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Watch the #Señorita BTS part two now here! x https://t.co/yD3OG7SVRO https://t.co/o7Z8KIiTsj

Go watch the #Señorita Behind-The-Scenes now! Part two coming tomorrow x https://t.co/rBjuCqK0kz https://t.co/cJOXZ7UhEH

I had ONE JOB!!!!! https://t.co/lr7MykRw3S

LOL. Unreal, please tell him I think he’s very cool https://t.co/iVgrcLNnni

LOL I need to grip my shoes! The fence tripped me. I won’t fall tonight https://t.co/NwZrR9jf4h

LOL okay okay I get it, you guys are funny I admit. Lazy eye for life https://t.co/aMYAbiD1ub

#SenoritaVideo out now, directed by Dave Meyers https://t.co/9ulzSMhwqN https://t.co/Yl5ESlTmFe

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Señorita ... @Camila_Cabello 🖤🌹 https://t.co/oxgGIHqhAa

Shawn Mendes top tweets

I must have had 300 mints that day https://t.co/3ZiEooAFOk

Join the #Senõrita premiere now here and send us your questions. We’ll be joining at 11pm ET to answer & video is out at midnight x https://t.co/EHxEuSIc5J https://t.co/GpCczSN0co

Go stream & download #Señorita now here! x https://t.co/GhTH4F8R9L https://t.co/hKjSWuqaY2

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Watch the #Señorita video now here! x https://t.co/9ulzSMhwqN https://t.co/8Y8BzZXUaI

#Senõrita Midnight ET https://t.co/ORC0sxxwsJ

#Señorita premiere starts 10pm ET. Video & song at midnight x https://t.co/eYRbULjHG5 https://t.co/ZSFgSjoXQ3

#Señorita video with @camila_cabello midnight ET tonight! Join us for the premiere on YouTube starting at 10pm & chat at 11pm ET x https://t.co/d7dWIME9gg

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Lol same. https://t.co/m74wVjqe0b


#Señorita 6.21 @Camila_Cabello https://t.co/BkEf5GUhBu https://t.co/I30wa8Zxx3

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No thank you Paulo ! https://t.co/M0abFqkcQz

Saskatoon thank you so much!!!!❤️🌸

Wow popcorn smells unbelievable.

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