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Anyone here use crystals to mediate please hmu

#Delhi friends please help. What are some good dance schools there? My young cousin sister is looking to learn.

Wow twinning

Nothing matters and life is short and you are ageing and you will die soon so enjoy your youth while it lasts.



Probably making a joke about boobs, bra or period. P.S. I’m hosting an open mic, tomorrow @toocuckoomum, 8.30pm. You should come.

The winters have ghosted on Bombay again

Hello world :)

Their time is up.

Vincent van Gogh's last words were "The sadness will last forever", and I think he was talking about Tinder.

I don’t understand how anyone with pets can do anything except love and cherish them all day long.

My head is hurting so bad rn it feels like you reading this tweet

Who else is coming for the Gunda screening?

Performing here tonight. #Powai pls make it

I wonder how many Aziz Ansari-esque stories go unshared. I have a few.

Today I’m worrying about worrying and finally 2018 has happened for me

In today’s edition of men reclaiming feminist icons because wearing Rosie the Riveter tshirt is just too girly.

I'm ded.

Whatever happened to the Gal Gadot expose? Was there any conclusion or any word from Gal herself wrt her roommate's rape?

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