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What do you want to know about interviewing for a job? Reply with your questions for a chance to be featured on an episode of #WorkLife with @AdamMGrant and @Gladwell. (Example: What can you ask in interviews to find out the culture of a workplace?)

How much weakness should you show at work? https://t.co/8acVJxCn2L

  • A simple way to connect artists with the funding they need: https://t.co/1NKVqoCo1j

    These beautiful bamboo homes built by @elorahardy reinvent how we understand architecture: https://t.co/fZhUuyiavG

    It is extremely hard to report sexual assault on college campuses. This app can help. https://t.co/3ylA7z9uDg

    "How can you not love mercy — kindness, compassion, forgiveness? It’s like not loving dessert, or cheese." https://t.co/pHtGZQkzyi #TED2017

    This is what it's like to work at a company where constant criticism is the norm — and people love it: https://t.co/pFfSpjRQWA #WorkLife @AdamMGrant @ApplePodcasts https://t.co/NIt3GFyKqy

    TED Talks top tweets

    Millions of African-Americans left the South during Jim Crow. Here's how they changed history: https://t.co/qimLAjOBeJ @Isabelwilkerson https://t.co/SieMpL3OVP

    TED Talks top tweets

    "For better or for worse, we are all a product of the culture around us. The good news is, we're also the ones who shape that culture, which means we can change it." @sallykohn https://t.co/jegJnpZhJW

    My failed mission to find God — and what I found instead: https://t.co/bZ2uC9tVvI @anjalikumar

    An adorable father-daughter dance at Richmond City Jail: https://t.co/HSxbjYa00a https://t.co/x5K7CUrKnt

    TED Talks top tweets

    "Can you imagine the emptiness of knowing that you stood for nothing, that you risked nothing, that all you did was follow fearful people to where they were already going rather than trying to lead them to a better place?" @bobinglis https://t.co/8F8Z8MCVsP

    "Nature could only seem this pure and adorable because we didn't have to be afraid of it anymore." https://t.co/fUYvv5Peqo

    This Minecraft server is one of the best places on the internet. https://t.co/Nqp746EoIE @autismfather

    Watch what happens when you hook a Venus flytrap up to an EKG: https://t.co/eqUbyDR8YH @phineasgreg https://t.co/kQ1Oq9RK6t

    TED Talks top tweets

    "If you don't see the struggle that is unique to my human experience because I am gay, you don't see me." https://t.co/4NP2SoLAjr

    The arts contribute a massive amount to the economy. So why is it nearly impossible to make a living as an artist? https://t.co/A9u5Tq7dnY

    "I'm kind of obsessed with flags." And now you will be too. https://t.co/A1qDwAS4WZ

    "What kind of person likes working more than being at home? Me." @shondarhimes https://t.co/EzX3nxFjmN

    Only 6% of sexual assaults reported to the police end with the assailant spending a single day in prison. https://t.co/kv2OCckxOV

    6 reasons why it's so important to make your neighborhood beautiful: https://t.co/hdRmkmHBq3 https://t.co/xMkPoowb8b

    TED Talks top tweets

    99 percent of rapists get away with it. That doesn't have to be the case. https://t.co/5mnhObdFwd

    What kind of maniac asks for a "burger refill"? This guy: https://t.co/XxL5y4bzzY

    "Dealing with other people demands a kind of flexibility that no set of rules can encompass." https://t.co/o5bff6LebJ

    A charming story of an Arctic seal that fell in love with a photographer: https://t.co/omIATPn80B https://t.co/xdBAKlo98d

    TED Talks top tweets

    This talk is a lovely reminder to be kind to yourself: https://t.co/vVMKLZ23HQ

    Feeling down? Cheer up with these charming talks: https://t.co/UhrYCIfbFk

    "We are neither designed nor destined as human beings to hate, but rather taught to hate by the world around us." @sallykohn https://t.co/5FJ00SczaW

    "Apologize for what you have done, but never apologize for who you are." https://t.co/n8nRSu83gs

    When to take a stand... and when to let it go: https://t.co/uOTe7e7wz9

    "Systematic corruption is the main reason for misery, for poverty, for violence, for desperation." https://t.co/af7V9iWIQq

    As if you needed another reason to delete Tinder. https://t.co/Dtcayalj96

    The surprisingly charming science of your gut: https://t.co/mlAbSDuj61 https://t.co/xArhOGPTAy

    TED Talks top tweets

    What we can do about the culture of hate: https://t.co/TdLpJmZ4vv @sallykohn https://t.co/Ky8I0FA5CA

    TED Talks top tweets

    Singer-songwriter @guita_rei brought her mix of indie rock and blues to the TED: https://t.co/r5YEZ7OKWA https://t.co/FJaDYxxCAP

    TED Talks top tweets

    Emotion and logic aren't incompatible. Here's why science needs both: https://t.co/J8ZeFKSpap https://t.co/bixHFaOoKi

    TED Talks top tweets

    This DIY kit lets you move someone else's arm...with your brain: https://t.co/kLtKpd7hUo

    You're 30 times more likely to laugh if you're with somebody else than if you're alone. https://t.co/m0oOF5Iz5h

    A simple way to connect artists with the funding they need: https://t.co/BEDL8JwVmF

    "Joy is an act of moral resistance. How are you protecting your joy each day?" @valariekaur #ReclaimLove https://t.co/pijPohoEY1

    Forget the “struggling artist.” Here’s why we should fund the arts: https://t.co/0DM3LzpKFs https://t.co/LnTpnpFcyH

    TED Talks top tweets

    Learn how to control someone else's arm with your brain in this unbelievable—and creepy—demo: https://t.co/7y0puADjNH

    "Our moral integrity is our responsibility, and we must be prepared to defend it, even if it's not convenient." https://t.co/3DToqQumtX

    Will you be eating computer-generated food in 50 years? https://t.co/mLb4pu37cu

    This unlikely country has the world's most advanced e-government: https://t.co/3wPFsc7jUc

    Everything you think you know about the hymen is nonsense. https://t.co/fG0tHnzoCG

    Everything you think you know about virginity is nonsense. @under_livet https://t.co/n9dPNgoq0j

    "Students shouldn't be viewed as empty buckets to be filled with facts but as co-creators of knowledge." @AlvinIrby https://t.co/MckXxBAMUg

    Who would you rather work for: a narcissistic leader or a humble leader? The answer is more complicated than you think. https://t.co/E8TCATQpW4 @AdamMGrant #WorkLife

    "According to the US Department of Education, more than 85 percent of black male fourth graders are not proficient in reading." @AlvinIrby https://t.co/bx2jJMLDGJ

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