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If you haven’t yet seen #theorville season 1, this guy sums it up: https://t.co/dsqljTQdi4

It’s also available on Betamax, VHS, and 8-track cassette. https://t.co/BdLzQ2Fxup

Letter from 44 Republican and Democratic lawmakers to the current Senate https://t.co/cNpZ8FBCZK

There is a truly epic new season of #theorville In store for you beginning December 30th on Fox

Professor Harold Hill is selling a band. https://t.co/YGxvNEcW3J

"Once you start down the path of diluting, obviating, nullifying the results of an election, it’s very hard to pull back from that," https://t.co/KQTW9q1Op4

Happy Birthday, Sam https://t.co/yMaQkW43rw

Just completed mixing the newest album with my fantastically talented collaborators @joelsephmc and Rich Breen, with stunning new arrangements by Andrew Cottee

Yeah, that’s... that’s cool. https://t.co/JaylDCpfWP

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