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Goddamn we love our fans. #TheOrville https://t.co/2owbifSjlJ

Tim Robinson’s “I Think You Should Leave” is hilarious. Go check it out.

Buttigieg is a class act. Realistically, Fox News deserves less slack than he gives them, but it’s the mark of a leader that he always takes the high road. https://t.co/btsVHtZYrL

No reasonable person would suggest that Fox News should lean liberal. In fact, a diverse spectrum of political journalism is healthy for society. What we’d like to see is a responsible conservative news outlet -like the Wall Street Journal- as opposed to a circus of demagoguery.

The op-ed section is off the deep end to be sure, but the primary journalism is relatively sound. https://t.co/GqeLxcQttu

It’s all yours, I’m currently tied up in development with the Jason Statham Music and Variety Hour. https://t.co/1cSLTgD38b

In light of recent events, this essay on Roe v. Wade by Carl Sagan still stands as a must-read. https://t.co/XsKP71pJoy

The Alabama decision is ominous, but should surprise no one. We elected a Republican-controlled Senate. We have a deeply conservative Supreme Court. And Donald Trump is President. This decision is not an aberration. It is who we, as a nation, have collectively chosen to be.

A Buttigieg-Trump Presidential race would be fascinating and symbolic: One man with modest prior political experience. One man with none. One who personifies the glorification of ignorance. One who embodies the glorification of intellect. It would expose the way we see ourselves.

Here’s the official trailer for Showtime’s “The Loudest Voice”! https://t.co/0TKydWwu8i

Oh fucking goddamn hell fuckfuckdickshit! https://t.co/9sB3UgUze0

We’ve lost another great Hollywood talent. Take a minute to appreciate the legendary Doris Day: https://t.co/72ssvivryz

Perfect music for the Kaylon-Khalifan battle in season 3 https://t.co/VsDtku2K9Q

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