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I bought a used car! Hanx. https://t.co/QdYMCotwKW

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The most optimistic stories, about America! Non-fiction, personal May move to Sioux Falls, at least visit. Rapid City, too. Others! Hanx https://t.co/TgHS18UwK2

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U. T. V. ! The claret and the blue! My part of America cheers you from afar! Hanx. https://t.co/CbHPeXVhfu

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Shakespeare in a park (garden!). The VA in Westwood, LA. I’m Falstaff. Nights In June. @shakespearecenterla Hanx! https://t.co/tmQUcqcJa9

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Prince Hal to Hanx Falstaff. Here, Prince! Hanx. #SCLAhenryIV https://t.co/cRJOyq2GcW

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Lotta fights in Henry IV. Gotta practice every night. At the VA in LA through June. Shakespeare Center LA! Hanx! https://t.co/epTLGexxAb

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Music from Joseph Luca Solari. Peter’s (“Henry” to my “Kip”) son. Bosom Buddies 4 ever! Hanx https://t.co/CZPnwjqFDM https://t.co/GUwYevGwKt

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