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John Kelly is going to be a great host of the Oscars!

Yeah! Grammy Nomination for Jon Batiste! BEST AMERICAN ROOTS PERFORMANCE: “Saint James Infirmary Blues,” Jon Batiste DEEP!

Wait a second, did Trump only go to the funeral to look for an Attorney General? https://t.co/Jx6dMF6SgF

It was a quiet day in America. https://t.co/HTfPOEyQ90

Tonight! I can't take the suspense of all the redacted memos. Come on Mueller! Can’t we at least buy a vowel? #LSSC

Have they asked Michael Avenatti? https://t.co/3LWskPLray


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Here’s the thing: it might have been Trump’s fault. https://t.co/Ftl1bTdqzS

Well then, let’s help with that marketing! Retweet this, y’all! https://t.co/s3MBOsgLJM

It's wonderful to be back! https://t.co/DVbzYGIK4M

Not sure about Paul Ryan’s official portrait. https://t.co/zMkq6qBfop

Stephen Colbert top tweets

Robert Mueller is getting closer and closer to his prey. It's a true game of cat and large, slow-moving man. https://t.co/tRJvnlsZxV

'Very legal and very cool' = 1) How the President talks about his Russian deals, and 2) How Juul markets their vapes.

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