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sethmacfarlane | Updated: Interesting piece as we continue to make efforts to evolve ourselves. “It’s a good example of liberals substituting myth and ideology for knowledge, just like conservatives do on subjects like climate change.”

Tammie Jo Shults: A walking reminder to appreciate great pilots. Way to go.

  • A sensible reminder that we are never finished evolving.

    “It’s not true because I don’t want it to be true.”

    Seth MacFarlane top tweets

    Exec producer and all-around brilliant filmmaker @joncassar directing #theorville again this week - wait’ll you see what’s in store

    You forget the fundamental: We are all in the human endeavor together. There is a moral duty to look out for one another. It’s what separates the evolved civilization from the savage mob. It’s a basic tenet of advanced civilization, and government policy should reflect that.

    Suppose billionaires like the Koch brothers were facing a tax increase. They wouldn’t feel it. Now suppose this meant the difference between eating and starving for an impoverished child right here in this country. If any part of that sounds like “punishment,” you have a problem.

    The problem with that mindset is that it inevitably leads to “the hell with everyone.” Be a better human than that.


    As someone who enjoys a measure of success, I’ll say this: You bet your fucking ass luck was a factor.

    As Scott Pruitt cuts the EPA to pieces here in the United States of Decay, Singapore moves toward the future with bold environmental projects like this one. If we can change our priorities, elect thinkers instead of Trumps, and teach ourselves to learn, we can move forward too.

    Seth MacFarlane top tweets

    As Chancellor Gorkon said, “I can see we still have a long way to go.”

    Just a reminder that those “Hollywood elites” include carpenters, builders, painters, truck drivers, electricians, movers, plumbers, cooks, and many other dedicated people the likes of whom I’m fortunate to work alongside every day. Turn off Fox News. You’ll think more clearly.

    I like to think porches are for everyone, but your point seems to be that extreme wealth inequality at the expense of the population at large is unjust, and the rich should pay their fair share in taxes. I would agree. Sounds like you’re a liberal.

    Stellar work on #theorville season 2 ep 4 by @AdriannePalicki, Peter Macon, and our outrageously talented director Robert Duncan McNeill!

    Does Trump get a "congrats on your 50 ⭐️ tweet!" notification from FavStar Bot every time he threatens nuclear war? Have we considered that's why he keeps doing it?

    “Forty-one percent of Americans, and 66 percent of millennials, cannot say what Auschwitz was. Only 39 percent of Americans know that Hitler was democratically elected.”

    I’m not going to point out that Trump’s approval rating is also 41%, because that would be unfair liberal bias.

    For everyone who wishes this account would forget about politics and get back to silly jokes: goddammit don't you understand that's exactly what I want, too

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