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I know I look like 12lbs of dog shit in a 2lb bag, but I was shooting big action sequences on “Hobbs & Shaw” when I stepped away to shoot this intro. We ALL have a little crazy… https://t.co/8OrQv6NsEu

Blood, sweat & respect. The first two you give - the last one you earn. THE BATTLE OF THE TITANS is finally here. They’ve bled (literally), they’ve cried, they’ve endured hard… https://t.co/0N2q46QemS

Appreciate you Big D!! Thrilled you and the kiddos loved the movie! Out this FRIDAY! #FightingWithMyFamily 🙏🏾💪🏾 https://t.co/yv5o280x15

DeVito is PUMPED to be in the new Jumanji with us. (awesome human being btw). I think our next movie should be called “Triplets”. #Jumanji Production starts now. @SevenBucksProd https://t.co/ZoeRfoZftH

Dear audience, Oh the fun you are going to have this CHRISTMAS when you watch our new JUMANJI. Love you all, DJ aka Dwanta Claus. DeVito aka Everyone’s favorite grandpa. Hart aka My chocolate biscuit shit son. #Rehearsals #ScriptRead #JUMANJI @sevenbucksprod 📸 @hhgarcia41 https://t.co/bFUaNPKPWL

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A @sevenbucksprod movie is one that’s inclusive of ALL 🌍 audiences. Populous & critics alike. Cool to see their high marks align. A audience Cinemascore. 93% (and growing) critics RottenTomato score. FIGHTING WITH MY FAMILY In theaters NOW. #IfYaSmell 💀 https://t.co/neqGGb2hzT

Haha was a fun DJ FaceTime surprise. So cool that Merly Streep had to start crying and shout, “I love you so much”. I love you too, Meryl. Like.. a lot. #FightingWithMyFamily https://t.co/eafkXz4MSs

Opens wide this FRIDAY! “A” Cinemascore from audience 93% on RottenTomato from critics Enjoy the movie! @SevenBucksProd https://t.co/d6Yvdsitfq

On August 2nd worldwide. Me and my pasty asshole partner here go to work. Lucky me. @HobbsAndShaw @SevenBucksProd https://t.co/calHKcy50G

HOBBS & SHAW - ✌🏾out. My gratitude runs deep in sayin’ this goodbye. To EVERYONE who committed their talents and time to making our movie as great as it can be and for putting… https://t.co/9QY9TIbO0m

It all comes down to this THURSDAY NIGHT. What a first season... 💥🔥💪🏾🏆 @nbctitangames THURS @8PM on @NBC https://t.co/cCnGZrqWcb

Luv this 😂👊🏾. @RealPaigeWWE had zero idea who “DJ” was when I texted her phone and said I want to meet you. Now of course if I would’ve texted “sexiest man alive for MF’n daaaaaaays” she would’ve known “ohhh DJ”. At least that’s the story in my head 🤦🏽‍♂️ #FightingWithMyFamily https://t.co/48Cx6iSkm0

Thanks my man. Good flick to watch with the family. (and if you or your pops cry, it’s totally cool. Our movie gets a lil’ emo;) #FightingWithMyFamily 👊🏾 https://t.co/bPAcWRMDLi

⁦@IAMANITABAKER⁩ Had to pay the luv forward to ya Queen. Two of my fav ladies in one tweet 😄🖤🙏🏾 https://t.co/JDlIRCl5vh

Very true story. Up late (which is often) and couldn’t sleep in London back in 2012. Watched an amazing doc about a quirky wrestling family and thought “this would make a great movie”. Then I thought, “Its 3am and I’d love some carbs”. #FightingWithMyFamily @jenyamato https://t.co/SQAXGzSfCk

Great @jenyamato @latimes story on our two #FightingWithMyFamily stars @Florence_Pugh @RealPaigeWWE. It’s a very good time in pro wrestling now, as women rule the @WWE. And big mahalo to @RealPaigeWWE for calling me the male Oprah 😂🙏🏾 @SevenBucksProd https://t.co/SmuXsPE3CO

That’s an official wrap on HOBBS & SHAW. Me and my pasty asshole partner here can’t wait for you to see it. Oh the fun you’ll have... AUG 2nd worldwide. @SevenBucksProd https://t.co/BwfD0O1tVm

