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Pffft Kenny G is in my elevator EVERY DAY. https://t.co/otcj9KLGsM

Uber drivers call: M’am, I’ve reached your location. Ola drivers call: M’am, where do you want to go? Okay, I’ll be there in a minute. *cancels cab*

Happy Valentines Day ❤️ https://t.co/MnRJYh7lYO

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Whitewashing fansites are quaking https://t.co/4efsDxkbHv

All of twitter: burning down with rage and anger and hate. Meanwhile me, following only 8 accounts, all of them related to BTS: https://t.co/AXt23bdwjZ

Okay but now I want BTS to WIN a Grammy for their music. I’ve sent vibes to the universe. Make it HAPPEN! #Tearitupbts

N.. Namjoon 😮 https://t.co/yVOrvzqFhU

Same energy #TearItUpBTS https://t.co/4QYoxB9gXZ

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P... please he’s too precious 😭 #TearItUpBTS https://t.co/2aXq82muIO

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I thought I’d seen every Jin face and then he pulled this one and even this face is precious omg 😭❤️ #TearItUpBTS https://t.co/XFZjBAEKfM

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Hosting this awesome show tomorrow in Bandra! Come come! https://t.co/TVNJkly2xi

So VH1 is showing the Grammy's?

I’m learning how to knit so basically it’s over for y’all 😎 https://t.co/qeiiXshcU5

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It truly is https://t.co/TejTBPexI9

What do I win? https://t.co/qRG8KakqGa

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Do you sometimes think about J Hope dancing in the lalallalala bit in DNA and just melt because of how good he is thanks for coming to my Ted Talk

Pavitra and Shashwath are hilarious! #Chennai you really can’t miss this! https://t.co/OCKOgp23Qb


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