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My laptop table is the best thing in my life right now

Anyone wanna slide some bon Voyage 3 links in my DMs...... they’re open

I want to write a book

💎 https://t.co/aHbSqkMBV1

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Yesterday night I played a game on my phone while asleep and I achieved high score.

Remember who you are.

Maybe I-I can never fl https://t.co/mR8V8l8Uz5

Just finished watching the Free Churro episode of @BoJackHorseman. I need to understand how writers can conceptualize and write an episode so profound, so beyond moving, that cuts so deep. Please I need that masterclass!

Me after showing a friend a BTS video and waiting for them to tell me their opinion https://t.co/P74i3SDAMT

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Noah Centinio is American Netflix's Radhika Aapte

#NewProfilePic https://t.co/V7OzhOoxXE

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If Raftaar is going to be responsible for shifting people’s mindset towards BTS and get more Indian GP interested in them.... I’m not gonna be mad at the MV any more

Should I buy Bon Voyage 3 or nah

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