🙏🏾🙏🏾 @naacpimageaward @BallersHBO #DJandJD https://t.co/ONNWfWlWpH

Ellie crushes this song she wrote for our film, #FightingWithMyFamily. Get ready for her full song and video she’ll drop next week! 🔥🔥 Huge mahalo and bear hug to @elliegoulding for your talents and passion 🙏🏾🙌🏾 #DoYouRemember https://t.co/eQph0FVe40

It’s all about 🖤😉 It was a first for our sevenbucksprod to be selected for the Sundance Film Festival for our film #FightingWithMyFamily. We’re an “audience first” company with a… https://t.co/JZXPf4qB8g

Laughin’ at the time back in high school when I got into a Valentine’s Day argument w/ my girlfriend and she so clearly told me where I could shove 😂🌹🤦🏽‍♂️my roses. Flew from LA to… https://t.co/XAhW3kPRi6

Just call me “sweet rolls comin’ in hot” Bird ✈️ just touched down and my security team always has my truck ready for me to hop behind the wheel and roll out. These sumbitches… https://t.co/FG20SpPkL9

West Coast, we’re serving up the final episode before our #TITANBATTLES kick off next week! Our @NBCTitanGames is on NOW! #TitanGames #SendMFsON https://t.co/dz0ftPGSdb

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TONIGHT is the last chance for our competitors to prove they deserve to be TITANS. Next week our TITAN BATTLES begin and only two athletes will earn the ultimate & historic @NBCTitanGames title. TONIGHT on @NBC at 8pm. #TequilaOnMe 💪🏾🥃 https://t.co/sQ90Lp8lCa

Candy and roses are nice, but how about spending #ValentinesDay with this big, brown bald tattooed fella who cusses a bit too much and a NEW episode of @NBCTitanGames that starts in 15 minutes! #ModernRomance #TitanGames https://t.co/Z9pWNr9qsN

I love the parallel between #AtlasSmash & life. Sometimes you’re so close to quitting, but you gotta dig deep & push yourself past those damn self-imposed limits. Congrats @ElisaraEdwards - you made your wife proud tonight. (Proud of you Uso) #TitanGames https://t.co/Zm5jStRCaR

I see you’re ready to play 👏🏾😂 #Jumanji https://t.co/FZnf11saRd

A lifetime of experiences that have led to this moment - amen, Dany. Can’t wait to share my brand of tequila with the world. Let’s have a drink. #comingsoon #tequila 🥃 https://t.co/xtpovtYOpw

Happy Valentines Day. Wanna play a game? 😈🖤 Here we go.... #StartOfProduction #JUMANJI @SevenBucksProd @SonyPictures https://t.co/DfFRCwyST5

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Tune in TONIGHT on @NBC. Goes both ways as my Titans inspire me as well. Plus, I pay them in tequila and tacos to say very nice things about me. @nbctitangames 8PM TONIGHT! https://t.co/e6ZcKFRKaU

Correction/ 52 inch chest 36 inch waist 33 inch thighs 22 inch biceps 15 inch feet And one freakishly large 24 inch in circumference head Sorry guys, but inches are important to get right 🤷🏽‍♂️😂 https://t.co/xhGOYjiIAZ

Very rare the two co-founders of @SevenBucksProd (@DanyGarciaCo & myself) and our President of Production @hhgarcia41 get to all sit down together to give an interview. Good times with our buddy @joshuahorowitz & @MTV. Enjoy! #FightingWithMyFamily https://t.co/NiBngc59Gd


Whaaaaat an asshole. If I’ve told you once, I’ve told you a thousand times... it’s Darnell, not Dave. Thrilled you and Blunty loved our movie 🎥 🖤👊🏾 #FightingWithMyFamily https://t.co/yFykoMh1VI

My 6’7 award winning #FightingWithMyFamily writer & director @stephenmerchant layin’ down the gospel. So if ya think that movies I produce are all glamor, razza matazz and fast jets..… https://t.co/jgb4FcCu5x

From $7Bucks in my pocket to $11Billion in worldwide box office. Grateful and motivated by the growth of our sevenbucksprod’s enterprises with co-founder/boss lady @danygarciaco &… https://t.co/1yoArDDuKo

The audience buzz surrounding our film #FightingWithMyFamily has been absolutely insane 🤯 Deep connection to my wrestling roots, so this one was an honor to develop and produce. What a… https://t.co/NSWaAi7dGR

Cool to see our #FightingWithMyFamily critics’ reviews tick up into the 90’s. I watched a gritty documentary back in 2012 about @realpaigewwe and immediately identified with her crazy,… https://t.co/EFIXH4PPQY

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