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What shapes happiness -- the experiences we have, or the stories we tell ourselves about them afterwards? Listen to our newest episode of #TheTEDInterview with @TEDchris now: https://t.co/4znTRw4UpL https://t.co/hgXUl1Chl4

TED Talks top tweets

We tend to focus on child prodigies and young entrepreneurs, but there's a lot more to learn from people who took longer to find success: https://t.co/9He1bggOby

Want to achieve mastery? Embrace the near win: https://t.co/X4ZYpew7SC

These inspiring talks offer the kick-in-the-pants you need to unleash your creative spirit. https://t.co/fOUSE4jJas

Before you go to a holiday party, you should know how to leave a boring conversation: https://t.co/QY5QHN0j4i

This is how your brain influences your understanding of what you think you know: https://t.co/6wbcmm1EJi @DrShepherd2013

Why you should treat the tech you use at work like a colleague: https://t.co/ID3FgVVC0b https://t.co/iYCxBHdDsM

TED Talks top tweets

The 25 most popular TED Talks of 2018: https://t.co/apOek2ALSg

Tech that reveals what you're thinking and feeling is on the horizon. Here's what we need to do to protect our thoughts: https://t.co/NbezXVDsfd

How cycling can bring people together — at any age: https://t.co/dl90KFEVm3

How to raise a kid in the digital age: https://t.co/Pgn9gMytdd

This is the date you should go on before your first date: Watch @cmwalla's full TED Talk here: https://t.co/kscVvjeWup https://t.co/nGDWECzAXs

3 kinds of bias that shape your worldview: https://t.co/G6kWTlDHyT @DrShepherd2013 https://t.co/xQS4y5SVfm

TED Talks top tweets

Learn why Daniel Kahneman says overconfidence is the fatal flaw we should all watch out for in this new episode of #TheTEDInterview with @TEDchris. Listen now on @ApplePodcasts: https://t.co/m1hJs2vIzE https://t.co/Cfwa11y7UH

TED Talks top tweets

How you can finally win at Monopoly, according to math: https://t.co/LOdraEhsCU

The hymen is not proof of virginity, not everyone bleeds the first time they have sex, and other lies we tell about sex: https://t.co/dMgtY5EhJF @under_livet

100 solutions to climate change: https://t.co/w0Ruk851L0 @ChadFrischmann https://t.co/xlkGDH4PrY

TED Talks top tweets

This is why we often perform at our worst under pressure, even when we feel like we're at the top of our game. Watch the full TED Talk here: https://t.co/oJVBRygilo https://t.co/ZW3Jm7OVBq

Everything you think you know about virginity is nonsense. @under_livet https://t.co/EDwz8gBLtR

Every night, 450,000 people in the U.S. stay in jail without having been convicted of a crime simply because they can't afford bail. On #TheTEDInterview, @TEDChris and @bailproject's Robin Steinberg tackle how to fight this huge injustice. Listen now: https://t.co/HjNq09KD5f https://t.co/ynJAhJPfke

TED Talks top tweets

A guide to subtly convincing others to be better people: https://t.co/mHRBTx8sqQ

When technology can read minds, how will we protect our privacy? https://t.co/0fxm9GEK6R

This is how you can see the world with a new set of eyes: https://t.co/eZWIEHJJD2

This is what happens to your online returns: https://t.co/LQ4HFs6UMD

More stuff does not equal happiness, so let some of it go. We promise you'll feel better once you do. https://t.co/oMlLtLxb7I

This is what it's really like to live on Mars: https://t.co/1dbLD5T7Bo

Keep fake handbags off your holiday gift list! https://t.co/j2CuMPCDo3

Your online shopping habit might cost more than you think. https://t.co/WQHDKGDOep

Holiday party tip: come ready to gracefully exit a conversation. Here's how you do it: https://t.co/fAdWc3xMxL

"The only way that I can handle grief is the same way that I handle love, by not handling it." Listen to @GilbertLiz share how she is healing from the death of her great love, now on #TheTEDInterview: https://t.co/FFCyVSPbJE https://t.co/BHux2EgQSP

TED Talks top tweets

On the @TEDRadioHour, 4 TED speakers help us find joy in unexpected places. https://t.co/VSE0oFA86W

Learn how to enhance your power of perception: https://t.co/kSCvwLEb1R

These talks will help you chill out and enjoy your day. https://t.co/gUF65he8OE

These inspiring talks offer the kick-in-the-pants you need to unleash your creative spirit. https://t.co/4rUQ1lZZQm

People who develop a more complex understanding of their emotions are healthier and go to the doctor less frequently: https://t.co/BnCeBsyCxa

How to push past your biggest anxieties and act: https://t.co/sarQUqfK8k

"We're hurrying through our lives, instead of actually living them. We're living the fast life, instead of the good life." https://t.co/uxfj2Suoq8

3 TED Talks to watch before you ask for a raise: https://t.co/CwrALPxe4M

14 TED Talks to help you ward off existential dread: https://t.co/tTie3gpRf1

Your winter reading list is here, just in time to gently suggest someone gives you one of these for the holidays: https://t.co/Ydpp4vgXzP

“What domestic workers do is fundamental to the very basics of human need and humanity. They are there when we are born into this world; they shape who we become in this world; and they are with us as we prepare to leave this world.” @aijenpoo https://t.co/km2YjOSXm9

3 ways to keep love and lust alive in a relationship: https://t.co/jhdCQLDiCJ

The work that makes all other work possible: https://t.co/yn4rugveau @aijenpoo https://t.co/07OwP8ge2n

TED Talks top tweets

Mellody Hobson shares her vision of a more harmonious, diverse America — and the difficult truths we need to swallow to get there. Listen to #TheTEDInterview now: https://t.co/nhQHqLIp0h https://t.co/XfSALQovmn

TED Talks top tweets

Talking about race can be difficult. But Mellody Hobson argues that we need to do it anyway – boldly and often. Listen to #TheTEDInterview now: https://t.co/cItMUrZBFt https://t.co/2mrYrzhUiz

TED Talks top tweets

A lesson on looking: https://t.co/0bdtd1OGRu @AmyHermanAOP

“Domestic workers are in charge of the fundamentals. They love and they care, and they show compassion no matter what.” @aijenpoo https://t.co/RTtq40POjg

78 must-read books to add to your wish list: https://t.co/pYt6JrSygT

What is Islam's role in the world today? In this episode of #TheTEDInterview with @TEDChris, @DMogahed shares what she believes are the most common misconceptions of the world’s second-biggest religion. Listen now: https://t.co/G1owKJqgfD https://t.co/i7PTnzWLoZ

TED Talks top tweets

This is why your voice seems so terrible on recordings. Watch the full TED Talk here: https://t.co/r1oQahI2dh https://t.co/jA5PdevjHS

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