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Creme Centre's tagline should be "disappointingly veg".

Happy birthday @IndianIdle https://t.co/MQurDX4FHK

Shazam is DC's Deadpool 🙄

Of all the trailers at Comic Con, Disenchantment is the one I'm most excited for.

A thread of prime importance https://t.co/op6Gprmtr9

The sad part about watching the movie before reading the book is half the imagining of the details is done for you.

Salaam Bombay https://t.co/yYoa5HoXmv

"ek second haan mera pen gir gaya" #NoConfidenceMotion https://t.co/2ekxBz0LEU

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Everyday. #NoConfidenceMotion https://t.co/G2C0GjB4UW

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Piracy is a sux guys. Please buy original games only and pay them game producers their rewards for making good games. https://t.co/b2uqrq7dED

The haul from the Amazon Prime Day sale is here! 20th Anniversary Slytherin Editions of the first two Harry Potter books and a brand new Kindle Paperwhite. Goodbye world. 🤤🤤 https://t.co/q8PQl3eT72

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On vibrate mode your phone is shook.

Friend: "Dude, your mom is funny!" Me [in my caveman best]: "yamaha"

Fake happiness every once in a while for your therapist's sake. They're probably sick of seeing sad people.

This is fucken awesome and everything I imagined the movie to be. https://t.co/trF7ePEVv2

Happy @NatellaPuncakes day! https://t.co/lcyJ6Jf6yU

Brains says France, Heart says Croatia. #WorldCup #WorldCupFinal

Chalo well played Pondicherry. #WorldCupFinal #WorldCup

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