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Well more like “featuring DRJ TRYING his best to not screw it up in Japanese”. Annunciation and inflection felt most important. Thank you Japan! The Kaiju is comin.. #RAMPAGE https://t.co/LQCxHGaXzw

I need TOTAL ISOLATION from any human contact before I shoot my hard core @underarmour… https://t.co/8hrYGJj4AH

  • Very proud of your great work on our film sistah. Thank you for kickin ass and being so committed to the character. Excited for the world and @WWE universe to see our story. @RealPaigeWWE @SevenBucksProd #Trinidad https://t.co/GtRfgmTLEq

    Absolute bonkers. Get ready to have fun.. #MonstersOfTheMidway #RAMPAGE https://t.co/1IJ4HOkErs

    KAIJU IS COMING!! In Japan they’re excited and bracing for our monster movie, #RAMPAGE. KAIJU… https://t.co/Xi4fqxO0hh

    😂 Aww same look you gave me after I scared you, pretending a centipede was crawling up your leg. Thank you for kickin’ ass for us, star! #Jumanji https://t.co/3xe7JVWXv9

    Ayyye! 👏🏾👏🏾 Congrats to my ohana and talented musician @ajawarren on her new single #ShowMeTheMagic now on @iTunes. Check it out https://t.co/URlb9lq7BA

    I’ve been known to make some amazing drinks🍹but this Saturday night pre-workout drink might be a… https://t.co/3diSFATX1o

    Eagle (bald) has landed. Shooting our big @underarmour campaign commercial today. THANK YOU to… https://t.co/4WRKcHRtLw

    My “grateful” face as our lil’ underdog #JUMANJI is in the $1 billion box office conversation… https://t.co/eiWeKFiO5D

    KONNICHIWA JAPAN! We made a very special #RAMPAGE trailer just for you, where our THREE monstrous mutated creatures show off in true Kaiju style. Enjoy the fun chaos, hitting theaters in Japan May 18. 🇯🇵 @RampageTheMovie #巨獣大乱闘 Ps. How's my Japanese? https://t.co/YmRkTByPBe

    Dwayne Johnson top tweets

    Perfect White House portrait. Lincoln.. Roosevelt.. Johnson: the fanny pack administration 🇺🇸 https://t.co/dfeRz7kbl7

    A good start. Lots of buzz and excitement about our new NBC competition series nbctitangames.… https://t.co/iAHAvE8SUa

    Our sevenbucksprod is coming to @NBC prime time with THE TITAN GAMES. Great meeting with NBC… https://t.co/H2Vow3pp3f

    My heart breaks for those affected from the Parkland shooting. This one hits hard as it’s in our county where I live w/ my family. Strengh, love and light to all the families & students during this tragic time. Stay strong - together.

    Cool to see everyone gettin’ hyped for #RAMPAGE. Here’s the NEW look. THREE GIGANTIC BEASTS and… https://t.co/YE0vpTZMlJ

    Reached a point in my career where my most important currency, is my time. If I’m giving you my… https://t.co/sTjdnAHwE1

    Sweet!! She’s ready for the dance! Have fun darlin and you’ll always be 2 full feet taller than Kevin Hart. #FannyPackClub #DanceDanceDance https://t.co/eGonr4Y9qM

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