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This could very well have been BJP's highlight reel. https://t.co/rxjAW5qc8G

Don't miss this clip where @ashwinskumar mimics Karan Thapar and several leaders including Mani Shankar Aiyar, Dr. Swamy, Venkaiah Naidu etc! https://t.co/apGhC2Vom7

In cricketing terms Modi has gone deep into his crease to convert the one Yorker into a half volley to execute a helicopter shot and tonked the other five full tosses with disdain.

NDTV is quite unperturbed by Modi's counter. 'Whatevs, man. We got what we needed. We will gush about Rahul's hug for the next two months'

Note to Modi. Perhaps next time, spread out the slamdunks a bit, lest opposition MPs start screaming 'We want justice' as they are right now

Phew. Now we can all go to sleep. https://t.co/NkDR4ztpIQ

Rahul: Mamma, I too want to visit every country in the world and hug world leaders Sonia: For that you have to be the PM, beta. And lets be honest, that will never happen Rahul: Sigh Sonia: ....you know, if A = B and B = C, then that means A = C 10 mins later: #RahulHugsModi

COMIC: Dr Swamy trolls Rahul Gandhi https://t.co/TFr0pIhgIJ

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JUST IN: In a bid to prove that telling a motorist not to litter requires no courage, "The Wire" founder berates Gurgaon motorist, gets beaten up

#HappyBirthdayMSDhoni #FromOurArchives https://t.co/wa0W2jePUf

COMIC: Alfred Pennyworth meets Neymar Jr (via @ashwinskumar) https://t.co/h4l9qsBxSe

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