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When you can do little about real life Modi, might as well go after reel life Modi #VivekOberoi

Good short term business opportunity here folks. A nuclear scientist dog may be worth quite a bit https://t.co/nB2Ill1qkm

Ghost: "LOL. Aa gaya na aukaat pe!" #GoT

Gatbandhan’s performance in Bihar probably feels like a punch in the gut to Rajdeep. Real feeling behind that ‘Wow!’ #ExitPolls

West Bengal may well be off-limits for Axis exit poll guys for a few years. Reportedly a livid Didi has also started painting a portrait of the Axis MD.

Rajdeep Sardesai is inching closer and closer to hyperventilation. This is gripping television - probably better than tomorrow’s GoT finale

Everyone’s #Exitpolls headline: “Modi is coming back to power!” Rajdeep Sardesai’s headline: “Congress must introspect!”

Cancelled subscription to Netflix. We can neither confirm nor deny any connection of this action to Netflix's alleged hinduphobia

😮 https://t.co/unPtOzw8Py

Come on Mani, stop resting on past laurels. We want a brand new comment! https://t.co/sKaQlG1NYW

Only one phase to go before the elections come to an end. Will Sam Pitroda oblige us with one last comment?

One more phase to go. Who among these would you want to make a (or another) headline grabbing comment?

Exit polls reveal negligible anti-incumbency against Mani Shankar Aiyar. In fact, there may even be a mini pro-incumbency wave in favour of the star of 2014 General Elections https://t.co/zankoFxoSi

COMIC: PM Modi trolls Imran Khan #CloudyModi https://t.co/HxpPWwuxhh

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