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Recognize the real anti-national, you dumbfucks. https://t.co/iWeubOPDpX

The only people who have truly been on a date are those who have 'Jayanti' next to their names.

Google assistant doesn't respond to me because I say k google. I'm that guy.

Clearly health is wealth. https://t.co/Nsc37VOoWa

I think my office cafeteria guy is making fun of me cause I ordered bread butter jam. https://t.co/LvwYHliNsJ

leaving no opportunity https://t.co/ONhoR0j6yH

wow i'm high on painkillers

when you're from assgard https://t.co/UFBLEC64p3

PSA for Marathi movie enthu cutlets: Muramba is on Netflix now.

Some really cool shit coming up y'all! https://t.co/SHYthKvAgZ

Dishonored 2 got damn boring damn fast.

RIP Dolores O Riordan. This is shocking.

Bhakts doing what they do best and digging up old tweets of a stand up comedian. Jobless dumbfucks.

Remove Kumbh Mela subsidy while you’re at it.

well no shit https://t.co/cxbz5jO0hr

Let’s do this! #WatchDogs2 #PS4share https://t.co/u66M3P3DU8

This is damn cool. Check out Nuo you guys. One step closer to practical use of cryptocurrency! https://t.co/TsjkSU1H9F

Damn so what happens to the kids? Getting admission is a bitch. https://t.co/sY3HGaH94n

Watch Dogs 2 is a fantastic game! Improved so much on the aesthetics, theme, gameplay and flexibility of taking approaches to objectives. Kudos @Ubisoft

Happy birthday @saffrontrail :)

Oh Delhi. https://t.co/Db6yrfWzAq

How to make a cat look like a rodent. Step 1: Give the cat a bath. https://t.co/SlmUkZxsyZ

Good morning. Filter coffee made by yours truly. https://t.co/d8TqM1OknC

Hello Sunday. https://t.co/cT3EMPGh29

Android Users, what's the Android equivalent of Apple Wallet? Best place to store my boarding passes, movie tickets, event access etc?

I know when that Hotline Bling... https://t.co/PbHH6sL8NO

Veil Of Maya (@ Todi Mill Social in Mumbai, Maharashtra) https://t.co/KvCsYWCjdu

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