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When the whole planet tells you you’re an alcoholic...

You’re using logic. That’s very passé.

I wish I could tweet the sound of the Price Is Right losing horn.

The best part about “Fire and Fury” is the revelation that Trump is Judge Smails to Jared Kushner’s Spaulding.

The wait is almost over — #COSMOS is coming back for season 2!

Not a moment too soon.

Go follow our director/producer @joncassar as we launch #theorville season 2!

The Trump legacy. Take a good hard goddamn look. If you find it acceptable for a Big Mac-chomping reality TV personality to rip a family apart for political gain, you’re seriously fucked in the head.

“I’m sorry Mr. Bannon, that one’s taken.” “Okay well, whatever’s the closest thing you have.”

Rose Marie was a world-class entertainer, the likes of which we just don’t see today. Here’s a sample of her awesomeness:

Dear Donny T: Either learn the facts, or leave science to the scientists. Here’s the difference between weather and climate:

Space goes well with booze.

When young men become old men, the best acquire wisdom: The wisdom to know when to teach and when to learn, when to speak and when to listen, when to lead and when to follow, when to fight and when to make peace. You are age without wisdom, old man. I hope I’m never like you.

To correct a bit of misreporting: No, there won’t be an Orville/Family Guy crossover, and yes, The Orville season 2 will arrive later this year.

Donny, your boy spent 10 minutes fearfully blowing you while Tapper tried to ask legit questions. You’ll feel better after you eat a sandwich.

It’d be hilarious if it wasn’t real.

Everyone should take an interest in politics, whether you live in Houston or Des Moines. Why should Hollywood be an exception?

“Saoirse Ronan Farrow” would be a good Wheel Of Fortune ‘Before and After’ puzzle. That one’s fuckin’ free, Sajak.

I miss that shirt.

We’re thrilled too!!!

Oprah is beyond doubt a magnificent orator. But the idea of a reality show star running against a talk show host is troublingly dystopian. We don’t want to create a world where dedicated public service careers become undesirable and impractical in the face of raw celebrity.

I don’t think anyone is questioning the breadth of her accomplishments. The observation is a more fundamental one: Will there still be room for the likes of Kamala Harris or Maggie Hassan in the political future we’re creating, or only Tom Hanks?

New York City takes a stance of leadership against the fossil fuel corporations. Man, I love New York.


Boot this overstuffed trash bag and all his cowardly enablers out of office so comedians can start tweeting comedy again.

Thanks Mike!!!

Ever wonder what you’d look like in Quahog? Now, you can Family Guy Yourself! Go to #FamilyGuy

You can also check out the new #FacebookStickers in celebration of our 300th episode:

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