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What Harish Iyengaar Tweeted On Twitter?

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If Kanye is the new Osho then his Netflix special is gonna be called Wild Wild West. https://t.co/13yR9Ykb0t

Harish Iyengaar top tweets

you bring one tinder date home and then https://t.co/iQqZt3o5Ic

  • PSA: I have deleted Snapchat. https://t.co/lcNm5kTSQJ

    Harish Iyengaar top tweets

    lol burn 🔥 https://t.co/eJoNWta8k8

    Y’all playing FarCry 5 yet? #PS4share https://t.co/igtkzTQSym

    Harish Iyengaar top tweets

    ok calm down harish https://t.co/dwh1EBsWjJ

    Harish Iyengaar top tweets

    Who wants to taxidermy my tattoos and frame them? We should be able to sign up for this like organ donations. #SaveMyInk https://t.co/x4B7CYLh5f

    Friend: A man has been pretending to be a doctor at AIIMS for five months. Me: You know who else has been pretending to be a doctor for years? WebMD.

    MH370 https://t.co/zFSDBfzJ0z

    Yo @VodafoneIN the free netflix subscription link that I got from you guys via SMS doesn’t work. How do I activate this/?

    Got 3 ACs professionally serviced in under an hour and at like some 1000 bucks only. Shoutout for fantastic job by the guys from @urbanclap! Kudos.

    Mia Khalifa going down on herself. https://t.co/CLSKF4CMyw

    Pink toes, pink nose and one floppy ear. #TeamPixel https://t.co/aPFmxDFQSr

    Harish Iyengaar top tweets

    I really want this massive Halloween party at the parliament. https://t.co/pryHwykzh9

    mc bc ki gaaliyan > 'eod' on mails

    I want to rate this review 10/10. What a beautiful choice of words and mellow yet strong narration. Only @IGN could do this. https://t.co/2a8ZrMBIYR

    Standard sadly. #MiddleClassGamers https://t.co/cAHS0wJwFG

    The concept of "true love" exists. https://t.co/SuRGnfIi8t

    Damn Jaden, you must really suck at this game https://t.co/Y06x14fMVL

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