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#OMKalen is back with more fun from the internet! @TheKalenAllen #SaturKay https://t.co/aOvWTcby3j

[email protected] has his own teepee. https://t.co/pqA5GKZyz0

I hope you had a great birthday, Benedict Cumberbatch! I know getting older can be scary, but at least it’s not as scary as this. https://t.co/Pu3hCnY5Q5

Who’s ready for the weekend? Thank GIF It’s Friday! https://t.co/Q29BhOlzCq

There’s a new deck in @HeadsUp called Let’s Get Physical, and you can use it as your own personal trainer. Don’t forget to send me a video of you playing, and the money you saved on your gym membership. https://t.co/A71CUsU09j https://t.co/Y4PGYiKbSy

Ellen DeGeneres top tweets

Ready for bed. https://t.co/tBGuW3jocu

Ellen DeGeneres top tweets

The montage of Dwayne Johnson moments really rocks. @TheRock https://t.co/J190Xb6TTf

I wish @Logic301 could perform here every day. https://t.co/1j8kPMfUd6

When you can read, you’re really gonna appreciate how adorable this is. https://t.co/wNjIAAAciL

Ellen DeGeneres top tweets

OMKalen is back with a new episode! @TheKalenAllen #SaturKay https://t.co/5fulaDOzkT

Happy birthday, @scottkfoley! From Felicity to #Scandal, I can’t wait to see what love triangle you wind up in next.

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