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Siraj back in the attack. Virat setting the field. Hardik Pandya on strike. Secular reporters, stand by for an easy-kill Modi bashing article #MIvRCB

Reportedly Modi is extremely worried about this. "India needs him for at least another month, and possibly in 2024 too," he is said to have murmured, before calling for an urgent meeting of Cabinet Committee on Security https://t.co/hLTupeeAeA

For a second, I thought Dhoni will send that Indian umpire flying over cow corner 10 rows into the stand #CSKvRR

Umpire who goofed up on the no-ball spotted hurrying towards the dressing rooms for a change of pants #CSKvRR

Dhoni's uncharacteristic act in the last over will end up sending a very wrong message to Kohli who in all probability looks up to him in terms of captaincy. From now on, expect Kohli to run into the field brandishing a bat after every controversial umpire decision #CSKvRR

In hindsight, Dhoni's anger could be explained by the fact that he was robbed of the last ball of the innings #CSKvRR

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