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Aao bhasad machaye.

Fruits of 'never giving up' are more fruitful than fruits of patience.

At times, I feel like not to talk anything with anyone for hours but I don't want anyone to presume that another Manmohan singh in making. I know when to raise voice.

Trust pehle galat bande par hota, baad me kisi par karne ka mann nhi karta.

Ignores you

Aaj tak nhi pta laga ye

Stop talking and stop sending messages if someone asks you too, for self respect and respecting their words too

Cricket me bails or balls ki boht importance h: Bails par lagi toh samman gya Balls par lagi toh samaan gya

Maa maa hoti hai, feminism se durr rehti hai

13 Things You Should Give Up If You Want To Be Successful (worth a read)

First things first otherwise they never last.

Do pal mayusi ke baad guzar jaane se badiya do pal khushi ke guzaar jao.

Market: Pic 1: Before GST Pic 2: After GST

Pic 1: weekend Pic 2: weekdays

Pic 1: twitter insomniacs during whole day Pic 2: twitter insomniacs during night

Jo pehle saath me selfie lete the aaj selfish ho gaye?

No matter how many dishes you can make, in case of extreme level of hunger you decide to make maggi.

People on Delhi roads presume that person riding/driving in front of them doesn't know how to use indicator.

Expectation v/s realityπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Shaktimaan's girlfriend said that to him:

Crazy world,lotta kon smell karta hai?

Friend: I'm drunk Me: me kaise maan lu? Friend: reply for honest opinion.

Forget understanding sarcasm, I can't even understand the girl I like.

Touch phones were invented to keep people out of touch from the world.

Sunday morning: Pic 1: 8:00 am Pic 2: 8:05 am parents: ab shaadi hamare bete ki honi hai

If in any case anyone needs suggestions for a good read, you can read this tweet's replies

Baniya Friend: aaj party tumhara bhai dega His friends:

I want all my interactions with relatives to be like 'Johnny johnny' poem which always will end with 'hahahahah' from my side.

So many people post same screenshots with 'I love twitter' caption, and no one says anything definitely I hate twitter.


Jab friday night ko parents ghar se bahar jaane ko mana kar dein:

Plane ne itna time laga diya ki meri hault khrab ho gyi.

Jha par expectation ki shuruat hoti hai usi jagah se aapka katne ki shuruat bhi ho jati hai!

Waise saare rishte karana ka theka ham sabki bua ne le rakha h.

Crushes are so funny that they don't even like if you talk to some other person or talk to them about some other person wholeheartedly.

When nothing else works,worrying will also won't work.

That one relative in the family whatsapp group who doesn't say good night but

*sleeping before all the members of family for the first time* Family members:

I'm thinking about muting this word 'love' too. My timeline will be cleaner than all.

Relatives ko tumhari degree se matlab nhi hota apna kaam free me karwana hota hai.

No matter who you are but I'll judge you from 2-3 tweets, I've done mastery in judging- People on twitter

Go to and enter your favorite artist. Have fun.

Ek 10/1 ho gya hai resolution bnaye ab tak pura nhi huya or log har saal nya resolution bnate hain.

I'm not a good heart person but:


Few genuine conversation

Ghalib ko kya pta tha janaab ki ghalib ki diary future me emo tweets bnane me kaam aayegi.

Quote that one thing/talent/quality that you always have thanked for.

Inner injury and winter's relationship is permanent rest others are temporary.

I'm so single that book fair bhi akele jana padh rha hai.

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