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Fair to say that Amit Shah's term is going to be one hell of a ride

Dear journo fraternity, Please can someone take a soundbyte from Mani Shankar Aiyar?

Seems as if Modi was working the blunt edge of the knife all along before Amit Shah joined the govt

What if Chidambaram's veshti is like Dr. Strange's cloak of levitation and helps him fly away?

#ChidambaramOntheRun https://t.co/SQ1L8iu4bO

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This is hilarious! https://t.co/3N9gKTSg6s

Looking for NodeJS / React freelance developers #ForReal

PM Modi to address nation in 10 minutes. Likely to be about 370, but just in case, sab log apne apne wallet check kar lo

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