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Real life Kabir Khan. Master tactician. World Cup is coming home. https://t.co/sh99WgBHT7

Messi Ronaldo rivalry officially ends tonight. Madrid buy Mbappe, Dembele vs Mbappe only way to save football.

Thala going all out to surpass Kohli & regain his throne of the highest earning cricketer in the world. Winner mentality. https://t.co/k0EHgHnrIl

Thala getting to 10,000 batting at 6 while Gambhir trying to get a ticket from Rajinder Nagar in the next Delhi election. No comparison. https://t.co/h8GPEXq4w2

me trying to reach word limit of "technology: boon or bane" essay https://t.co/Gx1fZcbqJF

stooping too low for retweets https://t.co/N20X2RoP4H

as an eminent film critic and jobless person i think the damned united best football movie of all time https://t.co/9sL9A0KJbi

The most versatile cricketer of all time. ABD is just Rohit Sharma with a yoga mat. https://t.co/CpsqyiDE3r

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