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Just wrapped Hobbs & Shaw and had to switch gears for rehearsals 🎸 for DISNEY’S JUNGLE CRUISE with my brilliant co-star, Emily Blunt. Our visionary Spanish director, Jaume Collet-Serra leading our production with… https://t.co/unbleeTGMl

That’s a 100% official wrap on production for the beast known as HOBBS & SHAW. Broke out my ride to shoot a fun final touch for our movie. THANK YOU to my cast, director, producing partners, crew, studio and every… https://t.co/xBtmAdsS8E

Awesome news 👏🏾 Three of my favorite co-stars working together @carlagugino @karengillan & Paul Giamatti with an amazing cast of bad ass women. This script is fantastic. Can’t wait to see the movie! #GunpowderMilkshake https://t.co/96roaf7Hvm

Our little Sundance Film Festival indie film, #FightingWithMyFamily is available on Blu-ray, DVD and Digital TODAY! This film is a 100% true story and a real pleasure for our @SevenBucksProd to produce. Enjoy! https://t.co/PBN5Bkxyak https://t.co/gidC4dotyk

Wrapped Jumanji and flew in to switch gears back into HOBBS mode. Had to handle some final business with a bad dude named, BRIXTON aka THE BLACK SUPERMAN. The character of “BRIXTON” is perfectly played by my… https://t.co/S7uh4IiTdz

Thank you Vince! As always, great talking with you and I’ll send you a pic of the cheat meal destruction this weekend 😈🎂 #GR81 https://t.co/Iu7VYIBAKo

Big mahalo to writer @buffa82 for such a generous piece on this big kid. I believe in relentless hard work, a little luck, not being an asshole and always takin’ care of the audience. Thx man for the kind words. https://t.co/8TCinO9f6p

I’m all in to see this movie! I love Hollywood’s “golden age” of true movie stars and entertainers. Fascinated to see Judy Garland’s (iconic, yet tragic) story. Go Renee!! 👏🏾👊🏾 #JudyTheFilm https://t.co/7ufcgLKKAt

Awesome!! Well done Keanu, Halle and the entire team. Lookin’ forward to watching this! #JohnWick3 👏🏾👏🏾👊🏾 https://t.co/RJmix6wQIk

I’m all skin and bones, but savagery will always be in the blood. #MamaKnowsBest #SamoanAssWhoopin #HobbsAndShaw AUGUST 2ND https://t.co/p90Zsyvk4t

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