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What Ellen DeGeneres Tweeted On Twitter?

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Think about all the excuses you tell yourself... about why you can’t accomplish something. Then watch this. #LittleBigShots https://t.co/VUCnfOdavw

Loved this shout out in the #ScandalFinale. Love you @ShondaRhimes. https://t.co/vhWbJCt73R

Dancing is just good clean fun. #ThanksSponsor https://t.co/dYTrDC2FQM

Happy birthday, Billy Kimmel! You’re one tough kid. @jimmykimmel @mollymcnearney https://t.co/vRd3uRKH4G

Thank you, Calgary. https://t.co/pJqBwHCDxU

Who’s ready to split up together? #SplittingUpTogether is on now!

It’s time for #SplittingUpTogether on the West Coast! It’s gonna be a real tweet.

[email protected] is on the Cover of People’s Beautiful issue. I couldn’t be happier if I were on the cover myself, but I’m still gonna photoshop that and send it to Mama. #TheBeautifulIssue https://t.co/IXHF498xb0

[email protected] is playing #BurningQuestions. I can’t believe they let me put this on television. https://t.co/n30SYigShD

Happy birthday, @KourtneyKardash! Feel free to come by my show any time you want to announce you’re not pregnant.

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