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I love Namjoon so much. Literally crying.

#NewProfilePic https://t.co/QpeQdu8WNn

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All I want is to surround myself with good people, but then twitter exists so I guess we’ll all burn in this dumpster fire together

I was featured in today’s @EconomicTimes, talking about BTS ❤️ https://t.co/LEhRo9fMpd


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Does anyone know of any Korean language classes in Mumbai? So far, I’ve been learning from Coursera (which is very good), but I’d like an actual teacher just so I know I’m not fucking up the pronunciations.

Damn I really miss Run BTS 😭

My laptop table is the best thing in my life right now

💎 https://t.co/aHbSqkMBV1

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Anyone wanna slide some bon Voyage 3 links in my DMs...... they’re open

I want to write a book

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