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Holy shit I loved her so much! Where we doing Thanksgiving?? https://t.co/s4QfrFzGBV

In his defense he meant to post it on 4Chan... https://t.co/CgZ0o1ttNl

My knee jerk reaction is the old “they’re missing an empathy gene” but that’s just “us” & “them” thinking — I think it’s that no one can access their empathy when their porcupine needles are up. When their baseline is fear. Eh... I dunno. But maybe https://t.co/CqpzGJcFnM

Trump has taken his personal cycle of abuse to a macro level. How are we letting this happen and how are our representatives letting this happen? THIS is an emergency https://t.co/sc4JTWraiY

I want a tee shirt of this picture ♥️@DonCheadle https://t.co/A4y6xKMaji

⬇️💔❤️♥️ https://t.co/tM7lIGtavM

Our government is doing this to humans. This is non partisan issue. We have to join together to stop this. We are punishing children for seeking safety. https://t.co/wvVbFI4epg

I will never stop crying it’s too much /can’t handle https://t.co/zLh8PR3Saz

⬇️Go Gen Z #JoinJuliana⬇️ https://t.co/bq28YF7ZxL

NSFW and also CGFS (Contains Gallons of Fake Semen) https://t.co/nCc1p0NX5W


Slide into my BMs

Amazing thread - count me in as an auntie https://t.co/7EwPMNgr75

George Washington Carver changed the world with his nuts

Best headline ever https://t.co/LZ3MdI3wbE

“we must be careful that we do not allow the justifiable aspects of the critique against Rep. Omar to lead to a reflexive position where we silence active criticism of the Israeli government, or the worst actions of the State of Israel.”⬇️ https://t.co/SHVVh9v9IW

why isn’t 3 Feet High and Rising on iTunes


Thomas Friedman Brilliantly Explains Why Ilhan's Israel Comments Are Fundamentally True @IlhanMN https://t.co/ELRc8PUYMF

Ps I’m more offended by a president who denies a real threat 97% of scientists beg him to take action on while creating a fake threat out of at-risk brown people at the border https://t.co/moi7uEBpbc

Sadly I don’t. I love children very much though. Someday if I do I hope they have a sense of justice and speak truth to power with earnestness and humor. But I’d be happy with anything. Even a teeny tiny baby you! https://t.co/dwpLxLL8U9

Which is out on digital TODAY! ❤️❤️❤️@DisneyAnimation @wreckitralph #RalphBreaksTheInternet https://t.co/moi7uEBpbc

No shit bc It’s like every other powerful lobby buying influence. It’s fucked & why we gotta REVERSE CITIZENS UNITED & make laws against money in politics — NRA/Big Oil/Big Pharma -massive influence w $$that all hurt peoples. True-not antisemitic. But always the ones singled out https://t.co/zLEHIvmwSm

-Every single thing he says is an insanity-level lie. -Don Jr. calling teachers losers is straight heartbreaking. -SMH right off https://t.co/SRAoxDyJIX

Trump is a bot omg this makes so much sense you guys Trump’s a bot

Thanks, Friend. Now let’s work together for equality freedom and justice for all. Israel, Yemen, Syria, America everywhere we see it. People have interest in dividing us. It’s up to us to refuse. ☮️ https://t.co/oB0xoimLg1

Thank you for this, and yes let’s get money out of politics- starting with overturning Citizens United- the most ironic name for the biggest, shittiest threat to our democracy. #intersectionality https://t.co/BwiKsEhusK

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