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Donovan Mitchell and Mike Conley Jr. are already building that teammate chemistry 🏀 (via @ChrisJHoops, @swishcultures_) https://t.co/RJjHBu8bff

[email protected] ranked the top 30 free agents based off a three-year projections. Full list (E+): https://t.co/pC47Op0KiC https://t.co/AcvxrLGNDt

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Giannis joins elite global company 🌎 https://t.co/yZquhua17l

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Bronny ➡️ Zaire is going to be fun to watch 💪 (via @DwyaneWade) https://t.co/rPx6RsACFr

Louisville pitcher Luke Smith was fired up. https://t.co/O6PfQ8OL5h

7 years ago today, LeBron won his first NBA championship and for him, it was "about damn time". 🏆 https://t.co/5oRcvShATu

Late in the 2nd round, Jordan Bone's draft party looked like it would end in disappointment. Then, his name was called. (via @1st_blackpope) https://t.co/VoykY5JqUv

When tennis turns into soccer 😆 (via @TennisTV) https://t.co/n55WVSn8i3

The Dominican Republic's lead prosecutor says David Ortiz was not the target of a shooting in a nightclub in his hometown on June 9. https://t.co/4yzMSwYA0p https://t.co/XyPWAW69lG

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THE ATHLETICISM 😱 (via @DACjumpz) https://t.co/0br7rw4eWI

The cast of Space Jam 2 will include: • Anthony Davis • Damian Lillard • Nneka Ogwumike • Chiney Ogwumike • Chris Paul • Diana Taurasi • Klay Thompson (via multiple reports) https://t.co/Tphu9U40F9

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