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congrats @Being_Humor 🙏😂🙏😂 https://t.co/HMfxm6CWps

Kashmir issue is cancelled https://t.co/h3izhGHaNn

Everyone on twitter is ready to take legal action against twitter. GOAT platform 😹😹😹 https://t.co/RbZLkjZ4uq

wish tanmay sir was still active on twitter, kuch log usko hi gaaliyan de Kar dil halka kar lete

Shruti Seth tweets like 10th standard students start their 1000 word essay in board exams.

ppl here think you have to watch 13 war documentaries & read 21 books on war to realize that war has implications #respect

Saifians captain https://t.co/OyJBsuZ0FR

suicide bomber was trying to quit terrorism & more importantly he was dhoni fan, if this doesn't melt your heart you are a rabid hyper nationalist

leg side - question the government BUT my agenda off side - take revenge BUT my agenda

ffs😂😂😂 https://t.co/1moJM52kYV

thik hai ab kader khan sahab ke paise lauta do https://t.co/ay9obmRUbE

Powar Powar Powar Powar Powar https://t.co/CbmDLCgb7j

Kapil Sibal better lawyer than Saul Goodman https://t.co/BQDLjzPN8q

me after 200ml limca https://t.co/ET6GwzX0cZ

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