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From who you should marry to what restaurant you should go to, you should make decisions by thinking like a computer. https://t.co/UiQMUWInyq

The press trampled on my privacy. Here's how I took back my story: https://t.co/RddnA8Bg63 @drkatestone https://t.co/o7pAdZrTfC

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Why we choke under pressure — and how to avoid it: https://t.co/4czcp90xWo @sianbeilock https://t.co/EK7DMZgD63

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"It's beautifully crafted and completely useless, and it's wonderful." These are the gigantic, playful sculptures of Burning Man: https://t.co/151IY450mO https://t.co/mexhuwE6NN

Being a new mother is hard. Let's talk about it. https://t.co/glmVBWOJfx

Go inside some of the world’s most beautiful bamboo homes: https://t.co/qXh4wP2YJ6

It's the final four seconds of the game. All eyes are on you. Will you score the winning point, or will you choke? https://t.co/DEcXF9P6OL

Your neighbors might make you mad, but at least they've never spewed molten lava. https://t.co/T5VwdCLAqp

11 TED Talks to watch when you're feeling stuck: https://t.co/zflN8rAiaH

These whimsical bamboo houses are sustainably made — and beautiful. https://t.co/qXh4wP2YJ6

These TED Talks are unforgettable. https://t.co/uLM5gPWxQT

This is how you can finally figure out where to eat: https://t.co/UiQMUWInyq

Math can help you see the world from a different perspective. Here's how: https://t.co/3HPJ7IW8RI

Your fingerprints reveal more than you think. https://t.co/E9kqGJutWw @SimonaFrancese https://t.co/JcXjOLsxmj

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This is why teaching students to think for themselves should be a part of every school’s curriculum. Watch the full TED Talk here: https://t.co/i263zLudSF https://t.co/SYJfUH235l

If your self-worth is tied to how much money you make, you need to watch this TED Talk. https://t.co/jgTipRxMbw

Why do women who experience sexual assault rarely speak up about it? Because they fear they won't be believed. #MeToo https://t.co/qreit7uWvp

"Let’s take a quick look at the top 100 companies in the London Stock Exchange in 2016. How many women running them? Seven. 17 are run by men called 'John.' There are more men called John running FTSE 100 companies than there are women." https://t.co/QEbOshTmSd

What math can teach us about each other: https://t.co/3HPJ7IW8RI

How this comedian wound up starting a political party: https://t.co/QEbOshTmSd @sanditoksvig

10 TED Talks you won't stop thinking about: https://t.co/uLM5gPWxQT

Raising a kid is scary. Here are a few TED Talks to make it less intimidating: https://t.co/6EWo3L03Z1

Struggle to make decisions? Here's a TED Talk for you. https://t.co/I0as6e7xUN

"Whether it's as basic as trying to decide what restaurant to go to, or who to spend the rest of your life with — human lives are filled with computational problems. For those problems, it's worth consulting the experts — computer scientists." https://t.co/UiQMUWInyq

How thinking like a computer will help you decide where to eat today: https://t.co/UiQMUWInyq

Give this riddle your best shot. https://t.co/6u1MVH93ul

We trust teachers with the world’s most important job: educating our kids. So why aren’t we paying them in a way that shows they’re valued? https://t.co/hIc67gcQH2

"The ice doesn't care who's in the White House. It doesn't care which party controls your congress. It doesn't care which party controls your parliament. It just melts." https://t.co/rRxeb1u6o8

How your workplace could help end sex trafficking: https://t.co/PEnNzpRNfO

This is why your brain freezes up under pressure, and how you can get your mind back on track. https://t.co/Qomawj1253

3 ways to make better decisions — by thinking like a computer: https://t.co/wqE7vpItWw https://t.co/mSwBwu2cCf

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Slowing down is an art. This is how you master it: https://t.co/pJ64KtxSUd https://t.co/uY0zuCLQTQ

How to reclaim your space from too much stuff: https://t.co/hi56DB7QLk

By the end of today, 20 people will have died waiting for an organ transplant. Advances in gene-editing technology mean that pigs could soon be our new donors: https://t.co/KlKBHz4Xzc

Is there a way to talk about death candidly, without fear and even with humor? 5 TED speakers explore the beauty of life... and death. @TEDRadioHour https://t.co/bK2bcY2oOn

Not a single American working full-time for minimum wage can afford to buy a one-bedroom home. Mobile homes offer an affordable way to become a homeowner — but there's a disturbing, hidden price. https://t.co/TfsIbhF7Fo

How to create a world where no one dies waiting for a transplant: https://t.co/KlKBHz4Xzc @eGenesisBio https://t.co/43sRfisJ5P

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This is how you channel your pent-up anger into something productive: https://t.co/rx3Xtcb3uy

You only get one brain. Here's how to keep it healthy: https://t.co/McJAaLC7nG

How I'm using LEGO to teach Arabic: https://t.co/Ccuwq84t1j @ghada_wali https://t.co/3tmdVbqEFw

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Take the 10 days of positivity challenge: https://t.co/ATJ0JKhljz

This gentle advice will help you look at the excess in your life, get rid of it, and restore some order to your space. https://t.co/hi56DB7QLk

Anger is fire for creativity — and it’s time to let it burn. https://t.co/rx3Xtcb3uy

Our best bet to save humanity? Focus on problems that are big, solvable and neglected. https://t.co/0lOh8CSUOy

Of all the problems the world faces, which do we solve first? Here's one idea. https://t.co/0lOh8CSUOy

This 10-day challenge can help you change your outlook on life. https://t.co/ATJ0JKhljz

“If we are infected with hate and the lack of knowledge — who these people really are, what’s inside, what’s driving them — we could lose our wonderful democracy." @realBobWoodward on what we should learn from Watergate and President Nixon: https://t.co/oNZrcSZiYt

How can we do the most good for the world? @willmacaskill https://t.co/0lOh8CSUOy https://t.co/klyeooRdzq

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"When doctors are willing to step off our pedestals, take off our white coats, and show our patients who we are and what medicine is all about, that's when we begin to overcome the sickness of fear." — Dr. Leana Wen @DrLeanaWen https://t.co/l62mBcG3Mc

"Contrary to the idea that anger clouds thinking, properly understood it is an astoundingly clarifying emotion." @schemaly https://t.co/rx3Xtcb3uy

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