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thedillimirror | Updated:

Par junta karegi twitter pe ladai . https://t.co/qLz6Wth0pT

From the calligraphy perspective which the most beautiful script ?

  • Please help me connect with good tattoo artists in gurgoan / Delhi today . Need to have a complex design made but need it in one sitting . Thanks .

    Mujhe lag raha tha main jab se India aaya ho Kuch zayada hi paise nikal rah ho ATM se. Aaj confirm ho gaya

    Kissi aur ne bhi yeh suna hai kei juice wale jo barf use karte hai woh morgue wali barf hoti hai , ya sirf meri ma hi mujhe befkoof banati thi .

    Under armour to lajpat nagar main aise bik rahe hai jaise sabzi Mandi main aloo.

    I love safdarjung enclave . There are very few places left in Delhi where you wake up to peacocks dancing on the terrace .

    Both of them wearing shiv naresh . I don't think kid today even know this brand. Based out of karampura in Delhi , its long been favorite of state level players who could not afford nikes and addidas . https://t.co/1c2poALelo

    JB top tweets

    Don't know abt today but during my time , vast majority of JNU would sell their ideology & activism for quarter of old monk,choti goldfake . Swara bhaskar exemplifies that . She cd hv sd I hv to work with Salman cause it's my profession but I don't agree he is innocent . Instead https://t.co/kwrx1ksCL1

    JB top tweets

    Met an old friend from JNU today . We had discussions and debates about swach bharat . Then he casually threw paper cup on the road and walked away . That's peak JNU for you !

    Dilli folks - Tell me your favorite geri routes .

    They repackaged our teen . I miss the old chanakya and Nirulas . If you are of my generation and you never shared the HCF with your date under that iconic Nirulas fountain , then you never truly loved . https://t.co/wWQUgrqSqF

    JB top tweets

    Turd faced idiot , an individual might win basis individual brilliance but it takes organizational support for teams to win. https://t.co/wgRUd6me72

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