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Don’t blame the shoe when the sofa gets a ticket! Hanx. https://t.co/yFDkWeRr2a

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Red, yellow, and green. The colors of Christmas! Hanx. https://t.co/5qqiLXZ308

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I got a new car!! Hanx. https://t.co/uSsjOEZMuq

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On it! Let’s go! @MichelleObama. Vote. Take your friends! Give em donuts if that will help the turnout! Hanx! https://t.co/tzzQIKWfKh

Again, to me this photo is the spirit of Pittsburgh- with a broken heart today for those in Squirrel Hill ... Hanx https://t.co/jeOiLGEVBc

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True. Hanx. https://t.co/5flB5h7Kcv

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Our ballots are going in TODAY! What about yours? Be American! Vote your conscience! Hanx! https://t.co/LQJD0TxD6U

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