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Favorite headline of the week https://t.co/PxOlZdqjZY

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This Thursday, @joncassar @BrannonBraga and Andre Bormanis take you on a sci-fi voyage like no other—Something big is gonna go down. #TheOrville 9/8c on Fox

This is a spectacular piece of footage. https://t.co/MMpqQhoLO1

I’m surprised Trump hasn’t called for “a total and complete shutdown of the Oscars until our country's representatives can figure out what the hell is going on.”

Thanks again to Bruce Willis for lending his voice to a potted plant #TheOrville

Just wait... https://t.co/o0ftAtBixu

Ship design on #TheOrville this year only gets better and better — lot of great work from Brandon Fayette, Luke McDonald, and our amazing VFX team https://t.co/YRpIY0H9zh

Not enough https://t.co/0DHKfijTzB

Guessed it https://t.co/7Xg0ceCly9

Tonight’s episode of #TheOrville features a big surprise special guest cameo — See if you can spot him

Ha- Forgot about this one https://t.co/YFq2hz0If2

A voice of reason: The case against “border security” https://t.co/QZ2IUkTvRE

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