Penis in Your Mind” enjoy https://t.co/Q5qEv2ZeE7

And just so you don’t think birthday girl @LauraJSilverman is just a comedy level singer, here she is singing her fave, “Oh happy day” (wish I could find the video) ENJOY https://t.co/hUClmqZEmL

I love Bruce Springsteen. He makes us all come from Freehold, NJ


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