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❤️ #ThankYouMLK50 https://t.co/WQAXvVrOb5

[email protected] told me how she’s found her inner confidence. https://t.co/6zBe8JUxEH

Happy birthday, @DrewBrees! Win or lose, I always love you.

[email protected] is sorry/not sorry about who she picked in this round of “Who’d You Rather?” https://t.co/hbTDEuTzp1

The Greatest Showman was here today. @RealHughJackman https://t.co/Pryk0hmlJQ

This girl is on fire. https://t.co/EA4CWIGBQp

This makes me so happy. https://t.co/rbJnQmoalz

Tonight is an all-new episode of #GameofGames! Don’t miss who gets dropped, flung, splashed, spun or anything else I can come up with. 8/7c on @NBC! https://t.co/UQdgPa64NJ

Happy birthday, @Lin_Manuel! When are you gonna write the Ellen musical?

I learned some interesting words from Penelope Cruz, or as they say in Spanish, Penélope Cruz. https://t.co/Qp79UehTV2

Freddie Highmore is great in The Good Doctor. But I remember when he was playing two recorders with his nose. https://t.co/v0z9BUCsuF

This is happening tonight at 8/7c on @NBC. Don’t miss a moment. #GameofGames #YouBetYourWife https://t.co/rKQlnzoNTT

Sending @KimKardashian and Kanye lots of love and joy and diapers and playing cards and LaCroix. I have no idea what babies need. https://t.co/vt9Rq9Mcy7

Dabbing. It’s not as easy as it looks. @official_tWitch https://t.co/89ZOkcKUPH

If you don’t know @LANCOMusic, you have to watch this. https://t.co/OrJ4DTVKNw

Grab your best friend and watch #GameofGames tonight. @Camila_Cabello Tag someone you’ll be watching with. https://t.co/DkKFXcPcqN

#GameofGames is starting in minutes. Stop what you’re doing and turn on @NBC! (Unless you’re driving. If you’re driving, you should immediately pull over and find a bar and make them turn it on.)

Every good show starts with a chest bump. That’s why I make @official_tWitch chest bump me before every show. #YouBetYourWife #GameofGames

Way to go, Bill! Not only did you win #YouBetYourWife, but your shirt perfectly matches your tie. You’re already a winner. #GameofGames #Bill

Ruby is having a hard time making it to the ball. Maybe she’s too slippery from all of the olive oil baths. #DizzyDash #GameofGames

If the goal of this game was to hold on for dear life, we’d have a clear winner. #ScaryGoRound #GameofGames

Looks like the one-eyed monster has only one tongue. Did you know my one-eyed monster had a tongue? #OneEyedMonster #GameofGames

I learned so much about @KimKardashian and Kanye West in this episode. #GameofGames #KnoworGo

Bill played the app, and you can too! See if you can beat Bill’s score for free in my #HotHands App. https://t.co/vr5BUiC5Zy

West Coast! Who’s ready to watch #GameofGames? Raise your hand! And now take that hand and put it on your remote and turn on @NBC. It’s time for the show! @official_tWitch, are you watching?

If you’re excited for #ThisIsUs tonight, tune in an hour early to watch my new show #GameofGames! There’s nothing like laughing ’til it hurts to get yourself ready to cry until you can’t see.

Don’t worry, those eye goggles make great bumpers. #GameofGames #BlindfoldedMusicalChairs

My apologies to the residents of Newwwwwwwwwwwwwww Mexico. #GameofGames #DontLeaveMeHanging

Facebook?! He’s happy to be “on The Ellen Show,” but I don’t think he has any idea who I am!? #GameofGames #DontLeaveMeHanging

That was absolutely unbelievable!! You can’t win #MakeItRain dry. #GameofGames

I don’t know what’s so hard about this game. You just throw a ball at your loved one's face while you’re being launched out of a chair on national television. #GameofGames #InYourFaceHoney

If you love my #GameofGames emojis, you can get them all in my #EmojiExploji app, right here. https://t.co/ls6MFmXP4w

Holy Betty White! That was incredible. #BiggestWinnerYet! I love this game so much! Thanks for watching! But do you think you can beat her score?! Play #HotHands, and enjoy #ThisIsUs! https://t.co/vr5BUiC5Zy

Hey, West Coast! Lots of people are telling me this is the best one yet. Just minutes til a new #GameofGames on NBC. Then stay tuned for @NBCThisIsUs. #PerfectNightForLaughSlashCrying

I can arrange to make that happen. 😌 https://t.co/w95eZ2U0pw

[email protected] just told one of the greatest stories I’ve ever heard. It’s about her honeymoon, @BarackObama, her husband’s... dignity, and me. https://t.co/iX2QV3sBOf

#InYourFaceHoney is a great way to start a marriage. Plus, it’s a whole lot cheaper than couples therapy. #GameofGames https://t.co/P0i9q6GWin

This is the street in front of our house. I don’t know anything about our house yet. I’m heartbroken for our community of Montecito. I’m devastated for the families who lost loved ones. I’m grateful to all the rescue workers. Please send love to Montecito. https://t.co/TmbqwzMLEz

I spun the wheel of Chrises and I won the jackpot. @ChrisHemsworth https://t.co/4GvGmlYJv9

I was so inspired by Joyce’s story, I gave her a big check. And then I doubled it with my own money. https://t.co/VtUwylK6d2

Bomb cyclone got me like… https://t.co/vBG3CEnub0

I want to fill my audience for my birthday show with people who have done good things. If you know someone who should be there, tell me about it here. #OneMillionActsOfGood https://t.co/ZxPwSt61vk https://t.co/TlLXldF9vb

[email protected] and @ChrisHemsworth went head to head to see who knows more about down under. That didn’t sound right. You know what I mean. https://t.co/oMHcjd9pAo

Did you see this last night?!?! #GameOfGames #MakeItRain https://t.co/RJI9ohjtyj

I found a list of things that have #NeverBeenGoogled. If you know something that’s never been googled, tweet it to me! https://t.co/3Lcl5Wsulr

Our community of Montecito has been through a lot. https://t.co/Kp92OzqPEM

My friend @Oprah FaceTimed with us from Montecito. https://t.co/CTn8w7tnkx

My new best friend Lauren went viral for how excited she was to win $11.30 on HQ. If you thought she was excited then... https://t.co/IPyrQQXTjH

Today I told Helen Mirren how old she is. https://t.co/ddHkdXZJ1S

[email protected] is one very good-looking gentleman with some very famous friends. https://t.co/TNSet1psyr

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