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News, I can't leave you alone for five minutes! https://t.co/rpH6V1xE0V

I’m all about the press asking Trump the tough questions, but this was just plain mean! https://t.co/FvAJ4aXUqb

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I don’t ever want to hear about presidential genitals again, which is why I’m giving an early endorsement to Ken Doll 2020.

Ok, I’m in. #CPAForMayor https://t.co/dTFZgxUi4V

Congratulations to @ConanOBrien on 25 years of hosting late night! I’m not going to attempt a joke, because I will never be as funny as you are.

I hope the first scene of Jon Hamm's Batman movie is Batman swooping in to catch this guy. https://t.co/xsK30m4VfM

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I heard they're looking for a new Superman. I just want to put it out there that I coincidentally wear glasses and red underwear.

Tonight https://t.co/wz9kxzx93Q

One Beard to Rule Them All: Alex Trebek, you and me, on my show, trivia face-off. Loser shaves! @Jeopardy #LSSC #Colbeard https://t.co/XiPavGPRIQ

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President Trump has been hard at work both preparing for the hurricane and bragging about how good he is at hurricanes. https://t.co/KEn8OPdBMZ

I do admire her clarity. https://t.co/Hdk4FWXMqi

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